PigBoy, a Windows 10 endless runner game full of pork bellies

PigBoy is a unique Windows 10 endless runner game where you play the role of a boy who has lost connection with the human race and develops a mistaken identity of a pig. What? It happens! Believing if he collects enough pig stuff he'll become more pig-like, you race across an endless path dodging dangerous truffles and collecting the goods to be more of a pig.

Graphics are well drawn up with plenty of color and detail. The pace of gameplay has a bit of zip to it and along with dangerous truffles to avoid, PigBoy also needs to keep an eye out for evil and dangerous Ninja Pigs who aren't too keen on his transformation.

The free gaming title is available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile and PigBoy turns out to be a fun game to spend a little down time with.


PigBoy's primary menu isn't very complicated with options to jump into the game, view the scoring rules, visit the backstory for the game and view your game control options. High scores and rankings for accumulated scoring and high scores run across the top of the primary menu.

Speaking of scoring, PigBoy has an interesting scoring mechanism to avoid inactive gamers from remaining at the top of the leaderboard. As with most games, your ranking on the leaderboard is based on your gaming performance. However, if you decide to give PigBoy a break gamers lose one point from their scores every day. It is an interesting touch, prevents dormant players from parking at the top of the leaderboard and increases the odds of anyone becoming the top pig.


Gameplay isn't much of a departure from your standard endless runner. PigBoy must jump over truffles to avoid ending the game; these truffles are stacked at varying heights and to clear the dangers, just tap the screen to make PigBoy jump. The more you tap, the higher and longer the jump, giving the boy flight-like action.

Should the pace of the game become too slow or fast, speed adjustment buttons rest in the upper corners of the gaming display. Your score is displayed in the upper right corner of the display.

As you progress through the game, a suit of Piggy Armor periodically appears that protects PigBoy from attack or hitting a truffle. The suit of armor allows PigBoy run through the truffle towers but if he collides with a Ninja Pig, the suit shatters, leaving PigBoy vulnerable to attacks and truffles.

While the pace of gameplay does have a bit of zip to it, playing at the tad-slow default speed may quickly get for some. When this happens, simply tap the Speed Up button to increase the challenge of gameplay. Likewise, if the game is going too fast, say for a toddler whose reaction skills are still developing, you can dial the speed down a bit. The speed controls are a nice touch and offer a little versatility to PigBoy.


My only real nit with PigBoy is that in the backstory to the game it mentions collecting pigs as one of the boy's missions. While my truffle jumping skills aren't the greatest, after playing PigBoy over the past few days I have yet to see one friendly pig during gameplay that can be collected. It may be a future feature, but luckily the lack of little pigs to collect doesn't ruin the gaming experience so much as it just confuses a bit.

PigBoy is a free download for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile and while I wouldn't mind seeing more power-ups for PigBoy to collect and destroy the nefarious Ninja Pigs with, the game is a decent time-waster for all ages of gamers.

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George Ponder

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