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Photo Glitch for Windows Phone enables you to corrupt and distort photos

Do you find that there's too much talk about creating beautiful photos with the Lumia 1020 and other Windows Phones? You'd not be alone, but there's a handy solution for you. Photo Glitch is an interesting little app that makes it easy for you to corrupt and distort images captured by or stored on a Windows Phone. The end result can be fairly awesome indeed.

Because the idea is simple, there's not a whole lot to the app which makes it super easy to get started with and use without taking up too much time. So what exactly does the corruption and distortion of images involve, and why should you bother with the app? Have you ever witnessed the distortion of images when data is corrupted? That's pretty much what Photo Glitch simulates, rather effectively I might add.

Once you've selected an image (using the file browser or taking a new shot), you'll be able to utilise four sliders to alter the image in some way:

  • Glitch
  • Seed
  • Loops
  • Quality

Altering these values (ranging from 1 to 100) will be reflected in the live preview. Once the image has been molested to your liking, you'll then be able to share it using integrated sharing options on Windows Phone. Sure, it's nothing major compared to many other apps on the Windows Phone Store, but you'll have to admit the end results are pretty cool.

So there you have it, folks. An awesome addition to your collection if you enjoy creating cool effects with images, or simply want to spend two minutes destroying a photo of you from holiday you'd rather not share as is. If you'd like to see more added to the app, be sure to reach out to the developer and leave some feedback.

You can download Photo Glitch from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 (Windows Phone 8 only, folks). Thanks, Substatica, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

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  • +1 Don't know why Devs so this. Its not like its the only App fir photo editing
  • What if I told you we can't browse files in WP? -.^
  • You're crazy....
  • Exactly.. stating a fact is crazy these days..
  • ...what if I told you that there is an API available for developers that let 3rd party applications import photos from your photo libraries per user's request?
  • What's your point? What type of file's are you talking about,, any file❔
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  • Isnt Instagram filters enough to screw the pictures? 
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  • lol, good one :)
  • Instagram and others emulate old-timey photos and various 'retro' effects.  People are 'screwing up' their photos to look like old pictures.  
    Gltiched pictures are literally screwing up your pictures, digitally, to look artsy.  
    The difference between the 2 can be analogous to people who buy brand new vinyl records:
    One is a hipster 'music lover' looking for a retro sound.
    The other is a DJ who wants to manipulate and scratch the record.
    There's another good digital glitch app called DECIM8, but its another paid one.  Its interesting, but nothing I would actually pay for and use a lot.
  • That's exactly it. I love glitch art. Rob Sheridan has used this a LOT with Nine Inch Nails and more recently How To Destroy Angels' artwork. 
    Also it's kind of unfair to call people who buy new vinyl hipster "music lovers". Some of it IS mixed differently for the media and doesn't sound retro but sounds more balanced, in a lot of cases it is mixed so each part isn't as loud as it can go (you can google "loudness war" to see what that's all about), there's a way bigger range between the dynamics between loud and quiet parts making it far more enjoyable to listen to. I understand those hipster douchebags do exist but to paint everyone who buys brand new vinyl is painting us all with the same shitty brush.
  • Some others buy them for the big artwork tbh (me) (well i bought them for my sister -the misfits-)
  • Nope, Hipster effects aren't cool.
    We need dizzzzzztorted pictures all the way!
  • As if Instagram filters weren't enough
  • Filters, filters and more filters.. in the mobile world, the so-called "photo editors" are too overrated.
  • ^^^ This. Though admittedly the examples given for this app do look pretty cool as they're not just filters.
  • No trial???
  • Kinda cool, but not my niche, I'd download if it was free with ads. Not going to pay even a dollar though for something I may use once or twice a year
  • or never again after buying it..
  • A magnet does the same shit. Pay 99c to f up photos..... Meh
  • makes a picture look like it was taken with an iPhone? Zing!
  • Wait can iPhones take pictures??
  • Seems pointless tbh
  • ok...why would anyone pay for this??? Really I get paid to fix what this app does.
  • it made me sick to look at it.. XD
  • What a junk app.
  • Totally buying this! Loved Decim8 for iOS, the WP phone version hasn't had an update in ages and crashes most of the times I try to use it. Sucks because I paid for that one too.
  • Just downloaded it, but can anyone explain to me what these parameters are and how they affect the image? Im having trouble realizing what im doing to the image
  • Thanks for using Photo Glitch, here's a quick description of the glitching controls.
    Glitch is the special glitching sauce. Theoretically the higher the Glitch, the more glitching, but that's not always the case.
    Seed is used in place of a random number with which to generate the glitching, just experiment with this one.
    Loops is how many times to send the photo through the glitching process. Lower means fewer passes and thus less glitching.
    Quality relates to image quality, higher means more detail in the image, a more recognizable final result, lower usually means a more abstract result with weirder pattern glitching.
  • Now available for Windows 8! Look for "Photo Glitch" in the Windows App Store.