Photo Gallery: Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Event

Windows Phone Central's Photo Gallery from the Nokia Windows Phone Event

It has been a busy morning with all the news coming from Nokia's Windows Phone event.  We've seen the introduction of the Lumia 920, Lumia 820, the 8.7 megapixel Pureview Camera, floating lens technology, Nokia's Maps adding augmented reality, a handful of new Nokia exclusive apps, and a new Lenses app for the Windows Phone camera.

Then there's the Nokia Fat Boy charging pads, the JBL Bluetooth Speakers, and even Steve Ballmer popped in to say hello.  Our own Dan Rubino had front row seats for todays event.  While he's busy interviewing folks and snatching some hands on time with all that has been presented, we thought we'd share some images he's already captured.

Presentation the new Nokia Lumia Phones

Nokia Fatboy Charging Pads

Nokia wireless charging pad

Nokia Fatboy charging pad

Nokia Lumia 920 and the Fatboy charging pad

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 up against the Lumia 900 and 808

Nokia Lumia 900, 920 and 808

Lumia 900 and 920

Dan is still searching for tid bits of information this afternoon plus tonight is the public reception for the new Nokia Lumia Windows Phones.  So there is definitely more to come....

George Ponder

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  • Tell him I'm outside and he should come get me as a tech advisor!
  • They need to release these phones asap. Get the jump on apple. This is the only thing that bothers me, its the lack of urgency. I'm ready to buy NOW.
  • Lumia 920 is better than 900
  • I like the new features but I find the cross section of the L800 is more pleasing than the 920 simply because it is more symmetrical.
  • The Financial Times and the stock market apparently isnt very impressed. And i sort of agree - nice new hardware, but hardly a gamechanger that will gain significant marketshare.

  • Guess they better pack it in then, and leave it all to Samsung and HTC. /s
  • Meanwhile apple releases the same phone for 5 years, and this year a stretched version. Stock soars...the 920 is clearly a step above the 900. F the naysayers!
  • Its a good phone with nice features, certainly. But 'just' a good phone isnt enough to gain a 2 digit marketshare at this point in the game.
    Go ahead and buy at $2.50 - if you are right and Nokia sales really take off, you will make a boatload.
  • And this is how weird reality is. With WP8 is will probably be the best OS + Hardware experience, yet marketing a timing means it won't succeed?
    I've had iPhones and Blackberries and Android handsets. I just got a WP7 for a change first time in Oct 2010.
    Soon realised bar the odd missing feature, at the base OS its the best experience on phone.
    Why don't people walk into the shop and just ask for the best? LOL
    But then, people buy French and Italian cars also - so trying to understand humans and their buying habits seems perplexing to me.
    I couldn't give a sh*t personally. MS will continue to dev WP, and hardware is so generic across the board now anyway.
    Think about, Gorilla glass, touchscreen, camera button, battery. On off/ Micro USB.
    Fisher price will be able to make this hardware. So as long as MS are in the game, thats mostly what I care about. And I don't think they will ever leave this space. But you never know. God help us if we are left with spying Android and lock in Apple. Yuk.
  • I really wish the 920 would be available in cyan at launch. It looks cool in yellow and red, but that's not really my style. 
  • Yes, pitty about the cyan. Also, i would prefer a matte finish over the glossy by a long shot.
  • Mary Jo Foley suggested it still comes in the old colors too? Hoping for confirmation.
  • Wow Nokia stock didn 't do so well today.Know what I have to agree. the one thing that Samsung done well was making sure the flagship device hit every carrer. Nokia rather gave it to one and the not so good one to T-MO and others. All this time and all they could muster was two devices? not so sure about this I invested in Nokia stock I didn't see anything that was a big game changer In fact the Samsung looks a little better. To microsoft who I'm invested in as well this stuff needs to hit the street now not after the Iphone but before while you have the thunder because once the Iphone 5 comes out all the thunder will be on them. and is a simple fact too little too late yet again!
  • In what way does the Samsung look better?
  • Simple without all the hype they have pushed out a really nice WP8 device. from what i'm hearing it's heading to US T-MO and that is very apealing. when you look at T-MO data pricing in terms of AT&T so yes for all the people who are not on AT&T it's a great high end device. Also looking at the markets numbers and they also are not so impressed with Nokia today. Nokia has had ample time now the whole thing as they said was about WP8 well here it is and this is what we have. I'm just looking at it from an investor point of it. Of course Iphone is going to muster all the volume and thunder and will be ready to go at the big event where as WP8 is still some 40+ days away if that. the impact should have been and folks this will be ready this coming week. that would have been the big game changer that everyone "investors" had been looking for. There is a lot of speculation about Win8. how people will take to it on a desktop/laptop so yes in the big picture the Samsung device looks alot more apealing because it will be placed on something other than AT&T.
  • Have to agree with several of your points. The most glaring point is the slow to market after release of specs the most important thing would be to get into the hands of the "associates" so they can grasp (read be trained)what a great device and operating system this is before they get distracted by the new apple device and launch.
    It has always been my opinion that the main reason the whole system has not taken off is due to the fanboyism of the carrier reps they talk WPanything down while pushing the latest android or if apple fanboy the iOs. This is really a great phone and will do the real things that are needed between multiple screens.
  • I dont like that curve too much on the 920... Reminds me of the iPhone 3gs
  • I love the 920 but one thing that might of stopped me is the fact it does not have an sd card slot. Is that true? If so, why would they limit their flagship where the smaller 820 has that capability?
  • No one can confirm that it DOES NOT have a SDslot besides not being listed on their site....
    According to Microsoft, part of the standard of Windows Phone 8 is that it has a MicroSD slot....why would the flagship not have one ???
    I wish someone could confirm this...
  • No carriers, no ship dates, no pricing, no country availability information.
    This is a slickly-produced vaporware presentation.
    Look at the competition.  Motorola, Samsung, HTC and Apple have announced (or shortly will announce) powerful devices with carriers, ship dates, pricing and availability by country.  Nokia has "in the coming months."
    It's a repeat of the Palm Pre launch.  Nokia, like Palm, is showing off cool new technology with no pricing or availability, while everyone else actually ships.  By the time these handsets ship "in the coming months," everyone in the business will have a new Android handset or Apple handset and nobody will care that Nokia finally got around to shipping what it showed months earlier.
    The worst part about this is that they KNOW better.  They're competing with Apple and other big companies who get the details right, and they STILL pulled a vaporware smoke-and-mirrors show.  How aggrevating.
  • This ship info is not nokias fault its MS issue. If WP8 was ready for show time then they would have this info. Can't blame the car if the driver is not ready to drive. Just saying. That's my issue with all manufacturing companies they show their hands but do nothing with it. Apple is the only company, and for the foreseeable future, that will show their hand and ship a week later. Everyone needs to get this right and just ship the devices after announcing what they have. No one wants to wait "months later" to get the devices. My question is why rush to show the device if your not shipping before the competition? What's the point if you don't have what everyone wants to know? The only info we really care about is when can I buy.
  • This is a disappointment for me. I think they dropped the ball here. As many have mentioned already no pricing, carrier or release date detail. Combine that with he fact that they are going to late to the game as usual and the iPhone will be stealing all the headlines from this point forward. With that being said, I believe this is a Microsoft issue not a Nokia issue. Nokia cannot make commitments without Microsoft. It is, after all, the operating system. If the OS is not ready the phone is just a useless pile of circuits and glass. Microsoft is the hold up here. They knew the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 was right around the corner and yet they still can't get it out the door. If WP8 and these new Nokias were released this summer we would be having a whole different conversation. My Lumia 900 is the best phone I have owned and I was really looking forward to WP8 taking off but I have to say, sadly, that I just don't see it happening. Too little, too late thanks to Microsoft. With all this being said I will buy the 920 when it is released but I will be condemned to the small minority of cell phone users. But hey that's ok I like it that way.