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What you need to know

  • The Walkie Talkie app for Microsoft Teams is now available on a range of Zebra mobile devices.
  • Zebra's TC-series, EC-series, and MC-series devices have dedicated push-to-talk buttons.
  • The Walkie Talkie app is also available on iOS devices starting today.

Microsoft partnered with Zebra as part of a joint effort to improve communication for frontline workers. Today, Microsoft announced that the Walkie Talkie app for Teams is now available on a range of Zebra mobile devices, including those from Zebra's TC-series, EC-series, and MC-series. The phones feature dedicated push-to-talk buttons to make it simple to quickly chat with other workers.

Since Teams and the Walkie Talkie app work through cellular data or Wi-Fi, they can cover a wider range than standard walkie talkies.

Android phones have had access to the Teams Walkie Talkie app for several months, but Zebra's devices allow frontline workers to communicate at the push of a button. That functionality allows communication even when workers are wearing gloves that prevent them from using touch screens.

Zebra Walkie Talkie ButtonSource: Microsoft

"With this partnership, we're excited to be able to provide frontline workers with the ability to use these devices to seamlessly communicate, collaborate, and stay productive in any conditions," said Anders Gustafsson, chief executive officer of Zebra Technologies.

Microsoft also announced the availability of the Walkie Talkie app on iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. The company is also working to bring Walkie Talkie functionality to Teams phones.

In the same announcement, Microsoft revealed new tools for training and new partners for Viva Connections. All of the solutions are part of the company's effort to empower frontline workers.

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Microsoft is working to improve the Teams experience for frontline workers. Select Zebra devices can now access the Walkie Talkie app for Teams with the push of a dedicated button.

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