The Facebook page for Package Tracker is now live where you can follow all the latest on the actively developed app for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

The developers behind it are also teasing an upcoming update for Windows Phone users that shows the new doublewide Live Tile with notifications and delivery info.

In addition, we get a sneak peek at the upcoming lock screen notifications and billboard access, which should be useful for you shipping devotees out there. No word on when the update will happen as it's in the early stages of development, but it should not be too long. We’ll keep you posted.

You can grab a trial of Package Tracker here from the Windows Phone Store for $2.49 (£1.99) and the Windows 8 RT app here in the Windows 8 Store for $2.99 (£2.19).  The two apps sync to each other via the cloud resulting in simultaneous updates to both apps.

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