refreshed for Windows 8.1; ready to help you with all your medical needs

Patient UK ( is an online resource providing consumers information on health, lifestyle, disease and other related topics within the medical realm. The website has an app available for Windows 8, which has just been refreshed for Windows 8.1. Should you be an avid user of the website and/or app, you'll want to head on past the break to see what's new.

One of the main selling points of the service is the up-to-date information on health related topics, which are available in the form of comprehensive leaflets, blogs, advice and other media. The information is compiled by qualified medical practitioners with several years of experience in the profession. It's a popular resource and a well-recommended location to find out information on anything medical related.

As noted above, the development team behind the Windows 8 app has released an update to bring the app up-to-date with Microsoft's latest OS release, Windows 8.1. You should be familiar with the improvements included in such updates by now, but if not you'll now be able to take advantage of large tiles, customisable Snap View support and more. Windows 8

​The app itself is a breeze to use, offering sound content in a simple interface, which is easy to navigate. There are an array of categories to help you narrow down the search. Speaking of which, there's no integration with the new Windows search system (which we could see anyway) but there is a search field included if you know exactly what you're looking for. 

NHS Choices is included into the experience, enabling you to locate nearby GP, hospital, pharmacies, dentists and opticians. Not only do you have the sound information from GPs, but there's also Dr Sarah Jarvis, a practicing GP and TV personality who provides useful tips and information on a variety of topics.

We've not covered previously, but we strongly recommend you check the app out should you require trusted medical information and assistance. Here in the UK, you can always book an appointment with your local GP, of course.

You can download (opens in new tab) from the Windows Store.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Windows Phone DESPERATELY needs some quality medical apps, it is a wasteland right now.  It prevents the entire medical world from getting on board!  Glad to see it started on W8.1, but it is crazy how much it is needed on the phone!  Anyone else agreeing?
  • Just curious as to why you need apps for it?
  • The Medical Apps on iOS are useful to the point that some meds can (to an extent) depend on them to aid in diagnosis, determining proper prescriptions, and use for breaking down medical terminology.  It's really quite impressive on iOS, and I don't blame meds for ignoring WP8.  My girlfriend really wants WP8 (dat camera), but she can't do it because even the basic apps, like Medscape, are not on the platform.  She loathes iOS, but is kinda stuck with it.  Some offices actually supply and require an iPhone.  I will be a med student in the near future, and am worried about the lack of apps.  I've been a WP user since literally day 1 (Nov 8, 2010) and don't want to jump ship! 
  • I agree with you on that one
  • +1
  • I need the BNF app so badly- by the real publishers. The one on app store costs over £24
  • Great another medical app so us hypochondriacs can panic about what disease we have that is imminently going to kill us off!
  • Great - now that i have downloaded and looked at this app i have discovered that i have 3 incurable diseases. I hate medical apps!