Pay $29 to copy-paste with The Key, a very tiny keyboard

The Key
The Key (Image credit: Stack Overflow)

The Key Aesthetic

Source: Stack Overflow (Image credit: Source: Stack Overflow)

What you need to know

  • Stack Overflow and Drop have a new keyboard that is three keys big.
  • Those keys are C, V, and a bursting slinky spring toy.
  • The three-key board is available for $29 at Drop and will ship by December 13, 2021.

There's not much to say about The Key. It's a keyboard that is three keys big. Though its superficial gag is that it's only for copying and pasting (hence why two of the three keys are C and V), all keys can be reprogrammed to do whatever you want. It's available for $29 at Drop and shipments are expected to go out by December 13, 2021.

While three keys might not be enough to give The Key a real shot at being on our best keyboards roundup, it's not like this thing is trying to be the most functional gadget on the market. It's just trying to be a fun little surprise for tech enthusiasts. If you want to learn more about The Key, like its bizarre meme backstory ("lore," if you will), check out @cassidoo's informative coverage.

And while you're checking out her stuff, get a load of the box art for "The Key." The quote on said box is just icing on an already impossibly small cake. "Good artists copy. Great artists steal. Greatest artists copy, then paste." Spectacular. Whether you plan to buy the macropad that equals out to about $10 per key is your call, but really appreciate the quality advertising copy.

Disclaimer: It took more than three keys to write this article.

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