Wine is a pretty popular alcoholic beverage, at least it has been since about 5000 BC. If you’re pretty familiar with wine you’d be aware that sometimes a nice Chianti goes well with liver and fava beans. Otherwise you’ve got a new app for Windows Phone called Plonk for if you’re fairly new to wine or want to expand your knowledge. Let’s check it out.

Plonk is a pretty little app that comes to us from iOS. It’s aimed at being your secret weapon for finding wine styles you might be into. It works by making suggestions for something you might like based off of the grape varieties and wine styles you’re already into. It does this in an attractive looking app. Here’s all you can do with Plonk:

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  • Learn more about the grapes & wine styles you like
  • Discover new grapes based on your personal taste preferences
  • Listen to pronunciations of each grape & wine style
  • Find out which grapes pop up in which wine styles. Ie. Tempranillo in Rioja or Sangiovese in Chianti
  • Learn about what types of food go well with what grapes and wine styles
  • Start your journey in ‘Tried & tested’, where you’ll see lots of familiar grapes and find ideas for other similar grapes you might like to try
  • Or skip straight to ‘new & interesting’ for some inspiration and grapes to celebrate with
  • Rate and star your favorite grapes so you remember them for next time
  • Share your favorite grapes and wine styles with friends through Facebook, Twitter or email

Plonk SC

The app is pretty useful. We’re not big on wine around here, but can definitely see the appeal. Unfortunately, the app suffers a bit in the performance department. It looks to be a straight port from iOS, which isn’t in itself a bad thing. But it does have some lag when scrolling through the lists.

Hopefully a future update addresses some of those scrolling issues, otherwise you’re looking at a pretty good app for Wine connoisseurs on Windows Phone 8. Want to grab it the free app? Head to the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code, or swipe to the right in our app. 

QR: Plonk