Phones4u setting up Windows Phone displays, preparing for launch

UK retailer Phones4u is starting to prepare for Windows Phone 8's arrival by setting up demo stands and promotion material in stores across the country. We've been sent in a collection of shots that show pricing, availability and exclusivity of the Lumia 920 - it's not all bad news.

While EE holds the Lumia 920 exclusively for its UK 4G LTE launch, both Orange and T-Mobile will sport 3G plans for those who don't wish to use higher speeds, or pay the premium that comes with. If that wasn't enough options, Phones4u is also offering the Lumia 920 SIM-free too, as well as carrying the device for EE and sister networks.


Poor sod has just worked out data limits on EE's 4G plans

Pricing of the Lumia 920 start at free on tariffs of £36/month or above, which isn't such a steep hill until you take a quick gander at what's included. This is what you'd be have on your account, should you take the Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 out on EE (including unlimited SMS and calls):

  • £36 - 500MB
  • £41 - 1GB
  • £46 - 3GB
  • £51 - 5GB
  • £56 - 8GB

While unlimited amount of SMS and calls is an attractive setup, the fact that only 500MBs of data is included on the cheapest plan (which isn't 'cheap' by any means) makes one reconsider options.

Thankfully there are no restrictions on how data can be used - VoIP, tethering, etc. is all within the plans. Also, BT Wi-fi is also included at no extra cost, providing access to millions of wireless hotspots across the UK, which will save some MBs. But even then it's a tight restriction level. You could always purchase the Lumia 920 (or Lumia 820) SIM-free and then pick up a SIM-only plan from EE, which will save a few pennies:

  • £21 - 500MB
  • £26 - 1GB
  • £31 - 3GB
  • £36 - 5GB

Lumia 920 Pricing

HTC Phones4u WP

Lumia 920 pricing (left) and HTC stand (right)

Purchasing the Lumia 920 SIM-free from Phones4u will set one back by £459. According to material sent to us, the Lumia 920 is exclusively available in yellow and red at the UK retailer (white is reserved for EE only).

We've also been told that the launch of the Lumia 920 on EE (as well as Orange and T-Mobile) is today, October 30th, though the website doesn't yet reflect this. We'll be heading down to one of the stores to confirm.

Thanks, John, for the photos and info!

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