Get out of boring meetings with Phoney+ for Windows 10

It's from Liquid Daffodil, a name that long-term users of Windows phones will surely recognize. It's called Phoney+ and on the face of it looks pretty simple, but it's well made and actually pretty fun to use. Essentially what Phoney+ does is allow you to set up phone calls to come in at any time and from anyone.

Need to duck out of a meeting to take that urgent phone call from Bill Gates? Sure thing!


It's an app that the Liquid Daffodil team has been using internally for some time, but since they all loved it so much they've decided to share it with the rest of the world. It's available on phone, PC and the Surface Hub, you know, if you're the kind of big business that has one of those in your meeting rooms.

It doesn't actually send a fake phone call or any audio files, the effect is simply to make it look like your phone is ringing. You'll get a call incoming screen populated with a 'real' contact and the options to answer and decline the call.

Phoney+ has a ton of people to choose from when it comes to getting your calls, including Bill Gates, Darth Vader, Elvis and Daniel Rubino.


While fun is the underlying theme, the app is very nicely done. If you're using it on your PC and your phone, you can link the two with your Microsoft Account and send calls from your PC to your phone. So perhaps you're sat in a really long, drawn out, insanely boring meeting with your laptop open. You can open up Phoney+ and tell it to ring your phone. And because it acts like a real call, no-one will be any the wiser!

You've also got options to schedule calls, so if you know you're going to need an interruption at a certain time, go ahead and pre-program it. The selections in the app are pretty jokey, but you've also got an easy way to add new contacts with just a name and a picture.

Need your wife or husband to interrupt you without actually getting them to interrupt you? Add them to Phoney+ and use them just as you would any of the pre-loaded contacts.

Oh, and just because why not, you can also ask Cortana to get someone to call you. Even Cortana, because she's in the app.


Phoney+ isn't only fun to use but it makes good use of the features available on the platform. It's as slick as you like, as if we'd expect anything different from Liquid Daffodil, and though not for everyone it's a great app for those who will use it.

It's available in the Store right now for $1.99.

Download Phoney+ from the Windows Store

Richard Devine
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