Plex for Kodi now available to all

This one quietly slipped out, but previously you needed to be a Plex Pass subscriber in order to use the official Kodi add-on. That requirement has now been removed, albeit with some features not available if you don't have a subscription.

With the Plex for Kodi add-on, you get the Kodi experience for your big screen, powered by Plex Media Server, and enabling you to organize and access your beautiful media on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Plex has its own media player app designed for TVs, but there's no denying that Kodi is the big screen king. The Kodi add-on from the Plex team gives you the best of both worlds, and without needing to switch between Kodi and the Plex app on your box.

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You miss out on premium features like audio fingerprinting and parental controls by not being a Plex Pass subscriber, but if you're using the service without it the fact you can now integrate into Kodi is a win.

To download it simply head into the official repository inside Kodi or check it out on the web add-on browser

Download Kodi from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • My HTPC is playing all video formats including 4K UHD contents. Kodi is my front end doing the media organization. What is the advantage of Plex over Kodi?
  • Plex is a media server, it's pretty handy for organising/streaming your library
  • Mine is already organized in OneDrive and I use Groove to access it.  I'm not getting what the attraction is with Plex or Kodi or whatever.
  • I have 8 Tb of tv-shows stored on my media server at home. With plex... All of that is available wherever I am with an internet connection.
  • It's pretty handy, but I have the same setup and only uses plex when I'm on the move..
    I tried it and it actually uses kodis video engine (I think) so you don't experience transcoding.. but kodi is just more powerfull..
  • Call me stupid, but what does this actually do? Is it a way of letting your Kodi front end access your plex server?
  • Yessir. Just like every other Plex app, except you can use this one inside Kodi. Best of all worlds.
  • I think I'd rather have it the other way around. Kodi is too iffy about pausing, advancing and the rewind.
  • Any news on Kodi for Xbox, and any idea if it will support Plex? I am really getting fed up with how slow Plex's client updates are. I don't think I have seen a Plex Player update for Xbox during 2017 and there are some obvious bugs that needs to be fixed.