PCVR games on Oculus Quest are even faster thanks to Virtual Desktop update

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Oculus Quest Virtual Desktop

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What you need to know

  • Virtual Desktop 1.15 adds in new performance enhancement options for Oculus Quest wireless streaming.
  • Low-Quality prioritizes performance, while High-Quality prioritizes image quality.
  • A new stage tracking option helps realign your playspace easily.
  • Additional bug fixes are included and a new MacOS beta is in the works.

Wireless PC VR gaming got a massive boost thanks to Virtual Desktop's release a while back, and this latest version packs in even more performance improvements and options for Oculus Quest players. Virtual Desktop version 1.15 now includes a VR graphics quality option in the Virtual Desktop settings panel which will allow users to adjust the render and streaming resolutions for a better experience. The new Low-Quality option will prioritize framerate and latency, while the new High-Quality option will prioritize resolution and image quality.

The new Low-Quality preset, in particular, is perfect for gamers that both want better wireless VR performance and gamers who might have an older video card. Power users can also adjust desktop and VR bitrates separately, helping to fine-tune wireless input latency and overall quality to best fit whatever game they're playing or hardware they're playing on. There's even a new stage tracking option that makes configuring your playspace in VR a bit easier by forcing tracking to be centered on the playspace. If you've ever run across games that rotate your playspace for some seemingly random reason, this will be a godsend for you.

Virtual Desktop developer ggodin has been a pillar of the VR community in recent years with fast updates and core functionality that has finally made PC VR gaming on wireless headsets possible. Over the past few months alone, it's become far easier to stream PC games like Half-Life: Alyx to your Oculus Quest wirelessly thanks to the $20 Virtual Desktop app. The version 1.15 update also includes a handful of bug fixes and compatibility fixes for certain games, both on the Oculus Store and SteamVR. A new MacOS beta is also in the works and will be launching soon.

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