Phonly launches as the most beautiful way to use Feedly on Windows Phone

A little over two weeks ago we showed you guys the beta for an app called Phonly. It’s a Feedly app for Windows Phone that is absolutely gorgeous. The beta was limited to 1,000 users, so a lot of you missed out on playing with and providing feedback for the app. Well that beta is over and you can all now download Phonly.

Phonly is a Feedly app. What’s Feedly? A really popular news aggregator that has only grown in popularity now that Google Reader has been retired. Official apps exist on Android and iOS, but not for Windows Phone. Developer Daniel Berg (the man behind Wodhalla and Weight Story) reached out to Feedly and received permission to build an app for Windows Phone using their APIs. Here’s what you get:

  • Feedly (well, duh)
  • Pin feed or category as Live Tile (wide or standard)
  • Lock screen support (detailed and quick status)
  • InstaPaper support
  • Pocket support

We created a Feedly account just to use Phonly and we will be the first to admit we’re hooked. Feedly is a very useful service to stay on top of your news and any sites you’re interested in. Phonly provides a beautiful interface to browse and read your Feedly feed. Pin feeds or categories to your Start screen for quick access.

The app does Windows Phone very well and is excellent for a first version. But the app isn’t done, Daniel has a whole backlog of ideas and features to implement in the future. For example, v1.1. will be submitted in a few days and include a dark theme (see image below) and it will bring support for Instapaper. Beyond that, expect the app to bring Buffer and offline support. Have any other requests? Sound off below or reach Daniel on Twitter over at @bergdaniel.

Phonly is available for free on Windows Phone 8. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

Sam Sabri