Phil Spencer: Xbox One mouse and keyboard support 'aren't far away'

The Xbox One already supports USB keyboards for text input, but it isn't generally used for gaming on the console due to the lack of mouse support for camera control.

Phil Spencer's tweets were in response to the arrival of Windows 10 on the console, and the possibility of PC to Xbox One streaming.

For PC to Xbox streaming to work correctly, adding mouse and keyboard support is a given. However, I think it's interesting to note that Phil said mouse support isn't "far away" after saying there's no plan in place for PC to Xbox streaming. If mouse support is on the roadmap before PC to Xbox One streaming, it could be intended specifically for native games.

Even if that's correct, I think it's safe to say that mouse and keyboard players won't come face to face with players using joystick controllers in competitive games. The advantages of a high-DPI mouse far outstrips the Xbox One's precision joysticks in FPS, for example. Besides streaming, mouse support could open up the console to ports of more complex games typical of PC, such as keybind-heavy MMOs or strategy games. Could we finally see World of Warcraft on console? A true keyboard and mouse RTS sequel to Halo Wars? Only time will tell.

Phil Spencer also mentioned that Windows 10 for Xbox One is "on schedule", and that we'd be hearing more about time scales soon. It stands to reason that we could hear more about Microsoft's Windows 10 plans for Xbox One at their upcoming Gamescom 2015 briefing on August 4th.

Source: Twitter

Jez Corden
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  • Waiting for win 10 Xbox dashboard preview soon hopefully
  • Didn't they show it at E3?
  • If Xbox has mouse and keyboard support, I will stop playing competively. I am not gonna get slapped down holding my gamepad whilst some mouse and keyboard jockey repeatedly slays me. I want the level playing field. Sure, adopt it for MMOs etc, but if I am playing COD of BF - the last thing we need is mixing control types. Presumably this has been thought of? This is worrying news.
  • I highly highly doubt the mouse and keyboard support will be for anything other than moving through the Xbox UI.
  • Naaaaah, I'm waiting to hear when support for my damn 360 fight stick "isn't far away".
  • Since when have they announced that ANY Xbox 360 peripherals are to receive Xbox One support? 
  • 1- Stream your Xbox One to Windows 10 2- Plug your 360 fight stick to your Windows 10 device 3- Play your Xbox One games with your 360 fight stick 4- ??? 5- Profit!
  • Haha, did you by chance throw a south park reference in there?
  • That's a lot of steps for profit.
  • I've been using my fightstick on Xbox One since December of last year. Check out Titan One. Cheaper than buying a new stick
  • Xbox will become the next PC gen console sometime.
  • Not gonna happen. Gaming PCs normally cost at the very least twice what an Xbox One costs. And gamers like to pick up their graphic cards etc in accordance with the type of games they're aiming at.
  • Twice? Hell... A graphics card costs twice what an Xbox One does... But your point is valid nonetheless.
  • Hence the "at least" ;P
  • It is an interesting idea considering it's essentialy a regular gaming PC already.   Just buy the Xbox 4k, Xbox 1080, Xbox 720 (2015).    Let it even run regular Windows apps on a desktop.  Then it would be like "Surface", a premium hardware experience that is Microsoft sanctioned.   But it would have the build in HDMI-input, the wireless controller protocol built in, it would ship with a controller, it would have a bluray player and run the Xbox Dashboard Hypervisor.   I would buy the shit out of that product for my hometheater PC.
  • Those keyboard and mouse look goergous :)
  • It is, I use one at work. It's the latest ergonomic keyboard and mouse set from Microsoft (now called Sculpt).
    I love the finer touches, like how all of the attachments including battery compartments use magnets instead of plastic clips. Really gives you that premium feel.
  • Final Fantasy XIV hopefully. About time it came to Xbox.
  • I would love to play it on my Xbox. I am currently using a PS4 I bought off of a friend for cheap, it is currently the only thing I use my PS4 for.
  • The only PS4 game I'm really jelly of. Desperately want FFXIV on Xbox.
  • Taken a break from finding people houses has he?
  • mouse and keyboard support? so I can FINALLY play 1st person shooters without the need of some expensive hack in between?   SOLD!
  • Nope. You're not going to be able to play Halo 5 with Keyboard and Mouse. It would break the game. It's only going to work in Non-competitive games.
  • This. ^
  • It probably isn't that hard to write the matchmaking algorithms to separate users by control scheme.
  • I take it he means the solo campaign, and even then xbox live could detect and adjust your controls accordingly, say if a server is for gamepad then your mouse-keyboard don't work or vice versa
  • I wonder if Microsoft will release a gaming PC next. Surface X.
  • No, sounds bad to me. Sure, some people would adore it, but Dell, Acer and ASUS would feel like Microsoft is intruding if they were to do that. They already complement with Surface against/ other OEMs, or show them how to make an all-in-one tablet hybrid reference device. I don't see Microsoft getting anything good business-wise in doing that, even if Windows gamers would be interested. Business vs consumer curiosity, you know.
  • Halo Wars doesn't need Keyboard and Mouse though. The thing about Halo Wars was that it was awesome with a controller. It worked really well.
  • Please please please let their br halo wars. Xbox controller works great
  • It would work better with keyboard and mouse. Halo Wars controls weren't bad, but they were worse compared to the first RTS on 360 BFME2.
  • I'm not surprised about mouse and keyboard support. After all, Xbox is supposed to be upgraded to Windows 10. It will have access to Universal Apps, which include Microsoft Office. Students will be able to use their Xbox One to do their homework, finally. I'm just wondering, though, will this mean that eventually all games designed for Xbox One will work on PC and all games for PC will work on Xbox One? That would be an interesting thing to come out of all of this Windows 10 stuff. Of course, IF that were to happen, then at that point the Xbox One would become a "prebuilt PC designed with gaming in mind." I imagine it would make a lot more parents more likely to buy an Xbox over the PS4 (or PS5 or whatever by then.)
  • Looks like kids will have now a legitimate reason to get Xbox One. XD "Dad, I want to have Xbox One to do my projects." Lol
  • Microsoft previously debunked the idea of Excel on Xbox
  • Not every universal app will be on the Xbox. It will still have to make sense to be on the platform.
  • Wish the preview app supported keyboard as smartass is awkward to use for long problem reports
  • Haha... well I doubt a donkey is smart enough to verbally recall long winded bug reports :p. okay, that joke was pretty lame lol...
  • B-A-C-K-L-I-T please.  If you can do it with a Surface keypad...
  • ?
    I thought they were talking about simply plugging it in via USB ...
  • The Xbox is essentially becoming just a gaming centred PC
  • For SP and private online sessions i'm ok. But don't enable it for public online sessions. It will ruin everything
  • Yup. Pretty much. I don't want to have to play with a m/k.
  • Honestly this is good cuz typing is a biotch using a controller
  • 1. You can already use a keyboard with the Xbox One.
    2. You can also type via SmartGlass.
  • I prefer Keyboard and Mouse, so if it becomes true (and it will be since it runs Windows 10) many PC gamers will be attracted to Xbox
  • Why would they? They already own a PC.
  • The thing is, streaming does not need a high powered gaming PC to play. Even a $300 desktop with no upgrades could use the streaming feature.... So, this would be a big deal for everyone with a computer or Windows 10 based tablet.
  • Vargson, its not either or. I have a PC and an Xbox. Different experiences.
  • Awesome, hope streaming to windows phones is also in the pipeline as well :P.
  • Pc Games on Xbox one is a bit hard for business. Because you could buy a Steam game and play it on your Xbox basically using your Xbox as a Steam Machine. For this to work there would have to be games only bought on the Windows Store and suddenly doesn't seem that attractive, at least for the moment. Hopefully the game store will flourish and more great games come. If that happens, then Pc games on Xbox would be useful.
  • First off they need to offer games at reasonable prices. Full price for a game that is already a year or more old ... that is ridiculous
  • Agreed a 6 month old game (even some 3 month old games) on PC go on sale for $30 or lower. Look at the consoles that game is still $59.99 everywhere. Setup a mailing list for Steam sales and see some of the gaming deals, WOW...
  • It'll be great if they allow native games to make use of mouse and keyboard. This could mean that game companies might actually try making RTS games again, a genre that I love but has been abandoned in recent years. Maybe EA will finally make another Command & Conquer? One can only dream. 
  • Project Spark on Xbox One already can be played with keyboard, so should be possible for all games if developers want to support it.
  • Project Spark is awesome. It was the most underrated game of 2014.
  • This will never happen. I would almost bet large amounts of money, in the testing process for a Xbox/Xbox one game, it must fully be playable with a controler. Unless they do dual controls (selectable) that would be the only way that would happen. But, I admit, it would be cool...
  • This will be the time when console wins vs PC gaming.
  • so, if the xbox one can used by mouse and keyboard, is it still a console? i think the consoles comes closer to a pc. So the PC wins ;)
  • Yeah, with consoles being able to use keyboard and mouse, which PC gamers can't... oh... wait
  • In what way ? The PC can stream games with Steam, Even if it's not a steam game you can add it to the steam app. Crap I was streaming GTA 5 and playing it on a Netbook and besides a studder here and there it ran very playable... THen you can play your games with a Keyboard and mouse, A Xbox 360 controler, a Xbox one controller, or thousands of others (with custom driving or flying setups a LOT more than any console). So, in what way did the consoles win in this aspect ? I guess you really dont have a clue, do you ?  
  • Makes sense for Universal Apps, so they can work via both Xbox Gamepad and a traditional keyboard and mouse. PowerPoint presentations via OneDrive on your Xbox One, anyone? The the power of Windows 10 and Windows Everywhere.
  • I'm guessing we're going to see continuum on Xbox. Remember, one Store. That Store includes Office and a ton of other apps that need a mouse and keyboard
  • Yes. The FPS Gods have answered my prayers. 
  • continum and apps> laggy streaming. 
  • It'd be great if there was support for wireless peripherals, simply because of proximity to the console. That being said I assume usb receivers would be fine.
  • It'd be great if there was support for wireless peripherals, simply because of proximity to the console. That being said I assume usb receivers would be fine. Oh, and this would be fantastic for internet use, which isn't great on the One using a controller.
  • This is great!!! When that happens, Xbox One is really essentially a Desktop PC. This is really a convergence of things, I like it!
  • I just want mouse support for browser. It's frustrating having a wireless keyboard for my Xbox One, but having to use a controller or smartglass to navigate.
  • Indeed
  • NOW we're talking.  I bought our Xbox One entirely as a media control center.  I have no use for it as a gaming machine for two reasons.  First, the graphics and sound on my PC are so much better than anything on the Xbox One it's not even a fair competition.  Second, I hate controllers.  That is the most useless way to play a game.  Keyboard/mouse combinations are significantly better.  But if Microsoft adds full k/m support for gaming to the Xbox One, I'd be willing to play games on it in spite of the graphics and sound being better on my PC.
  • I don't know. I think the console simply targets another use scenario. Like playing from the sofa. It's way more laid back. Why would you play on the xbox one if it feels the same as playing on the PC bit with weaker hardware? I don't understand ... Also, why do people hate the controller so much? For RTS and MMO games, ok. I understand that. But for shooters (depends on the game, no UT4, Quake or any other arena shooter, obviously) or RPGs like Skyrim I even use the controller on my PC. It is so much more relaxing. Also reaching shift and ctrl always troubles me when playing with the keyboard ... I always get a cramp in my hand.
  • Lol, I have an old Logitech Wireless Keyboard (3 years), The K4xx series and it work very well with thx Xbox One even if I need to put the little Logitech dongle connector.
  • Mouse and keyboard support on Xbox one could make me actually buy an xbox.
  • Halo Wars! Halo Wars! Halo Wars! Halo Wars! Halo Wars! Halo Wars!
  • now if they could also support Logitech Racing Wheels... like the G25 and G27   They have one of the best Racing games ever, but no decent racing wheels ..  
  • There is a new wheel from Logitech built for Xbox One. G920. Coming later this year.
  • Now Microsoft should make a new version of Xbox next year.
  • Xbox starts to look good! Thing that keeps me in Playstation is my favorite game series "Ratchet & clank"
  • What's the mouse on the photo?
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse.
  • StarCraft
  • What are you guys talking about I destroy people on keyboards....lmao
  • Using it for Text input and navigation around menus is one thing but, if I can play Xbox one games like COD with a keyboard and mouse, that would be awesome. No question my K/D ratio would take a big jump.  
  • MS really want to turn X1 into a PC, first universal apps, then modding, now K+M support. When is touchscreen support comming?