Phone app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile updated with Call Duration

Looks like Microsoft has a new release of the Phone app for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10. Version 2.12.2002.0 is now available, which is a rather big version change from the previous 1.10.23004.0.

However, the only discernable change we noticed and cannot confirm is when dialing voicemail on our dual-SIM phone we are no longer prompted to choose which SIM to make the call. However, this could be just an isolated observation as you could always choose the SIM to make calls from in the upper right-hand corner.

If you notice any other changes to the app on Windows 10 Mobile or for PC let us know in comments.

Updated: As noted in comments we can verify that Call Duration is back under Details (long press on a call in the history).

To check for the update just head to your Store and use the Check for updates function.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Windows camera updated too.
  • Nice observation.
  • No Camera update here. My current version: 2015.1088.21.0
  • The biggest update to come in this version is that FINALLY using smart dial on the dial pad is not laggy anymore. It drove me crazy earlier, with ever-so-slow results and stuck dial pad tone, now it is fixed. Hallelujah! Seems faster™ for real!
  • The UI received a slight update as well.
  • Yes. I came here to day the same thing.
  • Pressing the first digit was annoying but faster now on my 1020.
  • How do you make a Skype to phone call?
  • Yeah how can we make a skype VoIP call from the phone app? Is it possible?
  • Well that is Skype integration for you. No way to use Skype currently to call a main line. Annoying somehow
  • On my 950 XL, i don't see this at all. Even in Details.
  • I notice the phone icon has gone missing (small tile) Edit: Cycled through the different size tiles and now it's back.  
  • Seems to happen on a lot of apps when they update
  • Call duration is back
  • Ahh...there you go! Will update, thx.
  • In the dial pad, if we miss type a number, we can tap on the error part and correct the error.. ( just like using a keyboard ) ( I'm not sure whether it was available before or not )
  • You can edit the incorrect number
  • I'm not sure if it was this update or not but I can now paste phone numbers, didn't have that option last time I tried.
  • This has been there for a while but nevertheless a welcomed addition
  • Another change is, now when we search history, it gives a link to contacts if the search item is not present in history.
  • @tolero:
    THIS is what's wrong with Microsoft.
    It took them ""only"" FIVE YEARS to include such a basic feature.
  • When looking at history, press on a contact. Did we get details before?
  • Details, yes. Not call duration under details, however.
  • Must have been some kind of update with 'Messaging' too, suddenly none of my messages are able l send. I can't tell whether there's been an update though because there's no update history on the store at present like 8.1 used to show :/ tried restarting phone, soft reset etc and messages still won't go through!
  • Restart the phone and you will start getting and sending messages again. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Perhaps some kind of crazy coincidence but network is fine and I can access the internet and make/recieve phone calls, just can't text anyone!
  • Also possible to paste phone number. Very pleased to see this again
  • Paste, caret, correct were all there with the OS version the 950 shipped with...
  • Are you guys forcing me to go buy a new Lumia 950XL?
  • yes... were you thinking that these issue weren't going to get fixed?? I'm still waiting on wi-fi on near a favorite location to come back, or to be able to pick multiple glance screen backgrounds...  
  • ok i cant recive/send sms too... wtf is going on
  • Turn off skype messaging and your messages week work fine again
  • Good thing will be to have a details tab on the contact card. So we can see all communication with that contact in a snapshot. A feature that was available on win 8.1 mobile.
  • This!
  • I remember when the phone vibrated when someone picked up. Why did they take away that wonderful feature?
  • That's still an option in Phone settings/Related settings.
  • Um where in the phone settings?  I see text replly, dialing apps, sim settings, but nothing about vibrate when call is picked up?
  • Just below"Call Forwarding"
  • Go settings/system/phone. Under call fowarding is vibrate when my call is answered.
  • thanks guys... Apparently I don't have Call Forwarding!
  • Hmm, that holds on your network, maybe your network does not support the function. But, at least, have you find the option?
  • nope In phone, I only have text reply, dialing, default apps, then sim settings
  • Hmm, that is quite strange. You should have another 4 settings at least. What phone do you use? There should be: Voice mail, calls, call fowarding, vibarte when..., fixed dialing, text reply, dialing default apps. Have you done an reset after the update?
  • yea I did a full reset to fix the outlook mail issue. When I go into my sim 1 settings, I see My Phone number, voice mail, calls (for caller ID option), SIM (fixed dialing)... There's mobile and sim settings to goto and that controls data on of orr. The text reply, dialing defaults apps options are in phone settings, going into sim 1 settings shows the other ones mentioned above but no call forwarding section
  • I don't know if you have this option but somewhere in settings/extras you should find network+ or network services. Give it a try. Maybe the settings are hidden there.
  • Thanks for the idea ektosknot, I did find some special area for sim1 with call waiting and call forwarding and what to do in a few different scenario with the call fowarding (to my VM box # normally) But in there, nothing more about vibrate when your call is picked up yet! :(
  • Calls section on 950XL is missing.
  • Thanks man, you're awesome. In fact all of you are awesome.
  • Chris is right..
  • It didn't fix the visual voicemail bug my 1020 has been experiencing for the longest time. I have to put my voicemail password in every time, and it just says "checking for voicemails" and it never gets through. I have to call my voicemail number to listen to voicemails. It's a pain.
  • Not to be that guy, but the dialer seems faster for me on my Icon.
  • Same here.. L625.. Overall the app seems faster.. But not as optimized as in WP8.1 .. Needs improvement
  • It is. Thx for the heads up.
  • On 1020 sux big time. And the worst part. Even if i deactivate the search through contacts while dial it doesn't deactivate the option. So i am stuck to a very slow and painfull dialer. And to think, this option is nothing to struggle for, for a symbian smartphone with 640mhz cpu and 256MB RAM. IS strange how my n8 loads contacts faster, dials faster, opens apps faster and does not freeze... Edit. Well i found a quick fix for the laggines. Aparently if you have a long list of recieved and dialled calls, the dialer lags in a scary way. After i deleted the list, it is back to normal, the search through contacts bug is still there. Still, this issue should not even exist. Just a list of dialed contacts shoud not stop a smartphone from working....
  • Check out that ugly font kerning in the names. When will it be fixed across all core apps? It's shockingly bad.
  • Unfortunately not alot of people know about font kerning though, but yeah the kerning needs some adjustment. More obviously, the alignment of some UI elements are also not consistent such as the marging/padding, especially in Windows 10 desktop.
  • Phone app is still showing that I have a voicemail that i retrieved a month ago.  Was hoping new phone app update would fix...  nadda...
  • No kidding
  • My Lumia 1020 now properly dials numbers! There was alway a huge lag in dialing numbers as it was searching through my contacts trying to find number matches.
  • Strange, this update did not fix the lagg problem for my 1020. The quick temporary fix was to delete the long list of dialled numbers i had. After the clear, the dialer got normal. Now, tgere is another bug. Try disabeling the search through contacts while dial, boom. Not working!
  • These apps haven't opened on my PC for weeks. Not sure what's up.
  • WMPU report it's now a universal app
  • That would be worth a big version increase if it changed enough that you can start placing calls from the desktop...
  • Um, it's been on Windows 10 for like weeks (beginning of October), ever since it came with Messaging + Skype video. Derp.
  • But I tried it before.. I couldn't place calls to any Mobile numbers.. I could only call my Skype contacts..
  • Because your PC does not have a SIM. It's still a universal app and always has been.
  • I'm just waiting on them to remove the call recording functionality.
  • Why would you?
  • It's controversial. Imagine if the iPhone had it. The news would go bezerk being armchair lawyers.
  • It's not controversial at all. Majority of states allow for call recording. In fact, when you call any company, they will record you. It's about time consumers get the same functionality for their own protection. Don't like it, don't use it.
  • How do you enable it?
  • I feel an impressive performance improvement in the dial pad contact search, response is now faster.
  • Pretty impressive features being added to W10M....
  • Yeah basic features that every other phone OS has had for years including WP 8!
  • Symbian had this a decade back!
  • Yay?
  • Wow, I hadn't noticed that Windows 10 really did take two steps back.I suspect we are a year away from getting everything on par feature and quality wise with wp8.1
  • My 950XL is still getting the black screen when a call comes in or after i dial. Cannot use any functions. This is getting crazy. and i still have not been able to get the update via Windows Insider.
  • Hmm, you might have a problem with the proximity sensor. Is to sensitive or it has something on it. Maybe you have a not that good screen protection? What the prox sensor does is that it turns off your screen during calls when you aprouch you device to your ears. (sorry for the this is you already know, i do not want to offend or something) you should take it back anyway, if the problem happens 90% of the time or even more. If the problem happens quite rarely and randomnly. Yeah, then it might be from the software. But, if i were you, i would take it back.
  • I have the same problem. If I press anywhere near the 1 during a call the screen goes dark; simply hovering over it causes it. This absolutely can be a software issue. The sensitivity is cranked up way too high and it stands to reason it could be reduced or a delay implemented. I'm finding with futher testing that you basically can't hold your hand open while tapping on the screen because a finger might wave over the sensor and shut down the screen.
  • Sweet. Waited for this
  • I dont like the fact that I have to open flyout popup to go to see the call details. I think this is where apple's 3D touch's value shows. short press from call history dials the number. and long press show caller history.
  • And that is why i like wibdows more. Cause apple just does not have enough options in any cathegory they are. Plus the greedyness....
  • Still did not fix the problem that the dial pad become very small if changing the display scale e.g. changing from 250% to 225% or lower.
  • I wish W10 would import call history from my phone.
  • I want that full picture display as in Windows phone 8/8.1 when someone call us. In windows 10 mobile it's like a little circle and not very impressive. Please get the feature back. I love the picture being displayed all over the screen.
  • Agreed! I miss this too!!
  • Yeah, well, the problem is from contacts, a fact that i can't understand why...when everything is plain and simple i have to watch that ugly contact interface with rounded pictures, makes no sense and has nothing to do with windows phone. Who ever had the ideea, and i gues their isn't just one who proposed this uglyness, should think twice and bring us the wp interface back.
  • What about the dial pad on lumia 1520?
  • Is the dial pad size on lumia 1520 normal? Or it's only me having this issue? Anyone running a 1520, could you send me a screenshot of your dial pad please. Thanks
  • I think you changed display scale so the dial pad size becomes abnormal. Go to settings --system --display, change display size to 250%(recommended), reboot the phone, then your dialpad will be normal.
  • i think groove is updated too