Playcast update brings Miracast support, new drive sources and more

Playcast, a fantastic app that lets you easily cast content to Chromecast and more from your Windows 10 phone or PC, has received a pretty big update that adds support for Miracast and new drive sources. Additionally, the latest update, which clocks in at version, brings along various UI improvements and more. Here's the full breakdown:

  • Monetization:
    • 1 more FREE day in trial per app update
  • New drive sources:
    • DLNA Media Server
    • GoogleDrive
    • DropBox
    • Freebox (famous French Internet Box)
  • Technical:
    • MP4 'FastStart' transcoding on the fly for Chromecast unreadable MP4
    • Miracast support
  • UI improvements :
    • Remove items in Recent/Queue
    • Shortcut (desktop) : F5 refresh - F11 Fullscreen
    • Progress bar preview in PIP
    • ChangeLog popup at startup if it's a new version
    • "My libraries" only shows right content type files
    • List performance
    • UI contrast improvements

Support for the Miracast protocol joins the already present Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, AirPlay, and DLNA protocols, meaning you can stream video and music to practically any receiver you can think of.

If you'd like to check out all of the improvements in the latest version of Playcast, you can grab the update at the link below. If you're a new user, Playcast offers a 7-day free trial and costs $3.99 to keep on streaming after the trial is up. Also be sure to check out our hands-on with the app to see our impressions.

Download Playcast for Windows 10 and Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: playcast

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  • This app freeze my L525 :-/ Build no.- 10.0.10586.63
  • Sorry, I fixed it in the, was an Out Of Memory with big pictures
  • Can it play my music from groove online catalog to Miracast receiver..?
  • Probably because they're protected.
  • Probably not, you mean.
  • lol yeap.
  • What ever happened to the feature they said. That would let integrate Xbox Music (now Groove) into an app by a dev.
  • O.t. Sorry, please Mobile nations update your wp/wm app it's terrible in the forum part and in menu tab with no direct link to the store
    and most of the links shown are broken
    Sorry, but it's really terrible! ...and also crash on wm10..
  • Yes its really terrible.... We cant upload pics to a forum via the app, we cant play embedded videos in the app it will ask to play in browser or youtube app, it does not have hamburger menu (for Windows 10)..... It was my best app on Windows Phone 8 but now its like instagram and twitter apps that never gets updated.
  • Exactly like instagram...
  • Yep. I agree. It's shockingly bad for an app specifically dedicated to windows phone to be so buggy, slow and lacking feature on the OS it is meant to serve...
  • (Sorry, I fixed it in the, was an Out Of Memory with big pictures)
  • just installed the app it crashes every time so far lol.  Restarted phone but even then after trying to play just 1 video it wont load again, just crashes. shame.
  • Sorry, I fixed it in the, was an Out Of Memory with big pictures.
  • I didn't find it that intuitive for slideshows, individual files yes. I have a use for it but not much, think I will add it if the price dips a couple of bucks.
  • I wonder if the Microsoft HD-10 Miracast unit will support Windows 10?
  • why wouldn't it?? (FYI, it works fine on PC and phones that support it, mine does. Miracast is a standard)
  • I'm seeing comments about crashes, but if it works it's sounds awesome! Being able to stream to Chromecast/AirPlay makes WM truly platform agnostic for media consumption. Not something easily done in iOS, however Android likely has similar solutions.
  • Sorry, I fixed it in the, was an Out Of Memory with big pictures !
  • FYI, Playcast sees my Sharp tv's DLNA and Miracast, but trying to stream typical x264 MP4 files via DLNA yields a 'the receiver cannot play this file' error on all of them, and it does nothing when trying to stream via Miracast.  The Lumia Play to, Movies & TV, and ICast apps all stream the same files to it via DLNA without a problem.  The W10M OS connects to it via Miracast with the Connect setting fine, and my SP3 with W10 can also connect to it via Miracast fine. Playcast does work great with my Chromecast and via DLNA to the xbone, though.
  • While I applaud the effort, I really think Microsoft should build support for Chromecast and AirPlay right into the OS. Apps would still need to support them of course, but this could be done behind some abstraction so that the apps didn't know what streaming technology was used.