Yes, in the first for an Xbox LIVE game, Parachute Panic also picked up a double-sided Live Tile with that latest Mango update. Now that we received the complete changelog from the company, we were able to verfify that indeed, it shows your highest score achieved on one side, the regular icon on the other.

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Sure, it's not the biggest deal in the world, but between the ringtone that they gave us and this, FDG has kind of outdone themselves. In fact, we think all Xbox LIVE games should do this. Here's the rest of the changelog, most of which we already knew:

  • Live Tile support (shows the current highscore in the Tile)
  • Fast App Switching
  • 60fps
  • Exclusive Ringtone for our WP7 fans
  • Tons of bugs and minor issues fixed

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