Microsoft reverses itself and decides to keep SwiftKey Keyboard on iOS after all

SwiftKey on iOS
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What you need to know

  • On September 28 Microsoft announced SwiftKey would be retired on iOS and delisted from the Apple App Store.
  • No reason was given as to why SwiftKey on iOS was being withdrawn from iOS.
  • In a sudden reversal, Microsoft is now keeping SwiftKey ON iOS with further development likely.

For those who prefer third-party keyboards to Apple’s own on the iPhone (and who doesn’t), Microsoft’s SwiftKey was always a solid option next to Google’s own Gboard. Granted, Apple doesn’t make it easy to use a third-party keyboard due to “security concerns,” but SwiftKey seemed to have a dedicated following.

Unexpectedly, Microsoft announced that SwiftKey was going to be retired and delisted from the Apple App Store in early October. Those with the keyboard already installed could continue to use it. No reason was ever provided for the decision, which is befuddling, to say the least.

Now, the company is doing a 180 and has decided to bring back SwiftKey on iOS. The app is currently listed in the Apple App Store and still maintains an impressive 4.6 (out of 5) rating, which is higher than Gboard’s 4.0.

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Vice President & GM Microsoft Office Product Group Vishnu Nath took to Twitter today to announce that SwiftKey Keyboard is “BACK on iOS!” and states “Stay tuned to what the team has in store for it,” strongly suggesting that not only will it be maintained going forward, but further development is also in the works.

Just like the decision to remove SwiftKey Keyboard from iOS, no reason was given as to why it is returning either. Regardless, considering how many people prefer it and its high rating in the Apple App Store, it’s great to see it return especially for those picking up a new iPhone 14 this holiday season.

As always, we’ll continue to follow the development of the SwiftKey Keyboard on iOS (and Android) to see how it is further improved.

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