PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) to get a map selector

PUBG Map Selector

Since the launch of the Miramar desert map, PUBG players on PC have enjoyed a completely random map selection every time they play.

As we get closer to the addition of the third map, Codename: Savage, the developers have announced a feature that many in the community have been crying out for: The ability to choose.

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One of the big troubles with letting players choose the map they want to play on is that it could impact on matchmaking times. This is something the developers have taken into account, and as it stands here's how it'll work, per the blog post on the Steam Community:

  • You can select the maps you want to play with a click.
  • If you don't want to play a map, simply unselect it.
  • If you've selected more than one map, the game will randomly pick one for you each time you start a match.

The last point is particularly important. Assuming you're happy to play any of the maps the selection will still be random, so this is probably one of the ways matchmaking times are being controlled. For a while at least when a new map drops, you can expect large numbers to go just there, but it seems like a fairly balanced approach.

And of course, eventually, we'd expect to see this feature trickle down to the Xbox One version of PUBG. Miramar is due to begin rolling out sometime in May to console players, giving them their first taste of chicken dinner in the desert.

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