Video review: Opera Mobile 10 beta

OK, folks, here it is: The Opera Mobile 10 beta. For a beta release, however, it's pretty darn complete and could well serve as your daily mobile browser. Not convinced? Peep the video after the break as we put it through its paces, and put it up against the iPhone 3G's Safari browser.

Phil Nickinson

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  • A few questions: Still no flash? If not, will the XDA "fix Opera Flash" program work ont it? Also, any way to map the new Opera.exe to the TF3D Manila Launch Browser" tab?
  • the progam itself seems faster. has a hard time going from verticle touch keyboard to real keyboard. zooms very fast but seems to stall on focusing. i like the more than 2 tabs but at 1/2 battery power i had a warning saying i needed to close programs though this was the only one open. had 3 tabs (facebook, welcome screen, and this comment section). overall i do like this way more but seems there are kinks already that need to be worked on. i will keep using it though and loving it more then the opera pre-installed. will have to watch battery power though
  • lol i looks to me that opera was scrolling better. safari had those checkered boxes everytime you scrolled quickly
  • Exactly the same for me.
  • Program is slow to load for me, locks up when going to some pages, and freezes my device if it goes to sleep.
  • Awesome! Love the Interface, Works great! Its already my default (over Opera 9.5, 9.7, IE on 6.5, and SkyFire) and is my TouchFlo default browser as well. The Turbo can be swapped quickly and I like the speeddial pad too. It seems to be a very functional BETA and I already give it 5 out of 5.
    The only Cons seem to be a long startup time (I don't like leaving programs running in the background slowing my phone down) and while quick, may not really be much faster than previous Opera mobiles, could still hopefully get more out my processor and connection.
  • I installed this last night and so far I'm pretty impressed. Definately heading in the right direction. The way it chooses to format pages when you first open them is much better IMO.
  • Hmm, maybe this isn't as polished as I originally thought, it seems to be locking up my phone too. I'll be using 9.7 till a new build drops.
  • Quite happy with this build of Opera. I like the tab previews that remind me of Windows 7 at the bottom. Now I just need to reprogram that browser hotkey on my TP2 to pull up this one instead of the 9.5 that's built into the ROM.
  • it's now my default as well...haven't come across anything that would make me go to 9.7...although it's only been a day.
  • Pros: Very fast
    Cons: No flash yet
  • This version is noticeable slower than the native Opera on my Sprint Touch Pro 2 (v9.7). Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Aside fromthat, I like it. It looks slicker and the interface makes more sense than the old Opera.
  • Installed and it's slower (especially load time) on Touch Pro2. So much so that I've gone back to my previous Opera version. Will wait for the next update.
  • This beta appears to be nicer in terms of interface and html rendering. On the other hand, it's slower comparing to 9.7 that I've been using on HTC Touch Diamond. There may be some registry tricks to speed it up, but I'm yet to find them out.
  • Runs beautifully fast and smooth on my Samsung gt i8000, a much better product in every way
  • I am a Palm Treo Pro user and am loving Opera 10! No problems. Fast scroll, touch sensitive. Not a meory hog. Also installed with the spb interface gives Treo Pro a wonderful upgrade!