Pair up: Apex Legends introducing duos into game for the first time

Apex Legends typically forces you to play in a trio, and occasionally let you play solo, but what if you only have one friend to play with? Soon you'll have your chance.

Respawn announced Tuesday that a limited-time duos mode will be coming to the game starting on Nov. 5. The company revealed the mode in a video posted to Twitter, which depicts Crypto and Mirage, two characters that were at each other's throats in the Season 3 reveal.

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No other details have been revealed, but we can expect that each round will maintain the 60-player cap, which means there will 30 teams of two. Players can also likely expect challenges that'll encourage them to try out the new mode. We also don't know how long the mode will be available for.

While Apex Legends was built with teams of three in mind — creating a balance in the game where players can heal, cover, and respawn each other — the solos mode gave players the opportunity to not deal with teams of strangers. This opened up new possibilities for the game, including new ways to use characters and new strategies. The duos mode will likely do the same.

The announcement comes a day after EA (which owns Respawn) discussed during a quarterly earnings call that the game had been played by 70 million players since launch. The free Battle Royale has been a huge success for the company and is expected to hit more platforms in the future. EA also said it hopes to invest in a competitive esports league for the game.

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