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Windows 10 fans can't play Pokémon Go, but they can now cheat at it with 'Find 'em all'!

Three weeks into the increasingly global craze of Pokémon Go and Windows 10 users on PC and Mobile are still left on the side. The saying goes that "revenge is a dish best served cold" so it is rather apropos that Windows 10 Mobile users can now cheat like hell at Pokemon Go!

Find 'em all is a new app from developer Daniel Gary, who threw the it together literally in one night. The concept is simple: using data gathered from the Pokémon Go servers, users can see in real-time where Pokémon are based on their current location. Tapping any Pokémon on the display reveals the name and time the imaginary collectible expires. Tapping anywhere else on the map will initiate a scan in that region.

As of now, the app is barebones, but it does run on Windows 10 Mobile and PC. You do need to be registered with the Pokémon Trainer Club, and you still need access to a phone that can play the real game. By using Find 'em all you can just see what you are looking for on the map, go there, and grab the make-believe fur ball.

Assuming that Niantic doesn't patch the exploit (the APIs were recently hacked) Gary hopes to add some polish to the app along with a few new features, including:

  • A "Watchlist" of Pokémon
  • Pokéstops and Gyms on the map
  • Filter Pokémon by types
  • A Live Tile of nearby Pokémon

Find 'em all is free with ads and there are no in-app purchases.

Oh, and for those wondering why we have not reported the "Microsoft says Pokémon Go is coming" story from Facebook, it's because we believe it's nonsense. For now, you'll have to settle for just cheating at the game instead of playing it.

Download Find 'em from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: find em all

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Ooh Daniel Gary, you are something else. :o
  • This dude creates the WC yeah?
  • Yes sir, that's me :)
  • well well, look who it is :)
  • Version 1.2 is rolling out to the stores
    Filter Pokemon, Night Mode, Notifications, and bug fixes.
  • Night mode? I'm sold! I'll download it now, good work! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The link in the article leads me to a page of not found on ms servers. I did a search in the store and can find "Find 'em" but it is not your app. Is there a good search term and or a huge delay in it showing up in the store? I'm in the US so I'm surprised that it's not working for me but seems to be working for most others.
  • I searched for "find em all" and it showed up in the store for me. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The links haven't worked on the 8.1 app for over two years now. The website is needed to follow links.
  • if credentials need to be entered, is there any chance of getting banned?
  • I was wondering that aswell, does anybody know?
  • You're the man of the hour!
  • Dude, that's called efficient! I tested last night, it actually worked, but also made me realize that there are only pidgeys and rattatss nearby....
  • @ danielgary : Great work on the app! :) Would be incredible if you could implement a small gps icon for the user position itself on the map! As well as a small status icon or text upon clicking the map somewhere perhaps (so the  user knows if data is still being retreived/loaded or not...).
  • Hijacking Top Comment: Let's just take a moment to appreciate the fact that this developer was able to throw a (helpful) app in literally one night. If this guy can do that, he must be waaaaaaaaay better than those iOS/Android developers who can't seem to port or make an app for WM10.
  • Soo true
  • D a m n, it's so true! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Also seems to be piracy given the use of (probably) copyrighted material.
  • "those iOS/Android developers who can't seem to port or make an app for WM10."   They can. They simply won't waste time with a dead platform. Quite a significant difference.
  • A platform is dead if there aren't any apps for it. A platform is thriving if developers make apps for it. WM wasn't really given much of a chance since the beginning and you can't say it's because the platform is terrible to begin with. It's devs and people like you who seem to really, really want to see WM fail for some strange reason. Refusal to develop apps and troll WM boards. What's your deal? Why put the time and energy to be negative nancy-boy if you deem this platform dead?
  • Hey DJCBS. I still don't know why you stick around, but you have become like a old worn out recliner...should of been thrown out years ago, but we're too lazy to do it. Anyway, words are power and you are always telling us that WP is you are definitely the enemy. But our words have power too and we rather enjoy the WP platform, so we counter your death strike with a life strike and say WP is popular, profitable, and preferred. Good chat, mate. ;)
  • this app is a sarcastic joke like giving a pair of new Adidas shoes to a man without legs  
  • At least he can sell the Adidas shoes for a profit to get prosthetics :D
  • Exactly,  You can't sell your windows phone for anything but a loss.  The sneakers are a way better investment.
  • "We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found." There goes my Pikachu.
  • It's still fresh in the stores. Just give it a bit of time to propagate.
  • for me too.
  • Same error appeared to me too...but surprisingly store had an update and I updated it and...there you go I now downloaded this app...
  • Error code not finding
  • App not available in the UK. "Sorry. Couldn't find that page."
  • Give it time, I just downloaded it in the US.
  • *now available in the UK*
  • I got it I'm uk
  • I can't find it in store
  • LOL
  • Ahahahaha
  • 'You still need access to a phone that can play the real game' Pretty pointless from the perspective of someone who "can't play Pokémon Go" then...
  • I'm pretty sure that is obvious.
  • I've found using a surface tethered to an Android/iPhone makes for a great Pokémon hunting experience with kids. The big map makes it really easy to plan a walk or drive.
  • So you're viewing the phone's screen on the larger Surface screen, or are you using the tether's data connection to load maps and plan your route on the Surface?
  • Right. Tether Surface to Android, run Find 'Em All on Surface, run Pokémon Go on Android phone. Works fantastic. I usually have my kids unactivated phones also tethered to my phone.
  • You'd be better off just making the app for ios and android (maybe still uwp) via Xamarin.Forms
  • I tether my iPod Touch to my 90XL to play, but anytime I enter a park the app looses the gps signal. I've tried multiple parks on different days.
  • I tried that with my 5th gen iPod touch, but still doesn't work. The iPod needs GPS. Amazon has some different options I'm looking at.
  • I got it to work on my 5th gen iPod, but the game kept crashing. I bought a 6th gen iPod, and it gets the hotspot's GPS instead of the phone. I'm using AT&T if that helps. Make sure location settings on the iPod is turned on. I'm looking into a cheap android phone that has a GPS chip built in to address the GPS issues I've had.
  • I couldn't care less about the game, everyone looks like a zombie playing it. But my best friend plays so I think it could be fun being their assistant in a way.
  • Sounds more like you couldn't care less. Otherwise you are saying you do care. ;)
  • One of the Interweb's main flaws, that wretched phrase. There is also lose, spelt loose.
  • I think there's a yo momma joke there somewhere ;)
  • I think that's the first time I've seen someone mention it. Correct usage is so rare it immediately caught my eye in the (I'm guessing later edited) previous post =)
  • The real phrase is "I couldn't care less"
  • My apologies lol. Either way, my opinion stands
  • Haha sorry I just had to correct it haha. But to clatify, i have nothing against your opinion lol
  • "I couldn't be care less"
  • I COULDN'T care less ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well he might actually care a tiny little bit, in which case, technically, he COULD, in fact, care less. It would just be really difficult to.
  • "You don't say!" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There's a few people running around with an iPhone and a Lumia 950XL, so it's not pointless at least in my case.
  • Time to bring out my 7 year old Android phone just to signup for the actual game and then come back to this!
  • I got a busted iPhone 5S from work, and then I just tether it to my Windows 10 device and it works fine.  The benefit is that I can drain the battery on my iPhone while my Windows Mobile phone still has plenty of juice left for the rest of the day.
  • typical windows phone way.  Can't get the real app so lets use something thats sort of, somewhat like, that will sort of do the same thing but in a crappy way!
  • Kinda like when your wife decided to go ahead and marry you.
  • Doesn't let me download it from the store
  • Ah, the last line says it all. All the replies from MS in the feedback hub regarding Pokémon Go and Snapchat are same.
  • Looks like Windows Phone/Mobile fans get to take a big dump on Pokémon Go! Thats what happens, when you leave Windows out! Go get em people! Make the company regret their decision!!!
  • Using this app isn't going to make the Pokemon Company or Niantic regret anything. People who use this app are still playing the game on and Android or iOS device.  
  • Well ripping their IP and selling ads on top of it is not gonna help struggling Microsoft platform.
  • im sure pokemon go developers are shaking in their boots because all 15 windows fans are taking a dump on pokemon.  
  • No need for the hate! I'm both an Apple and a Windows user, well recently adopted windows especially because I like the idea of UWP. iPhone's are my first love when it comes to phones, but windows mobile is growing on me.
  • Fredi, I was a windows user up until last month when I had enough of all the cancelled features, my phones being turned into feature phones instead of amazing phones that were promised when they had win8....and the promise of every phone running 8 will get 10 offically,  and all these features with UWP apps etc.  Still waiting on all of it.  So I decided to jump off the perverbial titanic that is Microsoft.  I cancelled all services and have found replacements that quick frankly are WAY better than MS as well.  So after being burned by MS again and again,  time to goto the better bet with my money which is called APPLE.  meaning they follow through with what they state.  Hell my mother in laws iphone 4 still has all relevant apps,  meanwhile windows is slashing windows 8 apps at alarming rates.  Way to go MS.....
  • Steve, Wow that's gotta be rough man. I've never been through that myself; but I could only imagine how that must be. Although I've used Windows in the past, my experience was only exposed to the desktop version, which was not bad, atleast for me. I used it on my gaming rig, and Mac's are terrible for gaming let alone catalogue availability. But being an Apple user myself I must say you are right, Apple does promise quality. I adopted Windows 10 Mobile as an expermental device; you know try something new. I wouldn't recommend Windows 10 Mobile to anyone right now, atleast not at its current state. I know Windows fans are going to go hard on me for stating that, but that's my openion based on my experience so far. Apart from that I have to say, the only thing that really bothers me is the 'white app icons;' maybe because I'm not used to it, but I sure would appriciate some color on them like iOS or Android. The app problem never really bothered me much, the only app that I really want would be YouTube but, I could settle for alternatives. And since I don't game on my phone din't care too much for those...Edge sufficies my basic app wrapper needs so far.
  • It sounds like a cheat/trainer for Pokémon Go.
  • Sounds like using Poke Radar is less work. Open the URL, tap the locator button, tap the red scan button, and you'll see the same info this ap gives. Hopefully both resources add gym and stop locations to their maps.
  • I realize I'm biased, but Poke Radar is often EXTREMELY slow and unresponsive. Several people that have tested the app have said it's much, much faster and more reliable than Poke Radar - but by all means, use what works best for you.
  • I think Pokemon Go! and Snapchat can't go to Windows 10. I think, if Windows 10 want apps, MS should buy the company own this app. lol. but I'm still hoping that the day will come. :))
  • I don't see why Pokemon Go! can't be on Windows 10 Mobile. The app was built with the Unity Engine and is therefore automatically a cross-platform app for the most part. Unity has full support for Windows 10 UWP and it really shouldn't take that much additional work, if any at all to just target the game to Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Have to remember - Nintendo and Microsoft are competitors in the console space. Also, every time there's a new build, you have to spend QA cycles on a platform with minimal market share.
  • Don't forget, Google is also a "significant investor" in Niantics. We will never see Pokemon Go unless Windows Mobile market share soars before the hype over the app goes away. So basicaly a snowballs chance in hell.
  • Sony is also a competitor (and more of a threat ATM), but it works on Xperias...
  • And the said phones run on Android >.>.
  • That's my point. Nintendo doesn't care if they are competitors in another arena, it's all down to the OS they run and the customer base available on said OS.
  • Delete
  • Google has invested in Niantic so no chance of it coming to Windows.
  • minecraft is on wii u
  • Because Windows Mobile has less than 1% global market share. That's it. No conspiracy from Google or Nintendo, just too small potential market to make the development worth it.
  • Nobody here comprehends that. There is always some evil company to blame for an app not coming to Windows phone, and it's usually Google.
  • However,  the real EVIL company thats keeping apps from coming to windows phone is.....wait for it......MICROSOFT themselves.  They bailed on the forward progress of windows phone 2 times since NUTELLA was in power.  That speaks volumes.  He has no idea what he is doing in the mobile world.  should have kept going with windows 8.1 kernal and improved it.  MS had 8% market share at the time of win phone 8.1.  And gaining traction.....NO,  they would never have been able to beat google or apple,  but,  they had more than 8 times the users they do now.  Microsoft themselves put phone into the *******!
  • Yeah idiot Nutella always speaks negatively about Windows Phones.
  • 8% market share?!!!! Evidence, or it didn't happen ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows Phone never went over 4-4.5% of market share worldwide. And that's in its prime, when Nokia was pretty much in charge of everything.
  • Every time I see a picture of him, I'm like, THIS m-f'er is in charge of Microsoft???
  • Niantic is a small company with less than 50 people, who just had their app become explosively popular beyond their wildest dreams. They've got enough on their plates worrying about server failures, the international rollout, the three step bug, moral panic, and figuring out how to keep the popularity they already have with future feature updates. Windows phones are probably somewhere on the roadmap, but it's going to be somewhere pretty far down. Even if they decide to just do a simple Unity port, a Windows app is probably at least a month away.
  • "Most part", graphics and touch interface is unified sure, but then there is at least: location, notifcation, gyro & accelerometer (might be supported in Unity), camera and netowrking (mbsiU). In addition, I've yet to see a port which works completely "out of the box" despite a cross-platform framework.
  • this is genius!!! 
  • UWP of pokevision wow
  • I've been using Poke Vision website. They are using the same APIs. Going to try this app
  • Try Again later Something happened on our end
  • I got a message that said,  Buy a phone to really play the game!
  • Microsoft Store: "The thing you're looking for isn't here.
    We probably don't have it, but just in case, try searching for it."
  • Not a fan of these myself. I like looking for stuff and being surprised a bit (like finding Magmar last night), so having an app play for you takes a lot of the fun away for me. That said, there is a part of me that would like a generalized form of this, so I know which Pokémon aren't available in my city/area. I can't find some for the life of me.
  • I could build this feature in if you like. Just a list of nearby Pokemon instead of showing you exactly where they are?
  • Just as an option amongst
  • Maybe just a little tom-tom type arrow on my phone.
  • Can you make it like Lumia City Lens? You know, like when you put the phone on horizontal, the map shows, vertical it goes to a list.
  • That feature isn't even available on Windows Maps! There comes to help HERE Maps on Android
  • Is the windows store down???? says check connection but my connection is fine???
  • No
  • No,  the store is not down,  thats just how many apps that are available.  sorry.
  • Well played sir well played ‎;)‎
  • Thank you!  ha ha.   I am glad you get the humor,  where as most fanboys will just piss and moan!
  • error!!! just can't find the app, how it will find em all :p
  • Give it sometime..
  • or do you mean some time.......because regarding windows....maybe sometime?  is a real posssibility.
  • Incredible, now i can catch pokemons on my iPhone faster
  • I play Poke-er-mom Go.
  • Booooooooooooooo! *throws tomatoes*
  • Oh please come on let's go play pokie pokie, mom.
  • Do you really want to hurt me!!! Do you really wanna make me cry???
  • Just a matter of time until this game is pulled for copyright infringement i.e. Official YouTube app, 6snap, etc.
  • Just enjoy it now!
  • This is so unfair I do not have a phone that can use the real app! This is a waist of time and money to those who think they want the app but can actually go without
  • There's no money here.
  • "This is a waist of time" Sigh.
  • Waste, man.
  • :)
  • Go buy a cheap android phone and enjoy all the latest and greatest apps available out there.  The cheap android phones now run smoother than windows 10 anyways.  Or buy a used iphone thats in good condition.  
  • I went the cheap Android way long back for my backup device
  • Can any one open the link?     I can not
  • Awesome sauce!! Let's go cheating.....ahem, i mean hunting.
  • We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found.
  • Same for me :/
  • Should be available now
  • Just checked. Still not available in Canada.
  • From the dev of our great Windows Central App you can only expect this kind of awesomeness :)
    Thanks Gary for supporting our beloved phone, you really the N.1 :)
  • Thanks!