Pandora slowly growing on Windows Mobile

If you haven't yet used Pandora to listen to music, chances are you

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  • They've got working versions at ppcgeeks. Works and looks great on my 800w! Here's the link:
  • I must be one of the few not to be blown away by Pandora. Even when they first came out (before the current round of love from iFanboys) I was underwhelmed. It's a nice service. But not appreciably better than or any of the myriad of altenatives. If anything, it made me appreciate how far ahead of the curve Launchcast was considering it came out many years before Pandora, etc.
    Still, any access would be a good thing. For now, I'm quite happy with the myriad of streaming options I have via Kinoma.
  • I got it to work on my Q9h using the Q9c cab file. I got this from another member at who has a Q9c.
    Oh... I see scott got a hold of you already!
  • Installed it from the ppcgeeks links on my HTC Touch. For reference it is v. 1.0.25. Works OK for the most part, the biggest issue is that my soft keyboard doesn't pop up when I try to add a new station using keywords, making it impossible to do so on this device. I've tried this with the TouchPal soft keyboard as well as the WM default keyboard, neither popped up when the cursor was in the text entry box. My workaround was to create the stations in my account online using a PC, then I was able to select and play them from the Touch.
  • I installed the cab file onto my sprint touch pro and everytime I try to run the app it keeps sayin that an unexpected error has ocurred. Can somebody please help me out??
  • update: I installed a new cab file I found on the Pandora site for the Touch (v 1.1.4) and it works much better, not perfect, but better. It seems songs won't pause when the pause button is tapped.
  • FYI: I installed the cab Version 1.0.25 from ( .....and it ran and worked fine on my slightly older Moto Q (Windows Mobile 5.0). No interface font distortions, etc. Seems like it works 100%.
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