The Lenovo ThinkPhone isn't a Windows Phone, but it has Windows on a phone... kind of

Lenovo ThinkPhone
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is teaming up with Motorola to bring two neat features to the Lenovo ThinkPhone.
  • The features include Microsoft Teams' Walkie Talkie app in Teams and Windows 365 cloud capabilities support via Moto Connect.
  • Motorola intends to ship these new capabilities to the handheld device in the coming weeks.

Motorola recently unveiled its $700 handset, the Lenovo ThinkPhone. The entry stands out from most Android competitors in the same range because Motorola had business users in mind while developing the device.

At launch, the handset shipped with a 144Hz refresh rate, impressive performance, and neat security features, all designed to provide a premium user experience. And now, Motorola is teaming up with Microsoft to ship two key features to the device.

Lenovo ThinkPhone: was $699, now $649 at Lenovo

Lenovo ThinkPhone: was $699, now $649 at Lenovo

The Lenovo/Motorola ThinkPhone is the first one to combine Motorola's long history of phone-making with Lenovo's ThinkPad PC lineup for a one-of-a-kind Android experience that has deep software and feature ties to Lenovo's modern ThinkPad line of laptops.

Price check: $699 at Amazon

First up is fully integrated support for Windows 365 cloud capabilities on the device designed to allow users to access their PC while on the go. For those not conversant with Windows 365, it's a streaming service that allows users subscribed to a Windows PC hosted in the cloud to access it from any device. The service is already available for commercial users across Windows 11 and Windows 10.

"ThinkPhone users can take advantage of the Windows 365 integration and stream the Windows experience directly from their ThinkPhone to a larger display by simply connecting it with a USB-C cable, and a Bluetooth® keyboard and mouse." Motorola indicated.

As such, IT admins can leverage this feature to cut costs since employees will now require the Lenovo ThinkPhone, a Windows 365 license, and a monitor to complete their office setup.

Microsoft's push-to-talk integration through the Walkie Talkie app in Teams is also making its way to the Lenovo ThinkPhone. The Red Key button on the device will now be used for "instant push-to-talk (PTT) communication capabilities." Before, it was a dedicated button that allowed users to link their handset to a ThinkPad via the Think 2 Think service.

Motorola has indicated that the features will ship to the Lenovo ThinkPhone in the coming weeks.

Could the Lenovo ThinkPhone be the next best thing?

It's apparent that the market desperately needs a handheld device that ships with all the Windows Phone and Surface Duo promises. And while the entry stacks miles behind both entries as far as its capabilities and offerings are concerned. It's interesting to see Motorola develop a keen interest in making a business-centric device.

With these productivity features shipping to the Lenovo ThinkPhone, the entry is even more attractive to technical users in this fast-paced world. It's unclear what Motorola's plans are for the future as far as handheld devices are concerned, but it's great to see the company keen to bring a wholesome experience to users.

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