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PDF inking rolls out to the Chromium versions of Microsoft Edge

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What you need to know

  • The Chromium version of Microsoft Edge now supports PDF inking.
  • The feature rolled out to all Insider Preview channels for the browser.
  • PDF inking only supports one color and stroke size right now but will expand in the future.

PDF inking makes it easy to mark up documents, including signing forms and adding notes. Now, people using the Chromium-powered versions of Microsoft Edge can use PDF inking. Microsoft announced the feature's availability in a recent post (opens in new tab). The feature is available in all Insider Preview channels for Microsoft Edge.

To access PDF inking, you just need to open a PDF in a supported version of Microsoft Edge. Then, you can select the draw or erase options to mark up the document. Documents can be saved or printed with the inking included.

Right now, PDF inking only supports one ink color and stroke size in the Chromium versions of Microsoft Edge, but Microsoft states that this will expand to include more options in the future. The post lists three new features that Microsoft will add to PDF inking.

  • Support for the pen back button (eraser button) to erase while in inking mode.
  • Ability to select color and stroke thickness for ink
  • Selection of additional pens, like highlighter pen

If you'd like to try out this feature and the rest of the preview versions of Microsoft Edge, you can download and install the Edge Beta, Dev, and Canary channel builds directly from the Edge Insider site.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

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  • This should be a feature on the mobile version of Edge, too.
  • I was just trying to do it on my iPad haha. But thankfully pdf inking is supported within the Onedrive app. The pen shades however appear to be slightly different, minor annoyance.
  • So I really find that inking on other major PDF apps in Windows isn't that great. They usually don't differentiate input by pen, touch and mouse. That's just a garbage experience when you have a digital pen. Also, many PDF apps don't allow for multiple instances. I hope MS can build this out and make Edge better than the other PDF apps I've used and currently use.
  • This article forgets to mention that pdf inking support standard on classic Edge.
    I don't understand the narrative in this article that this feature is highly requested. It suggests a democratic process. But this shouldn't be the case. Chrome Edge is just the recycling of the browser, only now with the only new under the hood engine, called Chromium. They could have had the complete inking api ready from dat one of the"new" Edge browser. Microsoft already had an inking api in 2015 for windows 10. The apu is already there. I don't understand this over fragmented deal of small oddments' of am inking palette that is essentially officially already ready. In my view, if I understand correctly, the api code just needs to be added and be done. I don't understand why the inning apu to pdfs had to feel like a story of having to reinvent the wheel, for the n-th time. Curious to know why Microsoft its doing this again, whilst the foundation is already there.
  • I used this feature to redact sensitive information from a pdf document. I was thinking once saved, these mark ups would be permanent. You can still erase mark ups after it has been saved! Ugh!!!