Palm Treo Pro: Cracking Under Pressure?

Not to sound the alarm bells here, but a few users in our forums have been documenting what seems to be a production flaw with some Palm Treo Pros.

Specifically they note that even while "babying" their precious WM6.1 devices, hair-line fractures are occurring around various pressure points on the device. More accurately, around the flush buttons, ringer switch and near the volume controls on the sides.

For now we'll hedge that these are isolated production issues and not some wide-spread defect in either production or design. Even the iPhone 3G suffers from such issues as well. A bigger concern is whether or not customers are able to exchange their device if this occurs and it is after their 30 day trial period.

But how say you Treo Pro users? You notice anything of the sort? Sound off in our comments!

Thanks treopq and others.

Phil Nickinson

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