Paint 3D adds a taste of Project NEON for Fast ring Insiders

Microsoft has been on a bit of a Project NEON spree lately, updating its various Windows 10 apps to integrate aspects of the new design language. The latest app to see an update with some Project NEON flourishes is the relatively new Paint 3D, which has been slightly overhauled for Fast ring Insiders.

Spotted by MSPU, the latest update to Paint 3D introduces a new translucent blur effect to the tool menu, consistent with some other Project NEON overhauls we've seen. In addition, the hamburger menu has been replaced with a full-screen affair that features all of the same options for saving and loading documents as before.

Paint 3D joins the two most recent apps to see a NEON overhaul, Photos and People, along with other recent additions like Groove Music. For now, Fast ring Windows Insiders on build 16188 for PC should be able to grab that latest update to check out what Project NEON has in store. We'll likely get more of a look at Project NEON's future at Microsoft's Build conference next week.

Download Paint 3D from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Is neon just about transparency?
  • hopefully not. I'd like to see more fokus on different fonts and styles...
  • me 2 EDIT: but from the different leaks it looks like much more is there
  • I was just about to say this.  If they just replace title bars with transparent ones, that's like almost nothing, They better start making those concepts we've seen (Groove and taskbar and so on) a reality.
  • No I don't believe so. These are still early changes and are all subject to changes. Concepts we've seen go beyond just changing transparency. Microsoft will refine and polish as time goes on through feedback and testing, like they always do.
  • Yep, it is the news design language for Windows 10, it was my idea since 2015 like you can see bellow
  • I'm sure it's not JUST about blur & transparency, but these two are very, very welcome. Basically the closer to AERO, the better. I want it system wide (including win32), with options to disable and regulate it for those who don't want the eye candy. Next up... maybe a bit of shadow and shine for that AERO look? And button borders, pretty please. With options to turn it all off, of course.
  • I am using the same account on 2 computers in my home, and i wanna try insider preview on my laptop. If i am installing on my laptop it will be installed automaticaly on my desktop? ( same user on both) Thanks
  • No, Insider Preview will not automatically install on your other device.
  • Looks like the transparency is a logical evolution since we will be projecting 2d content in the real world going forward.
  • So far it seems like Aero to me. I bet though it will be good bit more.
  • Does anyone actually use the program?  I tried to play with it. But it is absolutely the opposite of intuitive design and function and, frankly, the things I do in the original Paint program are either missing or very painful to do in Paint 3D.  It lacks so much in features needed for decent 3D work.
  • I only used it for 2D stuff and I was able to pick it up pretty easily.
  • I like the desktop background! 😊
  • I'm liking Project NEON, it's brining the eye candy much needed.