PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Xbox One update lets you skip matchmaking for Squad mode

Since hitting the Xbox One Game Preview Program earlier in December, PUBG has seen a number of updates to smooth out the experience and bring it closer to its much more polished PC sibling. Now, the latest update now rolling out to the Xbox One version pushes the versions closer to parity with some tweaks to Squad mode.

According to a recently posted tweet from the official PUBG Twitter, Xbox players will now be able to jump into Squad mode without having to matchmake with others. This lets you play the mode as a one, two, or three-man squad without requiring you to team up with random players.

Squad mode is separate from PUBG's standard free-for-all mode. Instead of placing everyone against each other in a battle to the last man standing, Squad mode places teams of players against one another.

This update follows a much larger one that rolled out to PUBG on Xbox one on December 22. That update mostly trended toward optimizations, improving performance and addressing some minor bugs and crash issues. Considering some of the game's performance issues, expect more optimization patches to follow in the coming weeks and months while it's still in the Game Preview Program.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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