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Pinch to Zoom on HTC Touch Pro2, Courtesy of XDA

Those brave souls at xda-developers are at it again. XDA forum member OndraSter has released an Alpha version of an application that reportedly enables pinch to zoom functionality on devices with resistive touch screens, such as the HTC Touch Pro2.

At this point I haven’t been able to make it work on my AT&T Tilt 2, but we are talking about Alpha software; so try at your own risk. The application is tested and should work with Opera 9.5 and 9.7, and Google Maps.  Hit up the XDA post for the download. Don’t forget to donate to the project if it strikes your fancy.

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  • Is it possible to get the pinch-to-zoom effect on the home screens.If it is so I think this is because of some coding behind.
  • It's pretty buggy but I have gotten it to work in Opera.
  • I really fail to see the reason for that pinch to zoom madness. I understand how multitouch is a step forward (in an on-screen keyboard a music app, etc.) But doesn't pinch-to-zoom mean two-handed operation? I like my 3.6 in TP2 because I can reach the entire screen with one hand, except when the keyboard is expanded. The only advantage of the pinch thingy: it might be better than the zoom strip on the device that doesn't work well at all.