Outlook for Mac rolls out with a fresh new look to prep for Big Sur

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What you need to know

  • Outlook for Mac is rolling out now.
  • The updated version of Outlook has an improved look and several improvements.
  • The new version of Outlook does not currently support IMAP or iCloud accounts, though support will come in the future.

A new version of Outlook for Mac is rolling out now. The update was spotted recently by WindowsUnited when one of their writers was prompted to get the update. The updated version of Outlook has improved synchronization, search improvements, and several other improvements. It is, however, missing support for IMAP and iCloud accounts at this time.

Forbes reports that support for IMAP and iCloud accounts will come "soon," according to Microsoft. That added support will be crucial to many people who use Outlook on Mac devices. IMAP is a popular email protocol, especially with user-owned domains. Support for iCloud accounts is also important as many people that use Mac devices also use iCloud for email.

The thing that most people will notice first when booting up the new Outlook is its revamped look. It's been updated to match the upcoming Big Sur update.

Outlook Mac Windows United

Source: WindowsUnited (Image credit: Source: WindowsUnited)

Below is the changelog shared by Windows United. Note that it has been translated using Microsoft Translate:

  • Improved synchronization - Based on Microsoft's sync technology, which also supports Outlook Mobile, the new Outlook for Mac syncs your messages with improved speed and reliability.
  • Search Improvements — Search is now created with the same engine that is used for other Office 365 experiences, so you can quickly find exactly what you're looking for.
  • New features for composing emails and events—Completely new features for composing emails and events that improve your productivity through improvements such as an easily accessible formatting bar, suggested times, and locations.
  • My Day - A new addition that gives you a view of your agenda or calendar events right from your main mailbox and includes a 2-week calendar view that gives you a quick overview of your upcoming events.
  • Customizable toolbar— The new toolbar highlights your most commonly used commands and is fully customizable.
  • Mail Tips - Get more information about your mail, such [as] a pre-warning, when you notify people with automatic replies turned on, send e-mail to recipients outside your organization, or send an email to a large audience.
  • Snooze" – For those moments when you don't have time to read or reply to an email. Just "snooze" it and choose the time that best suits it to reappear as an unread email in your inbox.

To get the update, download Microsoft Outlook from the App Store and see if you get a prompt for the new update.

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