Pantech out of Korea has made a nice little WM5 Smartphone for Verizon - if by "nice" you mean "inexpensive." For $150 after contract you get a decent WM flip-phone, it's competitive spec-wise with the Cingular 3125 (HTC Startrek). It is not competitive looks-wise, however - I think the ugly stick might have gotten hit with this. I actually shouldn't make fun, it's nice to see that phones with these specs can be made and sold for a small price.

Anyway, it also has full EVDO speeds and a miniSD (not Micro!) expansion slot.

...and a gigantic antenna sticking out of the top.

All Digital (1XRTT/1XEV-DO)
Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5.0 OS for Smartphone
128MB RA/64MB Flash
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Text, Picture and Video Messaging capable
1.3 Megapixel Camera w/Flash
miniSD™ removable memory port
Advanced Voice Command capability
Speed Dialing
Dual LCD Display: Internal - 2.20"; External - 1.07"
Picture Caller ID

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