Pocket Avenger escapes the zombie menace, lands on Windows Phone

There are lots of ways to discover new games for Windows Phone. We often rely just as much on our readers as we do developers and publishers to find interesting games to write about. There’s always a gaming discussion going on in the Windows Phone Central gaming forum, where loyal reader John Lompard has created a thread dedicated to newly released Windows Phone games.

John’s initial discoveries include a very cool endless runner called Pocket Avenger from Pine Entertainment, which I’ve really gotten into after a short play session. Play as a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who must run, jump, and kill hordes of zombies in order to stay alive. Did I mention the game is free to play and prettier than your average zombie?

Stop the zombie menace

Endless runners usually star doomed protagonists with no hopes of survival. Pocket Avenger plays like a 2D endless runner, but it has actual levels so you’re not just running till you get tired and die. Select from four survivors and prepare to make your stand.

The hero can even fight back against his zombie aggressors with guns, chainsaws, and other weapons. Weapons fire automatically, so you’re free to tap the screen to jump or switch between weapons and items.

Pocket Avenger looks and plays great, with multiple layers of parallax scrolling and tons of characters on-screen at once. Other features include over 200 levels, weekly tournaments and social features, and cloud save support.

The game requires a Facebook account, but you conspiracy theorists out there can always make a fake one for occasions like this. That Facebook integration enables cross-platform cloud saves, which is definitely worth the price of admission in my book.

  • Pocket Avenger – Windows Phone 8 (including low-memory devices) – 82 MB – Free – Store Link

More fresh game recommendations

While Pocket Avenger is the clear winner of the initial recommendations in John’s forum thread, it also lists several more interesting games that have just arrived on Windows Phone. Check out the “Just Released Games” forum thread, and be sure to leave your own suggestions whenever you discover a cool game that’s just come out.

Paul Acevedo

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