Outlook Calendar app for Windows PC Insiders nabs Year view in latest update

If you are on the Windows Insider program for PC, you likely know that sometimes Microsoft updates its native apps just for those users. The reason, often enough, is that the pre-release version of the OS supports some new features that can enable new functions in the apps. Other times, it is just Microsoft testing the waters before a mass release e.g. linked inboxes.

We are not sure which of those reasons, if any, apply to the Mail and Calendar update that recently went through, but it does add a Year view to the calendar. Granted, that is something rather trivial for many users, but for others, it is an excellent addition.

If you are a non-Insider, your calendar app is on version 17.6525.42271.0. If you are on one of the Insider builds the Calendar app is now on version 17.6568.116421.0. It is the latter one that reveals the year view.

Seeing as the Insider release of Windows 10 Mobile is not yet in the RS1 (Redstone) branch it is doubtful those users will see this feature. Non-Insiders (for mobile and PC) should expect this feature to roll out to their devices in the coming weeks.

Would you make use of the year view? Let us know in comments.

Download Outlook Mail & Calendar for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

Thanks, Sarang D., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Great
  • Needs to bring back tasks or at least integrate Wunderlist into it.
  • Seriously the windows store is broken again. Not getting updates!
  • I got plenty of updates today.
  • On 950 with .63 build?
  • Is het working well update 63 on the 950 ?
  • I'm on 950 with .29, not on insider preview.
  • this is for PC only running redstone builds.
  • Yea I have two laptops, in both no updates comes. Wonder when they will fix it.
  • Updates working fine on my end
  • This was already there in version 17.6568.16391
  • Calendar Reminder Snooze issue fixed yet MS????
  • I'm going to test that out on the latest insider builds on my test PC, but it hasn't shown up yet.
  • Thank god, thought they'd never add this.
  • The new Undo bar often doesn't hide until the action is repeated or different account is selected from the hamburger menu.
  • Windows central app please ))
  • Of course, it's a standard feature for any calendar lol.
  • This is one of those head scratchers that was truly frustrating. How was it released without this very standard, decades old feature? MS seems to think our patience is infinite.
  • There was also "mark as holiday" feature, but I can't understand for it works. Any tips?
  • Now update the mobile version, my live tiles always show deleted meetings etc... Unusable on 950
  • This new feature looks horrendous, that is, if you have the dark theme as one of the settings.
  • Not really. ​
  • The only feature I want in these Universal Apps is the ability to Uninstall them.
  • Yes , I use year view on my Lumia 635 under 8.1 all the time in planning meetings. Please put back in win 10 mobile.
  • I want that wallpaper.
  • Agenda (what's new) view back yet?
  • It's been back for months now
  • Needed, but search is a significant feature that's still missing. Heck, having mail and appointments/contacts integrated into the 'universal' search - as it used to be in Win7 - is what I'd like to see in near future Insider builds. Not indexing email/contacts/appointments/messaging into the main search is rather bizarre.
  • Wonder when tasks will be supported....
  • Yes, where is tasks sync ? :(
  • I am also missing Task/To-Do Sync a lot. For a business phone, this is definitely a deal breaker for me.
  • I see that notifications have been separated by account again. I didn't notice that before this update.
  • Something just about every software calender, whetehr desktop or mobile already has.  Honestly, it's like 1985 with these 'new features'.  
  • Calendar / Mail app is an amateur app. Lots of restrictions or things that cant be done. A simple drag and drop to change an appointment from monday to tuesday is impossible, cant mark an email as spam or select a list of emails with mouse. Their worries are about colors and pictures for background when you cant even resize your view. The new update is glitchy and faulty. Its been crashing everytme I need to change some detail of a recurring appointment in calendar. Truly disappointing.
  • Greeeeat. Needed for phone and pc!
  • Well, that was a tremendouly disappointing feature.  Absolutely NO indicators in the Year view regarding appointments.  I don't find much value in being able to simply pull up a plain vanilla picture of the year.  It would be of some use if there was some sort of indicator what days throughout the year have appointments in them.  In fact, a very useful capability would be to be able to filter out what TYPES of appointments are visible just in Year view.  For instance, I don't necessarily care to see birthdays and holidays flagged in the Year view, but other normal appointments would be visible.
  • Long overdue should have always been a feature.