Photos of HTC 8X demonstration unit at Best Buy

Best Buy is preparing the HTC 8X for consumers and we've been sent some shots of the demonstration units that will be presently available in-store for the public to experience Windows Phone before making the purchase.

The HTC 8X is the manufacturer's flagship Windows Phone, which Best Buy has priced at just $199 when accompanied by a 2-year contract. Available on Verizon's network, the handset takes full advantage of 4G LTE speeds.

Thanks, Matthew, for the tip!

Best Buy 8X

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That's a nice pic. 
  • Maybe if it didn't have the HTC in it lmao!
  • OMG You're so funny!!!!!!
  • Hehehe
  • I'm starting to like the 8X more and more. But, for half the price with twice the storage and a free wireless charger, the 920 definitely wins my money. Maybe next time HTC.
  • And super sensitive touch, and better camera, and better exclusive apps, and more.
  • All the above but number one reason its NOKIA ;)
  • HTC just nailed the colors though.
  • Agreed! Would've loved to have the 920 in California Blue.
  • You seem to be living in some American subsidized phone delusion. 920 is not half the of price 8X. It actually costs like 33% more tan the 8X in the real world.
    And if you really believe that $100 or $50 is the real pricetag, why don't you buy both? I would if the phones were that cheap.
  • You seem to be living in some European non-subsidized phone delusion. 920 is half the price of the 8x under an our subsidized costs in the real world.
    Just because in your neck of the world, you don't have to deal with binding, high priced contracts, in which they use phones to bait you in, doesn't mean the rest of us don't.
  • No, we Europeans know full well what a contract is. I'm on one myself - I paid absolutely nothing for my 8X upfront.
    Now, let's see, if I had gone with a Nokia, I'd have had to pay £49 upfront, *plus* £5 per month *more* than what I'm paying with my 8X for 2 YEARS. That's £120 + £49 = £169 more, in total, *after* subsidies.
    And I live in the UK.
    Let me guess - the contracts are better/cheaper with the 8X with the same upfront costs?
  • The price for service is the same for both phones or any phone for that matter. If you buy a phone outright the price for services does not go down on AT&T. So the Lumia 920 is actually cheaper since the initial cost of the phone is less.
  • Well, I wish we had that sort of deal in the UK then! We always seem to get shafted on price. Here, no matter how you look at it, the 8X is a good deal cheaper than the Lumia 920. It's one of the main reasons I went with the 8X - that, and the fact that the Lumia was "released" on 2 Nov but stores still haven't receieved any stock and say they reckon we're still looking at a one or two week wait. But that's a different story :P
  • If I'm not mistaken there are a lot of us over here that wish we had the European model of cell service.  If my understanding is correct y'all pay much less for the service then we actually do.  For example when I was on Verizon I was paying close to $100 a month for service so $2400 plus the cost of the phone for a 2 year contract. 
  • I've heard T-Mobile (US) charges less for the service if you don't subsidize the phone. Not sure if they still do that or if it depends on the phone.
  • T-Mobile (US) does charge a bit less if you bring your own device but they are the only ones that I know of that do
  • So..according to both Mission and Tomas, neither the U.S. nor Europe is the real world. You both need to get a darn grip and play nice! This story is clearly reporting on U.S. prices. It's obvious to us all. Now run along.
  • I usually don't have any reason to go to Best Buy other than to look at stuff I'm not going to buy, but once my BB gets this in I am going right away to check it out.
  • But, you're still just checking it out.
  • i preordered from bestbuy because the only funds that i had to effectively get the 920 was on my Card lol so w.e id have liked to get the charging plate.
  • Still doesn't have a fake account set up to use those live tiles... So plain and empty
  • Exactly. Such a shame, people need to be shown how it works. MS have this covered on Win8 though.
  • I think this is one killer phone! It LOOKS great! Yes, I wish it had better guts and a lower price, but when it does drop, I hope there are some people new to WP who will think the same thing, and make the switch. Buy WP masses, buy!!! I had a new employee(former android, current iPhone) today check out my 900. Too big she said, but I REALLY like that phone system and how it's laid out. I told her there are other option a little smaller. Showed her a pic of the 8X. She LOVED it. Here's hoping there is one more conversion. Options are good to have.
  • I gotta tell you that $199 price won't hold that long. It won't make it past the holidays.
  • With the wireless charging capability the real question is: weight? Still getting a 920 but was wondering how much weight is attributed to wireless charging (and whether it's the same amount of coils as the 920)
  • Word is 11/12 for BB RELEASE.
  • At&t won't have the red 8x so I think I'll until some time next year to get a new phone. My l900 will do ok for a while, and I just don't want that heavy 920..
  • Not too much difference between 900 and 920, that you can really feel anyway
  • Do you even lift bro?
  • ^ +1
  • I can't imagine how you deal with tablets. 
  • Heavy? Wow....
    Clearly you need to go the gym if 185g causes you fatigue! My HD7 weighs 165g, and that ain't exactly heavy.... Man up!
  • It needs to be more alive. Like the Windows 8 demo units it had fake accounts and everything that needs to be done with Windows Phone 8.
    Microsoft's marketing needs to be consistant
  • It's not so much the fake accounts but more like a demo ROM that is installed into these demo units. I remember that when the Lumia 800 first launched in my country, Malaysia, they already have working L800 demo units on display  at the Nokia stores. Fake accounts are even available for demonstration by then.
    I probably assume that HTC doesn't have a working demo ROM yet, since this is HTC's phone.
  • cant wait
  • Seems like they use the Apple pricing model-almost no discounting. Titan II is still $199...
  • Really? Wow.
  • Yeah... just $199. Meanwhile, at AT&T...
  • I like the 8X but I LOVE the Lumia 920. 32 gig of storage for $99 is a no-brainer for me. Plus, it's an all-around better phone than the 8X.
  • Why couldn't they use a non purple blue.
  • Subpar specs compared to the note 2. Who would buy this?
  • People who don't care about specs
  • This is a joke, right? Who would cross shop these phones? And who in their right mind would buy a 5.5" phone anyway?
  • The non-believers
  • I'm a loyal MSFT fan, but this whole slim and huge screen for phones thing is getting ridiculous. I toyed with a friends iP5 and thought its just way too light. For me weight is a plus. Granted my current phone is the original focus, but I'm on ATT and I def wasn't getting the quantum. I needed more than 8gigs of space etc. Screen size? The early 2012 Gen phones have it right. No bigger, no smaller, just work on the resolution now. 5.5" is just not a normal pocket size. I don't want to have to wrestle with myself to take out my phone and race to answer the incoming call. No thinner than a GS3 but no thicker than a L920. I don't want to feel like I'm holding a stuffed envelope instead of a phone.
  • No comments... That Note 2 is too big for any pocket. If you want specs why don't just buy a laptop?
  • No no, you have to get specific with this guy, an alienware laptop. Better yet, desktop because he'll complain about those specs too
  • People that don't want to be the laughing stock when they take a call with a comedy-sized phone?
  • Interesting that the HTC logo on the front is gone
  • Is that a scratch on the device?
  • It does look like a scratch in the second image.
  • Bezels everywhere! yuck. gonna stick with my plan, here I come Lumia 920.
  • Looking to get my 8X in the next couple of days, never been a fan of Nokia, I mean they pack some nice features, but the style of the Lumia is not for me.
    This is the reason I stuck with my HD7 instead of upgrading to a Lumia 800/900.
  • Lumias are very pretty, I own one, in fact, but the 8X is even nicer, aesthetically. Well done HTC.
  • Caveat emptor: AT&T's "4G" network loses out to Verizon just about every place in every city in the nation. Verizon has the largest 4G LTE network by far, and that LTE means a LOT. AT&T is touting their "4G" HSPA+ as being larger, which can be three times faster than regular 3G, but in the real world, it's almost as slow. I even went into my AT&T store here in Tucson and had the rep show me his test speeds using HSPA+. It was pathetic - 1.5 to 2.0 Mbps. The guy was clearly embarrassed.
    I was seriously considering the Lumia 920 until I did a lot of looking around on at saw the ugly truth from actual national and local testing (hundreds of thousands of tests). Click on the "Compare Carriers" tab for reports on specific cities. Unless you sit under an AT&T 4G LTE tower, you'll be much, much better off with the HTC 8X, which is what I'm planning on getting.
    My 2 cents, anyway ...
  • You make it seem like network speed is the only deciding factor to consider when getting a phone. I consider screen, camera, build quality and available apps much more important. The lumia 920 beats the 8x hands down in all of those categories
  • Don't get me wrong, I think the 920 is a great, great phone. But if your data is at a crawl, it will be a constant grate on your nerves. At least for me.
    HTC and Nokia are on par as far as reliability goes: And HTC beats Nokia on "Ease of Use" and "Features" as well. Also in this recent survey, Verizon is at the top of data speed and calls, ATT at the bottom.
    And the heavy weight is another minus. Another article I read compared the two cameras very, very closely and said that the 920 was better, but only slightly. All in all, they're both great phones. Just find what features are most important to you and go with it.
  • If you DO have access to the AT&T 4G LTE network this point doesn't matter.  I live in Indianapolis and thanks to the Super Bowl we have LTE throughout town on both AT&T and Verizon.
    Speed tests on both networks generally come back over 30 Mbps here.
  • Carrier is irrelevant. Buy a phone outright that works on all networks and switch as you please.
  • We don't have that option as Verizon is a CDMA network and AT&T is a GSM network unless the phone makers put radios for both in but that would raise the cost of the phones also
  • I'm lucky enought to live where both Verizon and AT&T have LTE so the speeds are basically the same, what it boils down for me is the fact that I was with Alltel for 8 years and when I was merged with Verizon I was basically treated as a second class for the duration of my 2 year contract because I would not switch to a Verizon plan. So even if the speeds were slower on AT&T in my area Verizon would still not be getting my money.
  • Ok should of added, the only problem I have with the 8X is, here in the UK its not 4G/LTE compatible like it is in America. Its not too much of a bigger deal as there is only one provider offering 4G in certain areas and thats EE.
    The provider I am getting the phone from will be offereing 4G in 2013 so would of been nice, just means my battery won't drain as much and it should last longer than my HD7, which pretty much lasts all day on a casual use.
  • Is the 12 Nov still a solid release date? It would be an awesome birthday gift :)
  • The iPhone 4S 16GB on AT&T is 99$, HTC 8X is too expensive, ppl are not gonna buy this. I hope price drops to 99$ soon
  • found a non working demo model of a 920 at one of the stores in vancouver.  feels good in the hand:)  look forward to picking one up.!1100&authkey=!AP1trxvZu0cJ3pQ
  • Went to the store just to look at it.  Very nice, the blue looks amazing in person.  Nice size, although actually not a noticable weight difference from my Focus Flash.  I'm not gonna knock HTC on anything even though I chose to go with the 920.  Nicely done HTC.