Painting app Leonardo gets big update with new brushes, custom swatches, and more

Leonardo, a painting app for Windows that is shaping up to be a solid go-to for artists, has picked up a pretty major update that adds several notable features worth checking out. New in the latest version are marquee selections, new textured brushes, and the addition of custom color swatches.

According to the release notes for Leonardo version 0.13.26, the addition of marquee selections might just be the highlight of this release. The developer explains the tool was hard to implement, but the app now supports anti-aliasing, add/sub, polygon lasso, ellipses.

Two new textured brushes, Jagged and Marker, have also been added. Jagged, as the name implies, allows you to control how the outline of a brush will look. Marker, meanwhile "preserves the underlying opacity of the layer." This can be used to fill semi-transparent areas without having any obvious overlaps.

Lastly, custom color swatches are now available, allowing users to store favorite colors to use later.

Leonardo is still in beta, but it's already receiving quite a bit of praise on Reddit from its target audience of artists. If you already own Leonardo, you can grab the latest version by heading to the About panel under the Help section of the app. For anyone who has yet to give Leonardo a try, however, you can try it for free for seven days. The app will normally cost $79, but it's available at half price for $39 while in beta.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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