Photos of cancelled Nokia smartwatch leak showing off its Metro watchface

New photos of the Nokia Moonraker smartwatch, which Microsoft cancelled after buying the devices and services division, have been published. These new shots of the prototype product show what appears to be a Metro UI, as well as the internals that would have powered the wearable.

Microsoft opted to go for what is now known as the Microsoft Band family of wearables, which have proven to be popular among those who are seeking a new product to strap to their wrist. Are you content with what Microsoft has on offer, or would you have been more intrigued by the Nokia watch concept?

Source: Weibo, via: Twitter (Steve Hemmerstoffer)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • You can get that clone called apple watch,just saying I'm happy with band or band 2 :)
  • I liked my band one for the month I had it, once I got the band 2 I realised how rubbish the old one was. Now that I've seen this the band 2 feels rubbish ha ha
  • Perspective is a funny thing
  • I'd love to have a watch that was like a mini windows 10 mobile phone. The full size live tiles would look great on a square screen. I have the band atm and as a fitness device it's great but as a smartwatch I think it's just too limited in what it can do. I'd like it to be fully actionable so you can just leave your phone in your pocket.
  • I knew people would be like, omg the MS band sucks, bring the Nokia watch!
  • Me too!
  • Band is garbage
  • The colourful renders are one thing.  The reality, in the slide show, is not even close.
  • Didn't we already seen this?
  • Yep, quite a while ago
  • You're confusing the lead image (render) with the actual photos of the hardware in the slideshow (5 new photos).
  • That watch looks massive. I like my band 2, I only wish it had more smartwatch functionality.
  • Oh right, couldn't see that with the mobile app. Now I can see it with the Image section. Thanks :)
  • Ya, no slide show in the mobile app.
  • Yeah, fix your mobile app. I am embarrassed for you, WC.
  • @PeaderWagon, new app is in the works.
  • Great!  Thanks.
  • Swipe right, tap Images. I am embarrassed for you, PeadarWagon.
  • Ya, that works too, but typically that images link shows the exact same images you see in the article.  If you only see one image in the article it's not immediately obvious that more images are available in the images link on the next page.
  • That's true but they will usually reference that there are more images with a line in the article. "new leaked images" it's my clue to swipe right and check the image count. It's lame we have to do it that way though. BTW, if the new app that's coming is like the Android app, I didn't want that either. It's fuller featured, but the navigation is confusing.
  • Ohhhh my bad
  • So long.
  • Well fluff you microsoft. That watch is badass
  • Yeah... so BA, yet we don't know what it does, battery life... or anything really.
  • I'm pretty sure he was talking about the design.
  • Looks okay, but a couple months into having the Band 2 I'm glad things went the way they did.
  • Should have kept both Imo, band for who want the fitness aspect and the watch for those who don't.
  • How is the battery live of the Band 2? I currently have a Garmin Viviactive and I can go two weeks without recharging. Granted, I currently can't connect it with my windows phone. So do you really have to charge the band 2 every other day?
  • Yup, pretty much given the amount of tech inside it. The apple watch so am told needs charged daily. My older bro's gear classic, also daily (he charges it every night). Personally to me the band is a fitness device with smartwatch capabilities. Any thing that is supposed to be a watch first has to last heck alot longer than two days.
  • There is a Garmin app in the wpstore now that will work for the vivofit bands. I was looking at Sam's Club as they have one on sale for 69.99 black or white
  • Charging every other day, or even daily is no big deal. Charge while in the shower, and it's always ready.
  • Cancelled. Much wow !
  • Love it!!
  • Huge and ugly.
  • Huge is respected and you don't know why
  • Now, please repeat in English.
  • Translation: "That's what she said". You welcome. ;-P
  • Looks a lot like Swatch Digital line...
  • Considering Microsoft are useless at releasing their products to people who actually want them, I'd much rather the Nokia option, I could at least potentially own that.
  • This was suppose to arrive before apple watch , Nokia was going strong
  • I'll wait for the "surface" band pro (seems like everything branded this way is the ****) ;)
  • I'll wait for the Surface Surface.
  • Lol
  • Perfectly said. 'Surface' is going to be the next 'i'...At least in windows central's eyes..
  • We want a MS watch with w10
  • Happy with my Band.....
  • I like that green and orange, I always liked the vibrant colors Nokia used.
  • Doesnt apple come in vibrant colours as well on their watch - 
  • I have a Band 2. It's pretty cool. But: 1- Band is not an smartwatch 2- This design looks 1000 times better (you can even personalize the colors) 3- You can only buy Band in the US and UK... this is ridiculous   I wish Nokia was able to buy Microsoft... things would have been much better for Windows Phone.
  • I guess you are unaware that Nokia was the one with a failing company in hardware...
  • of course I was half kidding. But imagine where would WP be without Nokia now... even worse for sure. 
  • Because Microsoft has done much better /s Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not very smart, are you...?
  • some people don't get irony. And funniest is that they call themeselves smart...
  • How is the Band not a smartwatch? My Band 2 is definitely an amazing smartwatch.
  • it is a fitness tracker, like iFit (but iFit is much more evolved and better on this task actually)
  • I'm gonna go with "garish" and "Is everything from the trash bin of the company going to be resurrected as a news item?"
  • This looks so much better than the Band. I really wanted to like Band 2 but it's still way to chunky. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I thought the Band 2 was clunky but I got one, it's pretty small and unobtrusive. On the other hand, from the pic I get that must have been like a monster strapped to one's wrist.
  • I guess you've never owned a Casio G-Shock or Pathfinder.
  • If chunky is something you want to avoid, then I'd see thas is not a the watch for you. Look at the size of it compared to the fingers in the picture. It's HUGE. For this to have worked, people would have had to make a major change in style choices. This looks bigger than any watch I've every seen. Maybe that would have worked, but it would have effectively been creating a new PipBoy category of wearable.
  • Or maybe this was a early prototype? Also maybe the person has small hands? The images look pretty zoomed in as well.
  • Well, the fingers got zoomed in as well.
  • No Cortana here, so no interest in the Band. This would have been great if it hadn't looked like a square Swatch/plastic Applewatch - ugly as sin!
  • Cortana is about 2% of the functionality of the Band.  I agree with your thoughts on the watch.
  • Wouldn't mind having a colored watch to match a colored shell on the phone. That would be pretty cool. Eh, I'm good anyway. I can't wear a band/watch on my wrist as I'd constantly have to take it off to do work. I've got a nice expensive watch that I haven't worn except once in the last year-and-a-half because something on my wrist is just too much of a hassle for me. 
  • I agree, I love the idea of that a lot.
  • Then sell the watch. Why do you have it. Jesus!
  • @Double M. Maybe it was a gift? :P.
  • Still, there needs to be a Windows Watch with W10 optimized for smart wrist watches. Demands never end ;)
  • Agreed
  • Nice one
  • Looks a lot better than the Band,that's how a smartwatch should look like.
    Love it's vibrant colors.
    Hope they will reconsider there decision and bring it out
  • Although the market is still very immature I think we can safely say there a (at least) two major subcategories within wearables: smart watches and fitness trackers. The Band belongs mostly in the latter category, which is also the one which is most developed at this point. I think Microsoft should have a smart watch too. Now due to the aforementioned immatureness of the market we're yet to land on a truly solid form factor and level of functionality. I'd wager, however, that what is happening with Android Gear is what Microsoft should be most inspired by. So what I'd like to see is basically Cortana on my wrist. Give me notifications, headlines and allow me to interact and search through voice - let it be a controller for home automation. Down the stretch (in later versions), once we have sufficient cpu power (vs battery life and physical size), give me universal apps (Smart Glass?) and all of the sensors from the Band, making the watch a superset of the Band in terms of functionality. Call it the Surface Watch.
  • Looks so cool! I miss that "Colorness" of Nokia! Like Lumia's used to be! ^^
  • I'd always pick a Nokia product over a Microsoft one, obviously.
    That said I hate squarish watches. To me a smartwatch, just like any other watch, must be round. That's why the only good looking smartwatches out there are the LG's GWAR and Urbanes, the Huawei watch and the new Samsung Gear something. I'm leaving out Fosil and Motorola because flat tires are worse than square watches.
    I would have bought this if Nokia had released it but I wouldn't sing praises for its looks.
    Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Pick Nokia over Microsoft...... I'm shocked :/s
  • A pointless reply from you. I'm surprised. /s Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Somebody apply ointment on the burned area.
  • /s
  • The reason I am with Windows phone is because of Nokia
  • I really liked what Nokia was doing with the Windows Phones (still using my Nokia Lumia 928), but I think Panos' hardware team at Microsoft is doing even better work. Just speculation, of course, because we've not seen any designs from them yet, but if the Surface is any indication, they're excellent at industrial design. I'm with you on watch shapes and wouldn't have bought this bright square piece of colored plastic. Frankly, I don't think I'd wear any plastic watch (I don't think I'd ever want to give up my mechanical watch). Same reason I don't use the Band, but at least that's a different kind of item, so maybe one day I'll use something like that in addition to my actual watch. But that's a big maybe.
  • "must be round"...why? Just because its always been that way? Appeal to tradition is what that fallacy is called. It doesn't have to be round forever.
  • Because it's what looks good? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree with the round. Not because "it's always been that way". Because they look better and because they were easier to read. You do know that squarish, rectangular watches have been around for many decades?
  • Well, at the moment, in terms of design and hardware , i think the best is the Samsung gear s2 with its rotating ring control and pixel dense reasonably sized display( very proper watch like). Even the UI is much more fluid than android wear watches (they r like old clunky droids). Pity it runs on a software that will never see much development, we know Samsung's record in handling OS's (bada OS, anyone remembers?!). well, tizen OS itself went through a really rough labour during birth. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft is now releasing 3 year old Nokia phone designs (according to wc) so who knows if this will pop up in coming years (if rights were sold to MS)
  • Microsoft should get an award for killing/cancelling great products that had so much potential. Many of their decisions are like they wanna chop their heads off. And that's coming from a Windows fan, who's still using two great devices, Lumia 925 and 1520.
  • Commenting from phone, so not sure..but ur comment sure gonna pull some downvotes by WP fanboys..
  • But how do we have any idea if this was worth a crap? Just because you like the way it looks? Though, I don't think it looks that great.
  • Basically a Windows Phone UI on a watch which is what people have wanted. Another causality of MS buying/killing Nokia.
  • Assuming it was a good product...
  • Yeah, because Nokia have a track record of releasing flawed products after all. /s
  • Oh come on. You have no idea what this device could do, how well the battery performed, etc. - I could go on all day about the what ifs. The point is that you can't just assume it was a good product by a freaking rendering. We don't even know for sure if Nokia would have brought it to market.  
  • No, but you can infer that if a company has a track record of designing well constructed products then there is a high probability that they will continue that tend, it's not a sure thing obviously but its not a stretch to come to the conclusion that this device would have the same level of quality as their previous work.
  • And then again I ask; How do you even know if Nokia would have ever brought this product to market either? And I will also ask; How do you know there is not a watch in the pipeline? Nokia was a write off. They are in a position to be able to cancel products and still take the learnings from that product while not trying to recoup the cost. A watch in the pipeline could be considered a V2 while not turning people off with a mediocre experience.
  • Windows Phone UI is something no one wants. Have you seen the sales data?! Why Microsoft continues with it is beyond me. After years of nonstop failure they continue to just rewrite the code and leave the UI. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sales data does not equal satisfaction. Just anecdotally, I know many that love the platform and had to leave due to apps. Well, some had to, some chose to. But the OS was not the issue, it always came down to apps. There are quite a few articles out there that talk exactly about that. Many love the OS (myself included) and the modern UI. Freaking apps, man.
  • I'd have bought this over the Band. I miss Nokia. I wish the whole Windows Phone thing would have worked out for them. I loved all the accessories and different stuff they did. Headphones, charging plates, treasure tag, portable batteries, flip covers, cases, camera grip, etc., etc. plus all the colors. Nokia offered a whole hardware and accessories ecosystem. Whereas MS gave us the 950 in black or white; and a continuum dock. They'll probably do Surface Phone in one color.
  • Wish Nokia had other options than this Black/White gen of OS..
  • And have you considered that may be why Nokis failed? They offered too many things and diluted their brand. If you observe Apple, they have limited offerings but ahve been very successful. I think MS was smart in offering the new phones in only black and white. What is needed is more partners making accessories, like Mozo.
  • Want......
  • Lol looks like apple copied this design for apple watch
  • I do not want anything on my wrist. I received a Fitbit for Christmas that the girlfriend is now a proud owner of!
  • It fits both?
  • Would've like something similar to it or the gear s(the only semi-autonomous smartwatch so far)
  • It would ne nice of Microsoft or any other OEM would make a Windows 10 smartwatch. One that would look like a watch not a band. I would buy one.
    I am not a fitness/sport fan so Microsoft Band is not very attractive to me.
    As far as I know only Vector produces a smartwatch that is WP8.1 compatible. Although it is a good looking device it lacks a few functionalities that are important for me so I won't buy one. I still hope that someday somebody will make a good looking smartwatch that is compatible with Windows 10 Mobile, with enough functionalities to make me want it.
    I don't like this cancelled Nokia smartwatches. I find their design childish.
  • I kind of want this... This is cool...
  • I like my band. I hope the next version steps a little further into the smartwatch segment. Add stuff like the ability to take your calls, etc. But it is very nice right now.
  • Waterproof and I will buy.
  • I want a smartwatch not a fitness band
  • Too big! This would have flopped, its like having a phone strapped to your wrist. The fitness band is the way to go, smartwatches are gaudy toys....
  • If nokia/Microsoft had produced this watch I would bought it, this is a smart watch not that smart band, that's ONLY AVAILABLE in Europe, you know one thing I like about Nokia, all there products are always universal and not all this stupid region stuff, I don't know how ms wants to gain stream if they keep everything to the U.S and Europe
  • OMG, another thing from Microsoft that was cancelled, which means we all want it so bad! It must be the bestest thing ever because we can't have it and we have to have reasons to say MS doesn't know what they're doing! /s Idiots...
  • "You don't know what you've got until it's gone" - Anonymous
  • I must be missing something because I don't see any metro interface.
  • It would look good with my orange Lumia 930
  • That looks massive. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Three things to consider.
    1) early prototype
    2) person holding it may have small hands so skewing the perspective a little.
    3) the images are all zoomed in.
  • Unless it was a six year old child's hand, that thing is ginormous!
  • The Band is a great concept for smartphone accommodation and fitness tracking. Only wish I'd also have one, as my wife does since this Christmas ...
  • Band was a better route. A slightly smart fitness band is better than a useless smart watch.
  • What's "slight" about the Band's capabilities?
  • It's sad considering this would have beat the Apple Watch to market.
  • And would have been outsold by Apple anyway.
  • Sadly Nokia's looks better
  • Looks relatively thin. Maybe it just the font but screen looks low res. Perhaps MS will resurrect a watch at some point. Or, Nokia itself.
  • I don't know about Microsoft but you surely can expect some smart wearables from Nokia soon ;) (I doubt they'll work with WP...BUT we never know. Android is versatile.) 
  • Knowledge or just have been reading too many Nokiapoweruser stories? :)
  • Wishful fan-boy thinking.
  • I'd like to have the Band or FitBit fitness features in this smartwatch. It looks a little like the Apple Watch, but I don't mind that since the interface would resemble Windows 8/10. Take the fitness features of a Band and put them in this format and you'll have my money.
  • I would've considered this smartwatch. The Band doesn't appeal to me, since it doesn't look like a watch. I want watches that look like watches, not fitness trackers. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But the Band is a fitness tracker, hence, it looks like one.
  • This I wanted this more than the band.
  • I would have bought one without even thinking...
  • Belonged in the trash. Good call on this one, Microsoft.
  • Why Didn't they release this!!!! This is what im waiting for! I dont want a apple watch or Android smart watch.
  • This should have been the band not that crap we have now that dont even look like a watch! And that goes for band one and band two!!
  • With new bargain basement priced Windows 10 Tablets coming to market on the Hong Kong market, it's only a matter of time Nokia Watch lookalikes will be coming off the Chinese assembly lines. A watch with a Metro UI, even if it's not running 10 under the hood would be a neat thing to see. Some of the knock off Android watches are becoming almost presentable.
  • I hope so the more options for people the better.
  • I went to buy the Microsoft band 2 yesterday, from my local branch of Curry's. They kept me waiting 20 mins so I walked out. This was a true story brought to you buy Damian G.
  • Not very patient are you? :P. I wonder would happen when a train is delayed by 20 minutes? :P Joking aside maybe the person who was getting it from store room was checking the band 2 out themselves as well?
  • I would do exactly the same, if someone doesn't want to serve me in a store I'll go somewhere where they do.
  • I think Ms was right , I got the band 2 for crimbo and I'm very happy.
  • I like my Band 2, but a real smartwatch would be so much better. I have a Gear S2 Classic for when I want to use my Note 5 and I love it. I hate to say it but "fashion" really does sell better than functionality, unfortunately.
  • I don't need a FITNESS BAND. I'd love a SMARTWATCH though. And I'm angry that MS cancelled such a nice project. It looks better than Apple. It looks so nicely NOKIA!
  • I want one too. I just want to see the time the same way I used to in the past instead of turning my head by 90 degrees having that band thing...
  • I will buy nokia watch....... If available!
  • Quite great design and colorful, at least too much for me. I love my band 2, don't get me wrong but this one it could've been something else..
  • Like others have already stated, I also miss the bright colors that Nokia used. That said, I am surprised that many people who are demanding a "smart watch" form factor (like an Apple watch, or the round android watches that are available) seem not to realize that when you buy a Apple or Android watch you are now forced to to wear that device. What if you have a collection of watches or you simply want to wear a formal watch that you may have? you would have to choose between wearing your smart device on one wrist and your regular watch on the other. I think that would look a a bit silly. One of the main reasons I love the "Band" form factor / design is that you dont have to choose between wearing a traditional watch or losing fittnes data. The band can pass for a simple bracelet and you don't look like and oddball for wearing 2 "watches".  A perfect example is during the devices event last October, you can see Panos Panay himself wearing his Band2 on one arm and his more traditional watch on the other and it looked perfectly normal. So normal in fact, I doubt many people noticed. appologies for the horrible grammar
  • Microsoft band 2 is absolutely better than any other watch
  • You don't know that because you never got to see one of these Nokia watches
  • The answer depends on what the Nokia watch had to offer.
  • While I am a happy Band 1 and now 2 user, neither of them had/have snake installed, this watch could have pulled that off easily.
  • I would have got the green or orange one. They look amazing
  • I would of loved one of these it would of gone well with my Nokia Lumia 1520
  • I like the band much better!
  • Never will be interested in smartwatches. Totally useless to me.
  • This would have been a neat accessory, but it would have been white noise to the crowd of fruit sheeple. Everyone asks me if my Band 2 is an Apple watch. Microsoft is, understandably, testing the market with their wearables but it would be nice if they marketed something they made heavily before Apple became the standard for such devices with their inferior tech. The Surface has done well, because Microsoft markets it heavily to the masses and lets them know it exists.
  • I'm sure Apple engineers can sigh even a little bit, this looks quite a bit like the Apple watch.
  • Wishing a Windows smartwatch someday... Former 1320 user. Posted from the Philippines.
  • Looks awesome.
  • No comment.