Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D is a Minecraft-inspired first-person shooter mobile game available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. While the game has proven to be fairly popular with consumers, those with hardware sporting just 52MB of RAM were left in the dark due to lack of support. Thankfully, the developers have been listening and today we're covering a new release which brings not only 512MB RAM support, but new maps, weapons and game modes.

Here's everything in the rather large version update:

  • New game modes: Deadly Games and Flag Capture
  • New map is available for action
  • New weapons takes available arsenal up to 90
  • New friends system to partner up with buddies more conveniently
  • 512MB RAM support!

Pixel Gun 3D

That's quite the update and it's a release we're sure many mobile gamers will warm to. Pixel Gun 3D is worth checking out if you're a big fan of first-person shooter games.

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