Outlook for Android updated with S Pen actions for Samsung Note phones

What you need to know

  • Outlook for Android received an update that improves S Pen support.
  • Users can now hover over mail, attachments, events, and people.
  • The update also allows users to perform quick actions with the S Pen.

A new update for the Android version of Outlook brings improvements and new features for users of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note line of phones. Users can now hover over mail, attachments, events, or people to get a sneak peek at the items. Additionally, users can perform quick actions with the S Pen after hovering over an item.

The app listing on the Google Play Store lists all of the new features that work with Note devices.

Using Outlook on a Samsung Note device? You can now use your S Pen to hover over Mails, Attachments, Events or People to take a sneak peek and perform quick actions.

The Galaxy Note S is Samsung's latest flagship and shows a new step in the relationship between Microsoft and Samsung. The Note 10 can "Link" to Windows 10 PCs to sync messages, photos, and notifications and users can plug the Note 10 into a Windows 10 PC to use the PC as a DeX monitor.

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Many users of the Note get it almost exclusively for the S Pen. Being able to use the S Pen with Outlook will make the email client much friendlier to users of Samsung's stylus.

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