Poll – Do you like the name Groove as a replacement for Xbox Music?

Today we have gone from speculation to confirmation about the name change for Xbox Music. Long rumored to be a consideration, Xbox Music is now just Groove (not Groove Music, as originally reported).

The word 'groove' has many meanings, but one of the most frequent ones is about music.

From Wikipedia):

"Groove is the sense of propulsive rhythmic "feel" or sense of "swing" created by the interaction of the music played by a band's rhythm section (drums, electric bass or double bass, guitar, and keyboards). Ubiquitous in popular music, groove is a consideration in genres such as salsa, funk, rock, fusion, and soul."

The name seems very apropos for the service. As explained earlier, Microsoft moved away from Xbox Music due to the failure of Xbox to catch on as a catchall for "Entertainment" instead of just gaming. That and the confusion amongst some novices who thought the Xbox is Xbox Music implied they needed a Xbox 360 or Xbox One console to partake.

New Name Is A Weird Name (Or Is It?)

Interestingly, Microsoft faces a few renaming issues with their new products. Whether it was Hotmail to Outlook.com or Live Mesh to SkyDrive (to OneDrive) or Internet Explore to Microsoft Edge, new names sound weird especially when they are for "old" products.

With Groove, your brain is going to have to rewire its pathways for semantic and phonological associations. This phenomenon is very different from a new service with a new designation, which gets more leeway in naming rights. That is because that thing is unfamiliar, and its odd name reflects that feeling.

Over time, we all adjust. Whether it is an iPod, an Instagram, a Facebook, or a Roku, names grow on us the longer we use them.

An extreme example of this word adjustment is semantic satiation, where you repeat a word over and over until the word temporarily loses all meaning. A lot of this effect has to do with neural pathways and frequency of usage.

My point? Before you take this poll reconsider your gut reaction to how you will feel in six months. From my experience, most of you will shift from disapproval to fondness over time. Like all things in life, you are just going to get used to it, like it or not!

Besides, it is not like Deezer, Spotify, Slacker, Tidal, or Google Play Music are all home run names either! The difference is you are just used to them by now, so they do not sound "bad". Some of you even like Zune, by far one of the oddest names to date.

The Poll

You know the drill. Head to m.windowscentral.com if you are using our app or on a mobile. Otherwise, just take the survey on what you think of the new name! Repeat votes are blocked by cookie and IP to prevent inaccurate results.

We'll share the results in a few days!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Heeeeeeeeeeccckkkk no!!!
  • Yeah, groove sounds lame. It only matches like one style/genre of music. Its not universally (music wise) a good name for all genres. Its also not a "cool" name for any young generations either. It really doesn't fit anyone in my opinion. It almost makes me embarrassed to use it now...
  • Hey man the name is totally groovy and really happening in a far-out way.
  • Name suggestion for the Microsoft Movies & TV app: "Tubular" Might as well play into the dated lameness of it all. Make it seem intentional.. Microsoft "Tubular" video and "Groovy" music. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=groovy http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Tubular http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=totally+tubular&defid=985304      
  • Lol
  • how about they just buy Vimeo and be done with it ;)
  • ^This!
  • OneTune for music and OneTube for videos  
  • You, sir, are on to something! Groove sounds and feels great, but I miss the link to MS and to "video". you solved that avoiding being locked into 'windows'.
  • Nice one!
  • That is what Microsoft needed to name the apps! You need to be their Brand Manager! Groove is just not a good name at all.
  • You might be on to something there.
  • OneTube sounds like a third party YouTube app
  • You sir are hired!!!!! Best naming convention for both apps and services I have heard in a long time, if not EVER! SOMEONE TELL MSFT TO USE THIS!?!?!?!?!? It gives the One Microsoft connotation and it also gives a familliar connotation or an atta boy to iTunes and YouTube, which if anyone hasn't noticed are beloved services.
  • Ha! Sadly, this won't happen, it would be too cool. Now if they could only find a way to work in Cosmic.
  • At least Microsoft is making a Windows Phone version.  That's better than the brand new Microsoft Tossup app that proudly supports iOS and Android (but no WP) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOU5w1LUAWE                                        
  • Yes our dear editor Daniel Rubino should post the article on tossup, he knows if he wrote an article regarding the negatives of MSFT the whole comments section would be filled up with brickbats and critics..but you gotta show the truth!!!! the whom truth!!! and nothing but the truth!!!!
  • They can't handle the truth!!!!
  • Aah the great jack Nicholson! One of my favorite movies ever!! Crystal??
  • Bare in Mind that Tossup is from Microsoft Garage. These are projects worked on by students, interns, and employees, essentially on their "spare time", who come up with the project on their own. These aren't products MS has devoted an entire team to. If they told the everyone "Be creative! But also, anything you come up with must work on WIndows Phone", the Garage concept would most likely lose momentum, as not everyone would be interested, nor have the skillsets needed to build multi-platform apps. Sure, it's doable. But, if you have expereince developing for Android, that's where you'll most likely want to start/focus, when working on these ideas. Plus, if you come up with an idea, chances are it's because you want to solve a problem you or someone you know faces. Which means, when these ideas are created, they are problem thinking primarily about the platform they personally use.
  • So, you and Microsoft agree with mobile development companies liek SnapChat.  Supporting Windows Phone will kill momentum, nd not everyone is intested, so why bother.  How can Microsoft, with a straight face, ask other companies to support Windows Phone when they say it takes too much time, money, etc., to be worthwhile. 
  • You are missing the point here: this is not really Microsoft developing TossUp and other Garage apps. It's developers wanting to try out something they came u pwith, or solve a personal problem. I am not saying that bnuilding WP apps will kill momentum; what I am saying is that telling people that if they create something in their spare time it must have support for specific platforms will decrease the apeal of the Garage program. As a Software Engineer, I know first hand that if I am trying to create a program or app to resolve a personal problem, I'm not going to target every platform. I'm going to target the specific platform that I use. It's not the Microsoft doesn't feel it's worth the time or money; they really aren't investing too much into this, if at all. It's the individual developers choosing to target specific problems. If Microsoft was to forcec them to use their spare time to also develop apps for WP, it would lead to either, A) decrease in participation (which would be bad because the program is designed to encourage inspiration and innovation), or B) encourage employees to leave MS in search of companies that will support thier desire to develop with freedom of platform choice. Again, this is NOT, I repeat, NOT MIcrosoft deciding thier platform isn't worth working on. It's individual employees trying to solve a personal problem, or test a personal theory, choosing to do so on their platform of choice. In case you're wondering, I know developers at Google that use iOS, and developers at Blackbery that use Android & iOS. It it's not uncommon to use a platform not developed by your employer. Just as not all of Tesla's employees drive a Tesla. In Summary, developers should be free to develop on the platform(s) of their choice. Kudos to MS for supporting it, and providing a working environment which promotes this kind of activity.
  • I am not missing the point. In my work, we build mobile apps.  I'm one of the few that advocates for Windows Phone.  It's not an easy position to support because of the numbers, the biases, and other apps not moving to Windows Phone either.  This app, like Snipp3t, gives those that don't want to invest in Windows Phone development a major argument against it because "even Microsoft (Garage or not) is building mobile apps that don't support Windows Phone."  Since you are not in those meetings and I am, please don't tell me I don't get it.  Whether you want to admit it or not, releasing mobile apps without a Windows Phone version makes supporting development for Windows Phone more difficult. 
  • You're right; I'm not in the meetings at your company. However, I have sat in many meetings, advocating that my company support Windows Phone for its many mobile apps; from the kitchen, to the car, to the lawn, not to mention many other areas. Heck, I've advocated on many occasions that our internal IT group should support the use of Windows Phone, as an alternative to iOS. I realize this always falls on deaf ears. However, I maintain that anyone who points out apps developed by someone on their spare time as being further proof that the company they work for doesn't care about it's own platform, is grasping at straws. If you want to point out the differences between the different versions of Skype (such as iOS and ANdroid getting exclusive emoticons), or Office Touch going to iOS first, go for it. I can agree that those are frustrating decisions. But, I cannot agree with using this argument when someone at MS decides to build an app on their spare time, and chooses to release it through MS, without supporting WP. These, in my opinion, are totally different.
  • I will try to explain what infosage meant. Let's say I have a kid. I pay for his expenses and he lives under my roof. But what if that kid is making/inventing/doing something for my neighbour when I also have the same requirement? Also remember that he is my kid and I'm the one who is taking care of him,not my neighbour. I will be really pissed off.
    I hope you got my point. In my personal opinion, these kind of employees shouldn't work FOR MS. They should work somewhere else and develop their passion for other platforms. And may be MS should bring back, every employee must use WP policy. Then they will come across the problems a WP user faces.
  • Personally, I think this is an absolutely terrible analogy. Any decent parent would encourage their child to continue doing what they enjoy. My parents do not benefit from my work, however they helped me gain the education I needed to perform the kind of work I am doing now. Based on your analogy they should feel some sort of resentment or displeasure because they are not benefiting from what they paid for. Especially since I work on products they would enjoy or possibly need, but may not necessarily have. If an employee wants to do something on their spare time, not recieving any funds what so ever from MS for this personal project, why should MS expect them to build for their platform? In fact, these are the very people MS has needed all these years, but have alienated; inventive people with a passion for innovation. When you attempt to control or stifel innovation, it doesn't improve the situation. The last thing MS needs right now, is to fire talented people, or lose them due to draconian policies, in the hopes of making their platfrom seem strong. You really think we would have Outlook, Skype, and various components of Windows and Windows Phone, if they got rid of everyone that didn't use Windows Phone? I sincerly doubt it. I've worked on mobile apps for Android & iOS, though I care for neither. Are you saying I should look for another line of work that focuses on products I personally use, rather than working for a company that encourages innovation and allows me to work on solution for interesting problems?
  • I think we get what your saying however you and infosage aren't getting the point of the WHAT the garage program is all about. Ever had a garage band? Ever had a garage science project? Ever worked inside a garage? Its tailored to open up your creativity, unbridled. Without consequence of what platform. Its entirely different than saying. I'm going to develop an ios game with X objective blah blah blah.
  • Um, no. A garage is for fixing the cars of your customers. Not for getting creative and building something else for the competition instead.
  • Few observations: First: your kid is not making an invention for your neighbour, as a single entity, but, potentially, for hundreds of them. Second: if these invention will be succesfull you will be the one that will sell it amd cash in. On the other hand if it does not you will not be the one blamed. Not to mention the fact that MS itself has delivered apps to competing platforms before releasing them on its own one.
  • Here is the team behind it.
  • It would be http://www.google.com/en-us/garage/profiles/profile-tossup.aspx
  • I agree, but has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  • Should be TwerkBox
  • Surface, Edge, and now Groove. I totally get it. Bring it on, MS. I'm waiting for Dent, Plane, Fringe, Contour and what not.
  • Microsoft Curve. Microsoft Corner. Microsoft Incline. Microsoft Ridge. Microsoft Facade.
  • "Contour" might actually not be a bad name, if used for a product with somewhat heavier emphasis on countours, or some reference, connection or reason why to put emphasis on that.
  • Hey Shaggy!
  • Your perception of how the word grove is used is rather limited. Yes, it could be represent a style of music, but it is also a physical construct by which music is provided. A groove, as in a physical track on a vinyl record - so it does indeed trancend musical genres and can encompass all genres. While I am not exactly on board with the name Groove, I do think it represents the intent reasonably well.
  • Yeah...cause nothing says "hip and modern" like vinyl records...
  • 128Mp3 all the way
  • I sense sarcasm but you're way off base on this. Vinyl has made a HUGE comeback.That's exactly what's "hip" right now.
  • No it isn't. It may be with a niche market of hipsters in an ironic manner like typewriters, but billions of people still listen to music digitally, vinyl isn't modern.
  • Stop digging yourself in a hole.  You just contradicted yourself.
  • Hipsters, like Microsoft apparently, are ahead of the times. In 3-5 years when you're telling your friends how your favorite band sounds better on vinyl, perhaps you'll think back to this comment section.
  • I seriously can't imagine carrying a vinyl in my pocket to listen to music on the go. Or having a vinyl player in my car. Or streaming music from vinyl player via the internet, and also control that player remotely - actually, that way I'd lose the quality again. Short story: vinyl just isn't as practical as digital audio.
    And that's what most people today want. I want to listen to my music anytime, anywhere. Waiting at the doctors, travelling by train/bus, sunbathing by the lake... and I don't mind some minor quality loss, after all, we still have digital formats like .flac if I care about audio quality that much.
  • I was thinking about the claim that vinyl sounds better than CDs just the other day. I wonder if it is because albums were remastered when released on CD, and some of those remasters were generally accepted as worse than the original mastering. I know of some tecords that do sound better to me than their CDs, but far more CDs that sound better than their records.
  • Haven't you heard...vinyl is in dude.
  • It's an interesting name for a video and music service, and player, just that
  • But that isn't the way anyone recognizes the word to be. Just like everyone recognizes a '#' to be a hashtag and number symbol but more so a number symbol.
  • I recognize # as an octothorpe or more commplace as a 'pound symbol.' Don't give blanket statements for "all" or "everyone" unless you can back it up with fact. I recognized groove to represent the physical groove, and I am part of "everyone," therefore your statement is invalid. Vinyl can exude a sense of quality - there is a purest group that still stands by analog audio over "inferior" digital music. It could be a means of connecting the new music service to the concept of a higher plateau of "quality audio" than the common services. Again, I'm not standing behind the Groove name - It doesn't work for me, but I can see the logic behind the choice.
  • I always assume pound and then move to hashtag if pound doesn't fit.
  • Hate to burst your bubble but # is a hash sign and a pound sign is the uk currrency symbol. At least when I was growing up many many years ago.    
  • Shhh. We'll have to let him in to the club if he knows.
  • When touch tone dialing became a thing, they started audibly referencing the # on the phone as "pound" . There's no bubble bursting here. # has been referred to as pound since the advent of touch tone dialing, and people used to actually say it that way as well when talking to one another.
  • I can play music using the siding on my house?!
  • I wouldn't say it's lame, it just sounds like it's trying to hard. It also feels superfluous. MS should be consolodating its brands, not introducing new ones. Edge was understandable, they had to get away from the baggage IE had. But the word "music" has no real baggage. If they wanted to differentiate themselves from Apple Music, they could have just gone with MS music and strengthened the prominence of "Microsoft *" style branding along with Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Lumia, Microsoft Music, etc.
  • Voted "undecided" because frankly, I don't hate it and I hope it works.
  • Agree. I'm pretty indifferent.
  • I voted don't like it because it's lame and I don't care whether it works since I will never use it. Groove has a negative connotation for me. It signifies mindless repetition to me as a musician.
  • That's what I've been saying... Stick with what they've been rebranding products/services. If they want to be associated as a competitor to Apple & Google, why not advertise their name behind their products and services like those two companies?
  • MusicEdge might have worked well
  • This. MS Music would have been perfectly fine. Groove is horrid. It's fine to some, but plenty, like myself, will just be embarrassed to even say the name. MS really needs to get their naming act down.
  • I 100% agree somtimes Microsoft makes me so dam mad I want  just punch people out
  • Do it! That guy over there looks like he deserves it!!!
  • I'm not sure how they approve these but their marketing team has failed once again.... Where is the branding?? They are just giving each service random names they think sound cool. The only way I can see this as beneficial is if their intent is to split off and sell some of these divisions..
  • I listen to EDM. As long as I get that, I won't switch to another app.
  • Agreed. I certainly will not be using it. Far too embarassing. Might as well have called it "Boogie" or "Swag". Microsofts marketing team never fail to amaze me... First the IE looking logo for Edge, now this. Someone needs to be let go...
  • Finally someone gets it! Blake, I gotta email you and catch up on how everything goes my friend.
  • Huh, Boogie would've been pretty good actually
  • Yeah, but just like people thought they might have to own an Xbox to use Xbox Music, someone is going to think they have to "Get Up" to use Boogie. If you don't know the reference, just Bing "Get up and boogie." Or maybe someone would think a Boogie was something they got on their finger when picking their nose? Or a scary man outside?  
  • "Its also not a "cool" name for any young generations either." According to whom? Is Spotify any cooler, and what does that name have to do with music at all? Is Google Music or Apple Music any better? Would you prefer Microsoft Music? Look, the name is better than Xbox Music. That branding never made much sense. They simply attached the Xbox name thinking it would make their music service more popular.  The problem is they never really put much effort into making their service and the corresponding app great. They've also never advertised their music service dating all the way back to Zune.
  • Oh dear. Do you get a little blush on when you want to listen to music? Jeez, what's happening to the world? Man up.
  • The word groove, in the context of music, comes from the days of vinyl. You place the needle on your turn-table into the "groove" of the record to hear the music. Using this context, this name applies to all genres of music. This also explains the new icon for the music app as it clearly represents a "groove" in a record, showing that this name was on its way for awhile now
  • Exactly. If someone asks me what apps I use to listen to music there is no way I am going to tell them I use Groove. I will most likely lie and tell them iTunes or probably Amazon. What a messed up name.
  • What about "Xune"? It's pronounced the same as Zune but borrows the X from Xbox. :)
  • It's a 60s expression so don't think it works for the 20-teens.
  • One Melody. Microsoft Melody. Microsoft Melodies.
    One Harmony.
    Microsoft Harmonica.
    Something with Chirp. Anything is better than groove!
  • Those are actually very creative names, I like them!
  • It took me a minute to come up with those names. It shouldn't be one of them, but man Groove? How lame is that!
  • MSFT philharmonic orchestra, microsoft hip hop, window head bangers, windows 10 blues, etc etc
  • Windows Head Banger, sounds boss lol.
  • Certainly Widows Phone users are used to banging out heads against the wall
  • Groove is better than all of these
  • OneTune... :P
  • Lol good name!! That will piss off apple no bounds..
  • At least Microsoft is trying to sound cool, apples new os for desktop/ laptops is el Capitan, I'm embarrassed to even say that name
  • El Capitan is actually a pretty amazing geological formation in Yosemite N.P.
    I knew that, and I don't even live in the US. Seems like a pretty good name for an OS
  • Yes, El Capitan is the worst name for an OS I've ever heard. I liked most OS X names, Mavericks, Yosemite, but El Capitan is just horrid. Just say it out loud, "OS X El Capitan."
  • "But I don't like OS X, El Lieutenant!"
  • And OS X, El Ensign is even worse. ;)
  • OneNote?
  • Don't make me laugh! No, wait, You did! Man, it's so hard to clean coffee out of the keyboard!
  • Agreed, great names. Anything with 'One' in the title goes along with OneDrive and the whole 'One Microsoft' movement.
    Station One
    Frequency One
    One Music
    Channel One
    Running out of steam here...
  • I like Station One and Frequency One. They sound great to me :)
  • It's a groovy kind of love!!!!
  • "Don't throw off the emperor's groove!!!!" -Old man
  • Agreed, no thank you
  • Branding and marketing have always been Microsoft's weaknesses. Expect this brand to br changed again in n years.
  • Groovy baby!
  • no
  • Heeeeeeeeeeccckkkk YES YES YES!!! "GROOVE" makes way more sense than "XBOX" Music LOL!!!
  • Groove sounds a very bad name for Music, they should simply keep it Microsoft Music or XBOX Music or Music. Microsoft Edge was bearable and also it was nice. But Groove, seriously!
    As far as Daniel's arguement is concerned in favour of this wierd name, I do not find it satisfactory.
  • How about changing "XBOX Music" to "Music BOX"  ...Juke BOX...
  • Exactly! Associating with Xbox is a positive connection to a long recognized high quality brand. Groove simply will not resonate with everyone. Xbox Music is perfectly fine.
  • Domino's pizza is a highly recognized and positive brand. Doesn't make any sense calling the music app Dominos Pizza. It was equally baffling naming it after a totally unrelated game console.
  • Just call it music and stop trying to be so fancy fairy. Jesus...
  • Doesn't matter what it's called, as long as they sort out the UX that they've broken over the last 3 years. If it still lacks gapless playback, the pop sound is still there and has duplicate and metadata issues then I'm going to call it 'Gro ove Gro ove *pop*click* Music Music'!
  • Heck yes MF. I love the Groove name.
  • Majority of people on other tech sites are praising microsoft for using this name except windows central regular users including me :)
  • Why don't you like it?? Bro explain
  • I'm surprised they didn't name it "Microsoft Groove Music For Windows 10".
  • Groove... Well there was Zune and that was a more unusual name. We'll see. I'm neither for nor against it, that is as long as it isn't dribble on the PC, on the phone it's MUCH better in Windows 10 but not as great on the PC/tablet.
  • It doesn't resemble Ms so no to groove!
  • This is the most @$#@ name I ever heard the person who said it need to get fired and die in hell Come on it is even not Groove music just Groove  Music or Microsoft Music is sound 100 times better What Groove even should say how @$#@ my mother should understand she can open with it her music  help me change it guys https://xboxmusic.uservoice.com/forums/209733-xbox-music-feature-suggest...
  • lol, it's just opinion, no need to get so angry. There are no "facts" or right or wrong when it comes to how names sound to us. Let's not get pathological about this.
  • Come on Daniel  What Groove tell to the averge people how they should know it can open their music  it is even not Groove Music just Groove  there is right and worng here  this is a bad name that will make people do not understand what is it  Microsoft Music is much better and it has the word Music in it atleast 
  • Yeah, sorry. This is the 'rage of the day' and 90% of you will have moved on by the end of week. This is just silly. So you don't like 'Groove'. Good luck trying to convince people that a name is a bad thing!
  • I don't like the name "Groove" for music... but you have a point. I hate the name less today than I did yesterday. I have a feeling that I will not mind the name over time. How do you know about semantic satiation? Where did you learn that we will slowly not care about the name over time? I think it is very interesting from a psychological standpoint.
  • Perhaps MS should just have renamed the service "Edsel Music", if names aren't important.
  • So explain to me how Spotify became so popular? It's a nonsense word (even less relevant than Groove) and doesn't have the word Music in it, so by your logic it should have been a complete and utter failure.
  • No Becouase I do not expect from Spotify to open my music collection from my hard drive or even be app to play my music 
  • Spotify is something different. It sounds friendly, more lovely than Groove, it is very difficult to explain such a thing. Spotify became popular because it offered a unique service at the right time. Zune had that years ago, but it was ahead of its time. And Spotify has inspired a lot of companies to use a similar name like Shopify, Readify, etc. Groove, however, sounds like a term from a specific genre to me personally. It sounds like something from Blues, R&B, etc. and it actually doesn't attract me at all as an EDM, progressive house-fan. Zune did thoug, but I didn't know it before WP7.
  • I agree completely with error0x0000034!
  • Too late, Daniel. The shit has hit the fan.
  • Lol
  • Was thinking of David Spade Aka "Richie" in Benchwarmers, " Ok, calm down daytime Emmy." LOL
  • Die in hell? For a name? You have issues man...
  • Yes I am perfectionist and this name does not tell anything to the reg users and sound like old word for 25 years ago and this name is so much bad that the person who came with the idea for it just should die in hell yes this is that bad name 
  • lol, drama queen much?
  • You know what fine Groove is ok but give me one reason not to call it atleast Groove Music so anybudy can know it has to do something with music so simple so good
  • How about..,OneGroove?
  • Dude, have you ever heard of a period(.)? Use punctuation and your rants will sound better.  
  • Queen Like Madonna
  • Seriously, @Daniel? These readers pay your bills. Maybe you should hire a moderator and leave the commenting to someone else...
  • Raging readers like that tend to push other readers away. There are a lot of people on this site that don't come as frequently as they used to because of a few here that cause too much drama. @Daniel: More power to ya! You're really groovy.
  • I must to ask you do you really think that it is good name grove for music player and movies and tv for video player ? I really this it is really bad move and I will explain Microsoft need to advertise this apps as the best player for music and video with unique name because it is going to be on apple and google platform so OneMusic One Video or Groove Music and Groove Video and it is the easies way and cheapest to tell people you can buy content from one place Microsoft Store to play it on Music and Video Apps at any device or play the media you already owned Because Now Groove tells me nothing and most user will think you need to buy content to it also will might go find other player to play their owned media and so on Moreover this service only on USA and Uk maybe more but the point is not most of the people will be able to use this service and will look out to another media player or service OneMusic and OneVideo or GrooveMusic and Groove Video is the easiest and cheapest way and with with almost no risk on it
  • A perfectionist that doesn't bother with punctuation, please, GTFO
  • If you're a perfectionist, then how about you try and perfect your English instead of telling us how people should burn in hell?? Seriously, it's a fucking name, what matters is the service itself so stop being an asshole and stop saying that people should die, you exaggerating prick!
  • You sound like such a f**king child! Just move on....find something else to whine about.
  • Perfectionist or pessimist?
  • Yes! A petition!
  • That post was so salty I almost became diabetic
  • Salt doesn't cause diabetes, "sugar" does. Lol. Salt causes hypertension.
  • Yeah but what if you had SO MUCH salt? Like so much it would normally kill you? What if it pushed you past hypertension, past heart failure, past dehydration, all the way back around to diabetes? I'm no doctor, but I think it may be possible.
  • Bro you want them to die because they RENAMED a service? Say what you want, it's a great name IMO.
  • You guys make me wanna laugh off my ass. Buhahahahaha! Salty diabetic and sugary hypertensive, oh my gush, I can also hire the man that wants MS dead! Lol!
  • New name should be Microsoft Music or Windows music.
    Groove sounds like ugly.
  • Why would you call it Windows Music? You don't need Windows to use it. Microsoft Music, maybe. But I think they want to keep it platform neutral and Microsoft does not imply that, nor is it necessarily a cool brand (lots of enterprise baggage there).
  • Microsoft Office is also platform independent.
    Microsoft Music would have been the best choice. Works for non English speaking users as well.
  • Mi Music!!
  • Xiaomi would've made their life hell XD
  • Sure, and MS Office is mostly associated with business, enterprise and work. That is Microsoft. However, they have had trouble associating their name with hip and cool. Office is definitely not that association. I mean, this is why they changed it from Zune to Xbox Music in the first place, which nearly all of you liked because it wasn't Microsoft Music!
  • I actually preferred the very simple "Music" name from Windows 8.0 As always with a re-branding is that Microsoft has to start from 0 again and seriously Groove is not just a music service for enthusiasts, it is the default music app in Windows 10! I don't dislike the word but that it doesn't solve the issue that the Xbox Music name had: confusion. You can't deny that all the re-branding is causing confusion.
  • Microsoft's issue with representing themselves as a "hip and cool" services company has more to do with marketing in relation to the company as a whole, than it does a name rebranding of a few services. That being said, if they promoted their company as a "hip and cool" services company, maybe there is a fear that it could damage the benchmark philosophy previously understood by their niche demographic of serious business people. It seems logical to me that if they wished to attract new consumers and retain their current users, that an overall branding of the household name of Microsoft should take place, with appropriate levels of advertising targeting each service with what each service's overall ideology is representative of. If you want Microsoft Music to be "hip and cool," market it that way. If you want MS Office to be serious and down to business, market it that way. Why all of their services and products could not be contained within the umbrella of the Microsoft namesake, yet still attain these public perceptions, is beyond me.
  • I think that MS needs to face the music (no pun intended) that trying to be cool actually makes you not cool. Something I learned a long time ago from a Simpsons episode.... Bottom line their brand doesn't denote "cool" or "hip". It is my old PC which blew balls and had viruses. Groove doesn't change that IMO. But its odd that this is the default music player on Windows 10. Open up Groove? Go into Groove? Yeah I understand it sounds weird because it's new, but can we just for a moment also acknowledge that this might actually be a poor re-branding choice? 
  • Except that Microsoft Office has a different target market. Microsoft is extremely well known for Office and most people already know it is the leading office suite. Microsoft is not well known for their music streaming service, and much of the target market would be put off by blatant Microsoft branding.
  • Speaking of office anyone remember a component of SharePoint called groove?
  • YES! That's the first thing I thought when I heard it; Microsoft Office Groove. I guess they figured they already owned the name so why not use it. And nothing says cool and hip like the former name of SharePoint Workspace...
  • Microsoft Office can carry the enterprise/work software baggage though, because MS Office is for productivity, it's for work, not fun. A music service needs to have consumer appeal, it needs to be fun, it needs to be a service you can just start, and just let it run. A service that just goes, plays the music you like. Microsoft's brand doesn't carry an association with fun consumer products to most people. That perception will have to be changed before the MS name can be attached to consumer entertainment services without holding them back.
  • Maybe Microsoft should have a program called "Microsoft naming insiders" Just like "windows insiders"><  Seriously, "Microsoft Music" is what every one were waiting for. How could they fnck this up so bad. That's even worst than them not calling Edge Spartan.
  • Spartan is a horrible name
  • MS needs to stop listening to feedback from their fans. They pay experts good money to decide on design, branding and other important decisions, and users are too close to the situation to see the big picture. I'm not saying they're doing everything right, they need improvement, but user feedback is pretty hit-or-miss.
  • I agree. To me, it sounds too much like trying to copy Apple Music. I think the best example is the name Google. Look how giant they are and how silly that name sounds. I think it looks great (visually) and can't wait to use it.
  • Groovy tunes.... There fixed :)
  • Gravy Tunes
  • I like just "Tunes". I could go for that. I don't think Groove is bad though, I just hope MS follows this up with some marketing so people know it exists.
  • @daniel -- Exactly!  This is a perfect name IMO.  Something that is not tied directely to the "Microsoft" name.  Just like Windows Phone, I wished they had come up with a different name for that too.  I understand they are proud of their name, but so many people equate "Windows" with viruses and computers not necessarily phones.  ----------- I get it some people don't like certain things.  I personally HATE hamburger menus, but some of the same people here who are bemoaning the name Groove are the one who love Hamburger buttons.  Karma!  This is how things balance it self... Lol!  :)
  • They should probably make it 'Groove by Microsoft'. Within the app, they can add the phrase 'by Microsoft' just below 'Groove' in small font just so that the general user knows its a reliable service by Microsoft, and not a random app just bundled with W10.
  • Exactly, Daniel! It shouldn't be tied to the Microsoft brand name so the average consumer would like it. That's why Zune was created at the time. :)
  • Somebody in MS must on dope!
  • True !!
  • It's not as imaginative as hoped, and honestly the name kinda sounds like a rip off of GrooveShark (for obvious reasons) so maybe they could have come up with better names. Seems a bit... Rushed, In my opinion.
  • Groovy tunes.... There fixed :)
  • I would agree with you with Microsoft Music. But all of this name changing just begs to reason why didn't they just merge Xbox Music with Mix Radio and call it Mix Radio?
  • Nope.
  • No
  • Grooving to Xbox Music's Zune Windows Media. As long as they make it a cross-platform universal app then people will have a reason to use it. Allow it to also play DRM iTunes music to give people a 100% reason to move over.
  • I don't love it but don't hate it. I think they could have come up with a more creative name like they did for Zune. Not going to be mad over a name though, I'm just happy we have a much better working Xbox Music app. Spoiler, for those of you that don't know for a fun fact, the full app names for Xbox Music and Video is actually Zune Music and Video. Just something cool to see.
  • Zune was better. I also have never tried a Zune, but people all over the web rave about how well it worked. In any case, anything has to be better than Xbox music.
  • I use all the time Zune! Love it!!!
  • help me change it guys https://xboxmusic.uservoice.com/forums/209733-xbox-music-feature-suggest...
  • No. I have more important things in the world to rally behind, lol.
  • They're not going to change it now after a big branding reveal.
  • This was big? Wasn't as big as that time that Netflix decided to re-name itself Qwikster.
  • Qwikster? Seriously? Who are those companies consulting, when it comes to names?
  • Just care it gives you same functionality than Windows Media Player (equalizer, SRS, Dolby, music speed, etc) if it's still an underpowered app like Xbox Music which only has a volume button, I'll keep using Windows Media Player. BTW even iTunes has equalizer and it also has Apple Music functionality inside same app, so I think Microsoft should follow Apple, or let users decide to keep using old software like WMP that just works.
  • Lol.  The feature disparity with those Metro apps is just too bad.  I don't even have any of them installed, at all, on my WIndows 8.1 Notebook and I doubt that will change with Windows 10.  You can't even scrube through a track (at all) in the MIcrosoft Music app, and I think it's only JUST getting that capability with Windows 10.  That's... about 3 years of suckiness for that app that they never bothered to fix.  You cna only skip forwards and backwards track to track.  UGH. Windows Media Player is amazing.  I still think they made a mistake by not integrating their Music Store with it.  I avoid the service largely because I cannot stand to use their Universal Apps to access it.  iTunes will have to work for the forseeable future.
  • Idc if they change the name just don't completely change the music app everyone fell in love if .... The name will stick to us and if it does im sure Microsoft will change it
  • Yes.
    When I hear "Xbox Music", even if I perfectly know it's the Windows (phone) app that refers to my music, it seems too much "Xbox" related. Even just "Media player" is better this way. Xbox was confusing for some.  Groove sounds nice, familiar, and simple!
  • Come on Really you want the app that will open your music will call Groove not Groove Music or Microsoft Music    how your father or Grandfather will know it even has something to do with music
  • Because Groove is a common term in music and has been for a very long time. What part of that did you miss?
  • @Shaked to be completely honest, I'm not a big fan of this name either. Although u cant exactly call it confusing as the word "groove" is actually associated with music. Just like the music streaming website "Grooveshark". Also its his/her opinion. Don't go hating on them bcus of an opinion they have the right to have. :/
  • DO you read your posts before you hit the send or comment buton? Paragraph's that are all one sentence, capital letters used in the middle of a "sentence", and no comma's or punctuation used AT ALL...   Man ohhhh man, that is completely embarrassing.
  • As long as it works like it should or even better, I don't care how they gonna name it. Why is such a big fuzz about a name of some app? It's just a name God damn it! Get over it! :)
  • Yeah, why not! It's smashing, groovy, baby!
  • The issue with this name is discoverability. Nobody complained about the "Apple Music" name.
    But is Groove really easier for new users to understand than Xbox Music? Will my mother understand from the name of the Live Tile what app this is?
  • No harder than Deezer. Or Tidal. Or Beats.
  • Or Spotify!
  • It's really not that hard to associate Beats with music thanks to their headphone and speaker products and massive marketing.
  • How many people do you hear talk about Xbox Music in real conversation? Cause mine's pretty much zero. If Microsoft wants to make waves, it needs a less stupid and more capable sounding name than Deezer. Tidal has a bunch of famous artists behind it, Spotify is the biggest music streaming service out there, I never hear anybody talk about Deezer either, and I'm gonna guess that shows in their subscription numbers vs the other popular services. Just because startups have stupid names doesn't mean Microsoft has to out-stupid them.
  • Your argument is that MS can't have a stupid name, but other services can because marketing? MS could use marketing too. Hopefully they will push this in ads so people know it exists. The average person (not a fanboy) doesn't care about the name, just want a service that works.
  • Groove doesn't sound stupid the way Deezer does, or even Spotify does.
  • Yeah, real famous brands there. Beats is dead, consumed by Apple, and what the heck is a Deezer?
  • The icon of the vinyl record should be a dead give away kind of like the sprocket means settings and the phone represents a dialer
  • What's wrong with Zune? Just go back to Zune...
  • I guess that would be like looking at a dead plant. Sure its there still, an object that is visible to the eye, but it had its life and that's now ended. U cant bring it back to life. Zune has come and gone. No point going back to the past. (reading through this I just realised it sounds like I've just said a very deep speech XD)
  • It's a name.  People name their kids after dead people all the time.  What's the big deal.
  • I wonder the availability of it here in Turkey. How many song will be available to us? If it is as decent as Spotify or Deezer I will switch to it.
  • I would imagine they will only be limited by whatever ridiculous regulation your government can come up with. Our government in the US isn't very efficient so they can only write a few thousand a year.
  • Oh... And make sure windows 10 works with Zune players.
  • + give me Zune selection by folder albums
  • Functionality and ease of use is what matters most to me. We lost lots of ground and fans with the discontinuation of Zune, but I hope this is a point in time when we turn things around. I truly hope it is a great App/service filled with great functions fan have been asking for.
  • I think "Microsoft Music" would be better than groove
  • I don't care what they call it, as long as they stop confusing consumers by keeping whatever name they choose.
  • I think it's fine, better than Xbox music. I mean how different is it than zune or even foobar, at lease it has something to do with music.
  • I guess I can live with it but seems they really could have come up with something better
  • The name is awful. Groove Music? Sounds like a classic pop station to me! Ugh! I would prefer Microsoft Music. That would make it A LOT better.
  • " I would prefer Microsoft Music. That would make it A LOT better."
    Right, because you're a Microsoft fan. Their name in front of something is a good thing, a positive thing. Not everyone shares that sentiment. For some reason, I doubt young people hearing 'Microsoft Music' would be like "OMG ysssssssss!".
  • Hey I'm 13 and ysssssss!!!!......actually I'm 30 and should be in bed for work, night night......(stay groovy) ;)
  • If XBox branding didn't do it for young, I doubt groove will. Putting Microsoft in its brand names at least makes sense for the rest of the mature adults here. That too when Microsoft is so often in the news these days as resurgent. Also, what they need to attract young people is to awe them with a kick ass service. Focus on indie bands, lossless playback, gapless playback, equalizer, high quality and hassle free music streaming, economical rates, wider global service and putting everything "IN" front and center. Not to mention better user customization controls for creating playlists, finding artist/album arts, lyrics and editing meta data for saved library.
  • Microsoft Edge polled well in focus groups. I'd rather use that than a browser called "Tubular"
  • And you think they'd be like "OMG ysssssssss!" when they hear Groove music? The name is horrible, the logo is horrible and so is the app itself. Boring, bland and ugly.
  • You actually believe a name like "Groove" is going to, in any way, entice people--young or otherwise--to use their product?  Really?  I've BEEN a long time Microsoft fan.  I was one of the biggest cheerleaders for Windows Phone and Windows 8.  I am no longer a cheerleader.  I now simply tolerate them, like I tolerate YouTube or Facebook.  Just as Microsoft started to build some consistency, they then brought Nadella on and now there's not a cotton picking thing that makes any sense with Microsoft.  They don't KNOW what their brand is, and I can't stand where they've now gone with their operating systems.  I no longer encourage people to go with Microsoft if they like a competitor's software or services in the least.  THAT is how badly Microsoft has damaged their company, as far as I'm concerned.  Naming a pile of dung something else doesn't change the smell.
  • I also think MS Music would have been better - more universally appealing and self explanatory, and a better match to the name of the Movies & TV app. No consistency now. Sure, they may try to attract more of the groovy youngsters with Groove, especially on non MS platforms (i.e. iOS and Android) but the market is incredibly crowded. I gather their main target and comparative advantage must be MS platforms users.
  • Hope they change Xbox video to "Tongue".
  • Now that deserves some internet points! Not sure anyone else got it though... ;)
  • A few of us did.
  •  I have two option MS music or change name Microsoft to IDIOT!
  • "Idiot Music" has a nice ring to it, now that I think of it
  • Wow, these polls are always so fascinating. Unless there is some bot voting repeatedly it just goes to show you that most people could care less. It's still a bad name as far as I'm concerned tho. I'm not attached to Xbox Music or Music, Groove is just a bad, boring, lame name. Will also likely be a failure unless there is something I'm not seeing here.
  • Microsoft should hire Justin Timberlake to promote his new music service https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHsrWuYomiI  
  • Why not just OneMusic? Or Microsoft Music? Groove is ok though, I mean all the old hippies will know what it's all about!  
  • Because boht of those names kind of suck.
  • Its a good name to replace Xbox Music, but its kind of a corny name in general.
  • They should have a more uniformed name for all their apps
  • I like it alot the new name makes since.
  • Should have stuck with Zune.
  • I like it. Its unique, short, and clear. Microsoft Music is too long. Xbox Music make people think they need an Xbox. Good choice Microsoft!
  • It should just work fine
  • Meh, we got used to Bing, so maybe Groove will eventually become familiar.
  • I really like the name and can see it fitting in nicely. much better than xbox music which doesn't feel like its own thing. even if you do understand you dont need an xbox to use it. its also most two brands in one its for music and its part of xbox division. I guess its almost like "Windows phone" rather than just "Android". Groove is one word and nice, but i'm wondering how people will feel seen as Grooveshark just closed down?
  • Nah... We'll all get used to it especially when we're using it on our windows mobile (from windows phone).
  • It's funny how people in this community are so negative. Come on, people. It's a cool name. Better than call it Xbox Music. The service has nothing to do with Xbox or games. I think Microsoft should call it Spartan Music for a week just to troll the cry babies.
  • Spartan music sounds great. Just saying. ;)
  • There is a lot of reason to be extremely negative on the consumer side in the Nadella-era of Microsoft.
  • Lets agree to disagree, then. I think Microsoft is now more exciting than it ever was.
  • @tunggah Hell yes.  I must say I am feeling a bit more hyped these days than a few years ago when I first joined this community. 
  • Plus fucking one. Everything they show looks boring as hell.
  • Agreed. Nadella is more concerned with the business market and keeping those old, stodgy investors happy. He's obviously not too concerned with the average consumer. But he knows where his bread is buttered.
  • HoloLense? XboxOne? Surface3? All consumer focused devices that came out or will come out under Nadella. I mean I'd like some flagship phones but MS is doing more in the consumer space than they did before
  • XboxOne came out under Nadella? Surface 3 and HoloLens have been in progress for a while. Green-lit by Ballmer. Just like Office on iOS/Android was. I like Nadella but he's getting credit for stuff he had little to do with (as he was running the cloud business and most of the "Ballmer would have never allowed that stuff" wasn't under Nadella)
  • "What's in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet"
  • They can call it "Bill Gates toupee" as long as it's efficient and the codebase is sound.
  • THIS is the name of my next band!
  • I think it's a perfect name, if we're in 1970.
  • Lol, yep.
  • But then it would probably fail too because no internet or digital music.
  • Hope it's got its mojo. "Groovy baby, yeah!"
  • Microsoft music or Zune.
  • Zune sounds way better,heck xbox music sounds better
  • I like Groove. It has it's origins from 'getting your groove on' in the music industry. It's a groove man! Reminds me of songs like 'Bad Moon Rising', 'Hotel California', 'Money For Nothing', and 'We are the Champions' It's damn hard to choose names for things. I've heard no end to 'the problem with 'Windows Phone' that it should have kept with Mobile. Now that it is Mobile, there are those that are saying it should be catchy like iPhone or Galaxy. Now there is the music app from Microsoft - "Groove" - aptly named. take it or leave it, no matter what they name it people will spit. That's human nature. 
  • I really don't see everyone's problem with it... To me, 'getting your groove on' kind of implies dancing, whereas 'getting into the groove' implies becoming lost in music... But yeah... It's all centred around music, so it works for me. Its far more important that the service/software is an excellent experience, then the name won't matter. If its successful, I'll bet that it eventually becomes named 'Microsoft Groove'... Which I prefer anyway... :)
  • Your mom and dad maybe got their "groove" on ... how many people of today does though?  Is even more passe then saying "getting down with that"    Why not call the service ChrisCross Music while their at it, because it will "make you Jump jump "
  • Thank you for proving my point..  The word Groove is associated with Old, Out of touch and things your mom or dad listent to way back when. Not saying the sonds you got reminded of is bad, its jsut hardly very current today. There for the name Groove is bad  be cause we are not living in the past
  • The name doesn't really matter, just want a top notch, AAA, great app that functions like a first party app should. Playlist synchronization, radio stations, fast and fluid.....in every way!! That's just what we all should expect.
  • When I think of Microsoft Groove, I think of the Office Groove application which is now deprecated, but that is what first comes to mind.
  • Why the F don't the links work in this app after all this time?
  • Groove isn't that bad, but it is not going to become a generic like iTunes. I'd rather have the Microsoft Music or XMusic or something that has a MSFT branding.
  • Absolutely not. One, the name itself sucks for many reasons (most obvious if which is the desperate grasp at "hip" users who by definition would never use a MS product to begin with), and second, as a default player this will create mass confusion for regular users who will think this is bloatware and will simply uninstall it and defeat the whole purpose of trying to bring in subscribers.
  • I'm sure they'll make it to where you can't uninstall it. At least on phones and small tablets, unfortunately.
  • Nope.
  • Stop trying to justify yourself Daniel! The name is just weird and ugly
  • Maybe it's just 3edgy5you.
  • As long as it works I don't care what they call it.
  • It doesn't matter if you like or dislike the name. Microsoft will rebrand it again in 6 months.
  • I like it
  • I have stopped caring actually.
  • I think it sounds great :)
  • Stupid. Xbox everything for entertainment. For those that didn't know what Xbox music is or was...
  • Absolutely!
  • Brand it as Microsoft Groove and I would like the name.  Groove Music isn't catchy in my opinion and doesn't represent Microsoft by name alone, especially on other platforms. Microsoft Music seems like MS is playing "follow the leader" with Apple (Apple Music) and Google (Google Play Music) when it comes to a name. 
  • +730
  • +640 +1020
  • -BLU Win HD
  • What about the app already called groove music for w8.1 and iOs you talked about few atricles ago ?
  • This could be a problem for Microsoft. I wonder what the people behind this app think about Microsoft stepping on their name.
  • Any more info on that?
  • No.
  • Sounds like an old school name.
  • Me like it
  • Heck no! Anyone remember a recently deceased music service with Groove in the name? SharePoint had Groove as its external facing service. Does Microsoft really want to confuse its market any more than it already does????
  • Microsoft music would of been appropriate. Groovy sounds more concentrated more on edm and dance music and others may not like that.
  • You're wrong, groove it's the rhythm. There's groove in the good rock and blues drummers.
    Groove it's not related with dance music, that's beats.
    Feel the groove!
  • The earliest use of the term "Groove" dates back to the early Jazz period of the 20th century. When one was "in the groove," it meant that they were performing with such skill and attention that they were simpatico with the true nature of the piece. Its like saying "in the zone." Groove can also represent what others have mentioned in previous posts (I.e. grooves in vinyl records, the backbone of the rhythm.. Etc.) I think the name is a tad ignorant to the current time period, personally. As even old hippies no longer use that term in day to day speech. But whatever, right? It is a relevant name to the medium it represents. Perhaps it's not the name that needs changing, but our ability to refresh our vernacular from time to time.
  • Simply naming it "Microsoft Music" would've made a lot more sense. Apple has Apple Music, Google has Google Play Music, both of which are immediately identifiable to anyone that hears the name. Microsoft went from Zune to Xbox Music and now to Groove. Where's the connection? Where is the brand recognition? I swear, the marketing department at Microsoft needs fresh blood.
  • ^This. +730
    I've even gone from advocating Microsoft Music to Microsoft Groove within hours. If only someone at Microsoft marketing was reading this.
  • I don't care if they call it Boston Baked Beans, as long as they want to charge me ten bucks a month to do what Google does for free (stream music in my 'digital locker'), I'll stick with Spotify.
  • No one offers ad-free music for free, especially Spotify. Enjoy those ads!
  • You mean those "watch this 15-second video to get no ads for the next 30 minutes"? Yeah, I can live with those.
  • It's been Free to stream your music From your OneDrive without a music pass
  • The songs uploaded to GPM don't count against your GDrive quota, so while it's a functionality valid comparison, it's not entirely applicable.
  • To attract young people to the platform you gotta go hip, Microsoft music doesn't sound hip to these young folks. And Microsoft needs lots of young people to buy these phone to succeed.
  • "Groove" sounds way more dated than "Microsoft Music"
  • And Hip sounds "hip" nowadays?? .. and Groove.. what does that sound like... something your dad might say while embaressing you infront of your friends
  • Funny how so many of these disapproving posts about the name are by people who barely speak English... ranting about semantics of an English word.
  • Groove it's an universal language. All good music needs groove! Feel the groove!
    Sorry my English, but there's no semantic here... only groove.
    Btw, I really like the name. :)
  • I didn't know "groove" was a language, much less an universal one.
  • I think he's implying that all types of music have an individual 'groove', and that music itself is a 'universal language'. At least that's how I understood it. Don't be such a square, man. Eat some Scooby Snax! :P
  • Yes... you're right.
  • I like it! Better than Xbox, "Windows" etc. I hold Zune highly too.
  • Spotify;)
  • I think MS PR firm had a prank played on them using Big Data to try and discover catchy names
  • Not at all...I still like Xbox music..
  • I do, I really don't care to be honest, as long as I have good music + a good experience... That's all that matters.
  • +M8
  • Records have grooves. Apparently a lot of the youngsters on here don't know that, hence their rants. It's a great name.
  • Okay, then I suppose "Magnetic Tape" is a decent brand name if that's our only requirement.
  • The difference is that the word groove actually means something else that's related to the experience that music provides. It has cultural context. It "originated" in music (gooves in the vinil record), and evolved in music. "Magnetic tape" didn't. Otto Gunter never said it's his only requirement. He only explained the origins of the term itself in this context, while presuming young people don't get it.
  • The Betamax test is over! :P
  • The origins, however, don't make it any less of a goofy name.
  • and a lot of people buy records these days? It is a horrible name since a lot of the youngsters on here and everywhere else don't know that, or don't associate the word with that.
  • Another case of Microsoft reusing / shuffling names. Groove was the name of whats now known as Sharepoint Workspaces. Same story for Surface. The original Surface was renamed PixelSense and its latter cousin is the Surface Hub - and in the interim the Surface, 2, and 3 have come out as well as in Pro editions. What's next? Clippy?
  • I LOVE IT!!! Quit crying and get use to it! Tons of stupid music service names already exist. If
    you don't like it, just add it to that list people!
  • I like Groove. I just wish it was rebranded as Microsoft Groove. Groove on its own sounds too unfamiliar and even may be mistaken as a bloatware service to novices.
  • I don't know what a good name would be. I think it'll work as long as the app is awesome and works well on all platforms. I see what they were going for. The better music services have a one word name... Spotify, Beats, Pandora, etc... And now Groove. Make it great, though!
  • another fine example where microsoft tries to be edgy and appeal to the younger crowd. bring back zune.
  • I like it, but it does need more than just Groove. Microsoft Groove sounds better. For me just naming it Microsoft Music, is weak and unimaginative. Not that Groove is thinking far out the box, but it isn't the simply, easy choice. Every other companies music offerings, outside of the standalone apps like Spotify and Pandora, aren't the greatest of names. They make sense because we know the company already, but they aren't anything to write home about. Apple Music? Google Play Music? Come on. No one is saying that those names are truly great, forward thinking. We just know who Google and Apple are. Beats 1 Radio? Hmmm, that's okay at best. So, given what I've seen personally Groove is no worse. I feel it might be better because it immediately targets an idea of dancing, moving, for lack of a better term, grooving. I just think they may have to put Microsoft in front if it, to add some differentiation. Maybe. Unless, the long play is having this service go multiple platform and Groove can just be another streaming/buy music service. If that's the case, Microsoft most definitely will need to bring alot more to the table than just what Xbox Music has now. Alot more.
    With that being said, one thing that would have made sense and adds to what Microsoft ultimately has planned, is why they didn't just buy Nokia MixRadio. Interesting to see what is planned.
  • I agree on the Microsoft Groove... But I've a feeling that will be added later, if they see some success as is. Pretty sure MixRadio was owned by MS, it came as part of the D&S purchase from Nokia, but then they sold it on...
  • Terrible name
  • Awful
    X should be the brand for entertainment in the Microsoft ecosystem (Xbox, Xmusic, Xvideo, Xgames, ...)
  • Xvideo??? Lololololol!!!!!
  • I guess he doesn't see the problem with putting the "X" there lol
  • Not so bad any more... when the first Robocop movie came out, it was initially rated X for violence, and that movie's considered rather tame.
  • So, tell us why that's so funny ;-)
  • As a drummer I love groove. If you want to be a good drummer you need to understand groove. Groove it's everything in music.
    So, Groove it's a great name for a music service. :)
  • Xbox music/video > Groove
  • Not liking it at all. I would've kept it Xbox music. Seriously who came up with this name?
  • Someone who noticed people who didn't have an Xbox were less likely to sign up to Xbox Music than Spotify?
  • Folks here may not realize that "Groove" was also a name for a now-defunct product that got renamed to be SharePoint Workspace. :)
  • I liked the name "Xbox Music", especially with the Xbox One intending to be the one stop shop for our media, however, I understand their concern with brand confusion.  The Groove name also makes sense if this service is to go cross platform.  iPhone users and Google fans probably don't want to try using "Microsoft Music" on their devices, when they have Apple / iTunes.
  • I'm not voting because, those options are too polarizing. Groove is okay, and I get why Xbox didn't work, but I feel like we came back full circle to Zune. I guess that I don't get why Music wasn't an option. ​
  • I don't care what the name is per se... I care that there is absolutely no brand recognition because they keep changing the names... They need a strong unified marketing image and voice, and yet they don't have one... It's flavor of the week throw stuff at the wall see what sticks approach the big three auto cos used to pull that his made customers reel... No marketing consistency. No brand recognition. No reputation... Good or bad... Just a confusing alphabet soup...
  • ^This!!! I'm so with you on that!
  • I don't know why but when I read Groove the first thing that came in my head was Grove street from GTA San Andreas. And now Groove relates with ghetto to me. That's so weird
  • Two things: ​Groove had already been used in the past by Microsoft to represent an office suite program. Confusing and how will Microsoft solve that copyright branding issue? Second: I don't associate listening to podcasts with the name or feeling of groove. But why don't they change Xbox video as well and call it Vibe? ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • I really like your vibe idea
  • Daniel you're very smart. And you can see it in your writing. Always enjoy the way you word your articles as I sometimes see my ideas in them. That offer to hire me as a writer is still on the table ;)
  • Frankly, I don't care what they call it as long as they bring it to Sonos. Been waiting patiently for 2 years...
  • We want retrica and soundcloud! Before windows 10
  • Don't like it but don't hate it either. It's whatever.
  • I kinda like it. I'm sure it'll grow on everyone as well.
  • No groove is a sucky name
  • I always wondering why Microsoft has problems in renaming something wtf.. Groove sounds lame. They should have name it one music or one media, or Zune but groove I mean Spotify sounds nice, Pandora. Buy groove wtf I even search definition and first definition does not have anything to do about music. Microsoft needs to change that name before is due in two weeks fuckkkkk
  • Pandora is the reason we can't have nice things.
  • Mobile website is like dial-up today.
  • Microsoft Crescendo Microsoft Aria Bravura Music Microsoft Echo Microsoft Reverb Swing Music/Microsoft Swing Microsoft Intro Semitone (pronounce sehmatone, rather than sehMetone) Sempre Music Sipario Sonoro  Vite/Vitay Music Zart Music (I'm kidding, that;s as bad as groove)   I literally just went to a list of musical nomenclature and found the ones that sounded good enough to be brand names. Not all of them are great, and there's a good chance they'd want to alter the spelling to be more phonetic, but I'd take any of those over "Groove" blech        
  • And to be completely honest....They ALL suck. Lmfao at Zart Music maybe you should've tried a little bit with that one
  • Did you see the part in parenthesis? It wasn't a serious suggestion, it made me laugh. And Microsoft Crescendo, Microsoft Reverb, or Sonoro would be way better brand names than "Groove"
  • All of those names would be worse than Groove, it's not easy to name something.
  • Swing would be misinterpretted as a dating service
  • no. it's awful
  • Should have just called it Windows Music, plane and simple.
  • Get in the groove baby! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think they should have renamed it upper left hamburger ... Because they seem to unreasonably love them.
  • They should rename the entire company Burgersoft with the way they overuse that burger button.
  • Lmao, burgersoft...
  • Isn't there also a service called groove shark or something? Better prepare you legal team, Microsoft, if you intend to really go through with this rather mundane name.
    For the lords sake, keep some consistency in your branding for once! I get it that using the Xbox thingy does not catch fire but this rename is bullocks.
  • Just because I like monologues: As an option for brand recognition they should stick with a generic prefix for their applications. How about one? Works already pretty good with OneDrive and OneNote; why not call the music app OneGroove or OneMusic or OneVibe. Also do the same with the mail app, video, podcast, camera ... what ever. Keep the apps in one place (note: pun intended) so the customer can easily recognize them and connect them as being Microsoft products, just as you connect iStuff with Apple and 6Blah with Rudy.
    By naming the apps differently just causes them to be all over the place.
  • Top comment. I wish everyone at Microsoft read this right now.
  • Seriously Burgersoft!!!! I can't stop laughing hahahahahaha!!!
  • ha ha best suggestion yet :)   (Damn I hate those hamburger menus)
  • I hope we can just the survey from the app
  • I really don't care
  • I'm indifferent to the name so long as the service is good and gets first class support going forward.
  • Absolutely not! It reminds me of groove shark. ~seems faster~
  • I don't like the idea of it, but it may grow on me, as long as it plays my songs and isn't as terrible as what xbox music is then I'm not too fucked what its called
  • I don't think it's terrible. A lot better than Xbox and Zune (name wise).
  • Glad to see the removal of Xbox from the name. Such an app has no tie to gaming. All genres of metal and funk are my thing and think Groove is a competent name. Please focus now on improving the service by at least allowing music rating.
  • Dumb, how original smdh
  • lol
  • I'd vote for Zune music
  • Groove sounds dull honestly, but "Groove on"... anyone would be curious to hit the app #hip
  • Considering it's integration with OneDrive I would have prefered something along the lines of OneMusic... But it's name means little to me.
  • Mind you this is the same company that has a "logical" explanation for why Windows 10 comes immediately after Windows 8. Microsoft should not be allowed to name things, ever.
  • 8.1=9
  • The name doesnt matter, just fix your garbage music app and by fix i mean put every feature that was on Zune in whatever app you have and whatever you call that app. AND TAKE WHOEVER TRASHED ZUNE AND REPLACED IT WITH THE APP WE HAVE NOW INTO THE STREETS AND BEAT THEM THEM FIRE THEM IMMEDIATELY. GOOD DAY SIR.
  • They never seem happy with their music branding. Zune, XBox music, and now this.
  • I wonder what the new brand name will be in 3 years when Groove is a certified failure.
  • I am either getting old or I am getting out of tune with society; or possibly both but music helps me almost every day get into my Groove at work to help me be productive. The name didn't seem too far off to me because I have said numerious times that my Groove is off when it comes to my productivity for the day or that it was good because I accomplished a lot. I guess I just associate music with work because that is usually when I am listening to it. With that said I could really care less what they name it as long as the service is better than it was when it was called Xbox Music because after a year of it I went back to Spotify.
  • Anyone suggested Microsoft Betamax as a name for the film and TV app??
  • I just wish they would stick with something Zune,Xbox music , and now groove
  • Pointing out that other names aren't any good doesn't take away from the fact that this name is bad...
  • No its not good.
    Xbox music is better!!!
  • I like it, I think it fits in. Imagine four people around a table, then all the suddenly one of them asks:
    - So what music services do ya'll use?
    - I use Spotify.
    - Pandora.
    - Tidal!!
    - Dezzer.
    - Groove :) - huh nice ^^ alright I don't know I just think Groove fits in with the other names on the market.. so I like it :)
  • so it is a table with people that only use obscure or dying music services? (Except Spotify) It fits in with the other names on the market, of services few people outside the US ever heard of yes. (Again except Spotify)  
  • Well if you are looking for a music service then these namnes should be familier to you, and would not call all of them dying services. Both Deezer and Spotify have around 50 milion downloads in the android marketplace while Xbox music has around 500k.  So based on these numbers i would say that xbox music is the " dying service ". there are also far more people (where i live anyway) that knows about Deezer, tidal and Spotify then their is people knowing about xbox music. Might have something to do with the fact that most people here don´t use Wp phones and runs windows 7 on their computers. Anyways. These names should be familier.... 
  • Xbox branding for entertaiment is perfect. I dont understand why change it.
  • The Xbox name is primarily associated with console gaming. The average person thinks a Xbox is required to use Xbox Music. They aren't trying to appeal to us that know better. We'll buy it whatever it's called, but the iOS and Android crowd now might be more open to it with the Groove name and mulitplatform availability. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The name is associated with console gaming because they failed to develop quality Xbox music and Xbox Original tv services as was the plan for Xbox entertainment. So now because music and TV teams have been a huge failure we go back to trying to establish a Zune/Groove as a standalone brand. Chance of success in a world dominated by Spotify/Pandora/iHeartRadio/iTunes is slim to none. Honestly I don't know if Apple Music can even make it in this space, Beats already failed. Groove has zero chance of success, the name is irrelevent. They've fallen far behind and they are making no real investment in service/apps/marketing to actually catch up to Spotify. The game is over and they're still trying to figure out the name of their team.
  • No its stupid
  • It's cliché, uninspired and sounds terrible to market. "Groove" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If MS wants to reinvent Xbox Music as a "new" & "cool" streaming service that is on all platforms then a name change is in order. I think using Microsoft in the name will turn a lot of apple and google fans off. Keeping it non specific like Groove might draw in the crowd (but I doubt it). The main component is indeed the functionality. The question MS needs to ask is "how can we make this service different and why groove vs the other services?" You would think the millions that love the Xbox brand would sure like the XBOX in the name. To bad the current app sux!!
  • Dont mind the name. Long as it works.
  • No
  • There already have a TM on the name Groove. Remember when Groove was a file sharing app, that then became Sharepoint Desktop Client which then became OneDrive for Business. This reminds me of when they took the name Surface from large format "pixel sense" devices and turned into the product we now know as Surface today. Have a catchy name for another product and want to rebrand, just use from the pile of dead products. 
  • lananope.gif
  • Why not just Microsoft Music? Easy, and to the point.
  • It sounds bland and dull, to say the least.
  • Glad they are changing it but not sure how Groove fits with the MSFT Brand....
  • Yea I thought is sounded stupif..but after reading the post and microsofts reasoning behind it I'm leaning more tward it's an "ok" name but I'm sure there could of done better
  • Hell No
  • Yes.  A million times better than XBox Music.  But just wait 9 months.  I'm sure they'll change it again.  I visualize MSFT headquarters as a bunch of people running around like their hairs on fire bumping into each other.  They just can't seem to set a course and move in one direction.   I'm a big MSFT supporter and business partner, but I'm starting to get worried and laugh at the same time.  Really, are we witnessing the beginnings of a death spiral or the beginnings of a true leader just making radical corrections that should have been made all along.  Check back in 3 years to find out the answer to that question :/
  • You know there something wrong when you try to explain our convince the name. I vote for Microsoft music it's simple
  • I don't know just make it work better
  • Really doesn't matter to me, because Microsoft is only gonna scrap the name and service like they did Zune for Xbox music once the start Windows 12... Windows is the only platform that can't seem to get it's footing. How many times have iTunes started from scratch? If I'm not mistaken its been iTunes from day one and Google Music seems to be pretty steady also, so it is what it is.
  • What a terrible name. Microsoft just doesn't get it.
  • Groove is hard to remember lol. Microsoft Music is much better.
  • You have issues dude, you might go check your memory with an expert xD
  • Get off them Weed.
  • What's wrong with Microsoft Music?!? It's not like they've combined the music and video services together like iTunes? Lame.
  • It's going to be Cross platform. It has to compete with all the other music services. Microsoft music won't cut it.
  • Groove is a great name.
  • Well...I like Groove. I would've been perfectly okay with Microsoft Music (just Music on Microsoft devices), but it's not bad. After all, it's just a name, and it sounds better than Spotify, and more unique than Apple Music. I think people can get behind it, and will with relative ease. Groove is good, but maybe it should've been Groove Music, as it just doesn't feel right to have the default music app on Windows Mobiles and PCs be renamed to just Groove. Either way, I'm good with it.
  • No.
  • No.
  • Microsoft 'Jam' still sounds alot better.
  • It sounds delicious.
  • Almost everyone here is crying complaints about the name, sure... It might not be a great name but neither are ALL those lame propositions I'm reading here, geez... I really don't think "Groove" is a bad name.
    It's a matter of how good or bad the app is going to be, the name means barely nothing.. Think about it: Facebook? WhatsApp? Apple!? iPhone???? .... The names are lame but after their success people get into them, and that's we all really want, a really good player for our phones and PC's
  • The problem is that Groove's success will never happen and so it will become a joke to people like Zune. Assuming it ever even gets enough attention for anyone to know it existed in the first place. If this announcement of a new name had actually coincided with the announcement of several big new features or the return of features people loved in Zune music and MixRadio then I would have been a lot more positive. But all they did is change the name and expect people to swoon over a service that they've done very little to build up and differentiate. The service and apps are a shadow of their former selves. The name change is a cynical move to garner attention without actually improving anything of substance. Why the heck would you ever get "Groove" instead of Spotify, I can't think of a single legitimate reason. I say this as a long time Zune Pass annual subscriber.
  • You might have too big expectations, I suggest you to lower them. After all what we really want is to use the thing and to move forward over the Xbox Music fiasco, right ? And Microsoft is doing something different for us rather to force Xbox Music to work, and if it's well made we are not gonna give a damn about a silly thing like the name of a brand.
  • U mad bro
  • Well said man.. Totally agree. I like the name personally but it's quite irrelevant. If the service will be great the name will work. Xbox music definitely needed to be changed as it was confusing
  • Cool8man has zero legitimacy in his complaints. Don't worry about it
  • My choices: - MSN Music - Microsoft Music - OneMusic    
  • Msn has bad stigma, OneMusic would fit with the rest though
  • Reinvent the wheel and ensure its bespoke.
  • People don't know what they want... I'm sure a week from today, people here are gonna say how cool Groove is.... Or in this case, how groovy....
  • Exactly.
  • Does this mean I'll need a Groove Server to listen to my tunes? ;) https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/fp179726.aspx
  • Why not just call it Microsoft Music
  • According to MS, it sounds too plain, without attitude, lacking that cool factor
  • groove is like a 90s funky word. cringy! lol
  • Try '60's...
  • WinMusic...this is a goog name???????
  • I want my smart playlists back and a real '"radio" stream.
  • WinPhone......
  • WinBox
  • As a musician I understand the meaning of groove. Has nothing to do with groovy as some people complain. To be in the groove is a great compliment. Music can have a slow groove. Groove crosses all genre. All cultures. We all recognize when a band or singer or orchestra is in the groove, and we painfully acknowledge when some one is not in the groove. The Beatles were in the groove. Pete Best was not. Most here are likely too young to recognize a tune wouldn't play if the stylus were not in the groove. Groove is fine by me. Of course I found Zune to be interestingly quirky. I just hope MS settles on this and then aggressively markets and expands. Now that everything is Windows, they need to leverage that 90% penetration to put ALL their services in every market. On ALL those billion devices they expect to command.
  • Yep, MS totally needs to get their Groove on.
  • WinMusic....?????
  • WinPhone.....
  • WinBox.....
  • Terrible
  • Win10......
  • I don't like it. Not all music has a "groove" to it.
  • I groove to the beat.
  • Had to get rid of XBox in the name so Nadella can more easily sell it off.
  • Should have been Microsoft Music
  • Groove makes no sense. Any one looking for windows media, music anything that makes sense will never find this app. Microsoft Music simple and effective. Don't confuse everyone new to windows 10.
  • Well, Spotify makes no sense. Beats makes no sense. Tide makes no sense. Oreo makes no sense. Remember, all sales will go through the unified Store so in some ways it makes no sense to worry about it. It will matter that Groove integrates with all devices, and removing all indication of MS or Xbox might well encourage people who would normally never touch it to give it a try.
  • I loved the name Zune in made you make a cool sound while pronouncing it.
  • Groove is a good name. A bit generic, but otherwise apt. Groove to the music. Get your Groove on. Stay Groovy.
  • Microsoft are inherritly terrible at naming nearly everything. Everything they name screams "corporate committee". While I think Groove sounds stupid, especially given it was a Sharepoint product name, Xbox Music wasn't very well thought out either. If you are a member of the general public, and don't have an xbox, would you think "Oh, I should sign up for Xbox Music"? This is obviously why it had to be re-named.    
  • Sounds like an ogre puking.
  • It seems like everytime Microsoft starts over, we lose something! Please bring back ALL the features of ZUNE and we want to keep the OneDrive features. Asking too much?
  • What's wrong with the name Zune? I should ask Joe Billiford.
  • Honestly I didn't like it.
  • Why don't you all poll with straw?
  • Now lets see if they can market it
  • Lolz bad or not I don't know.  But it does more attention than Xbox music had before lol ...
  • It just makes me think of grooveshark.
  • I think Microsoft needs to worry about bigger things like dealing with retailers spreading false info and guiding people away from WP instead of worrying about rebranding their damn music service. I was in 2 stores today, a Verizon store and an at&t store with my Uncle who is looking to upgrade. Neither store sells WP's which is bad enough. What's worse is that the rep at the at&t store said WP was awful because it is too complicated and has too many things going on, "too many windows" as he said. The rep at Verizon then told us that MS was getting ready to adopt android, cancel WP and just put their services on the Android platform. So there you have it MS, if you don't plan on cancelling WP, you better get out in front of that rumor from last week and squash it..quick. Then, as we have been saying for years now, you better pressure the retailers into selling WP in their stores, and into being truthful and accurate when they talk about it. If not, it doesn't matter what you do, WP will never have a chance in hell of being successful. Not to mention the 3 best buys near me have not carried a WP since the Samsung Focus. Pathetic. Get with it guys.
  • +1000 totally true. I ghost shop all the time and get fed a bunch of ignorant iPhone and android fandom from the know-nothing Verizon swindlers. Microsoft needs to adopt the, f-you carriers if you wont support our devices we are going to sell bloat free "Signature" windows phones unlocked that work on any network. Verizon is the worst of them all when it comes to carrier bloat and lockdown of built in features they remove from phones on purpose.
  • Why not make an all in one media app and make a name from there? Bring back the hub. It would open the door for more name options
  • Zune was fine but I guess they killed that name because of sales of the player.
    Xbox Music was okay. At least those sell like hot cakes. People know it.
    Groove Music is good but what they need to do is to look back at the Zune software and make a touch version of that!! Call it whatever you want as long is it is as good as Zune was..
  • Daniel was spot on about novices thinking they needed an Xbox to use xbox music. There are people that seriously ... how to put it politely... Take everything literally.
  • Yup Apple has done a good job of mind control
  • maybe so. . but with the name Groove a lot might think .. "so it is like Golden Oldies music app"?  "What is Groove .. is that some hippy thing"?  
  • True the logo for groove should have tied Eighth notes for the o's so people associate music.
  • I think it's better than Xbox music
  • How about:
    Microsoft Beat
    Microsoft Sound
  • Pulse is a good name
  • I don't understand what's wrong with Groove. Sounds better than Xbox Music, which is synonymous with video games.
  • it sounds old..... really old .. and out of touch. 
  • Woah, people over reacting much? A name's a name, what the app does and functions like is what matters the most.
  • Tech names that are obtuse are not a good thing I'd you are trying to appeal to a broad audience that includes people who are too old to sit around following the Groups idea of what's cool. Groove Music would at least trek people ' this is music related'. Gawd, Microsoft is so bad at branding
  • the problem with unique names like this is they have to make an image for it, make people give a damn about it, if it was "xbox music" or "Microsoft music" people will know what it is just by glancing
  • Good point.
  • It is a good point. maybe a kick a** commercial with the song "get into the groove" by Madonna as theme song lol.
  • well Madonna is also out of touch and old, so it would be match to the "Groove" name..  
  • Yes. Definitely
  • Absolutely!!
  • Right on man!
  • Microsoft need to concentrate on adding more music to the library.
  • They have the most tracks of any service, more than a million more than apple music.
  • Zune, Xbox, Groove... Windows Central should just get ahead of the curve and start polling on what the next name for the music service should be.
  • Microsoft Music sounds BAD...with a Browser named Edge...their music division should have a name with a little Oomph...I think Groove sounds better. But then again try saying BEAT repeatedly....it's easier...
  • Naming it "Microsoft music" or "windows music" would have pigeoned holed it. Non MS users are more likely not to use it with these names. Groove is an ok name and better than xbox music. It's certainly no worse than iTunes or apple music.
  • Just make it work. All the frigging time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft Music. Keel it simple stupid.
  • Keel?
  • How is Microsoft Music simpler than Groove?  I've usually seen shorter titles to be simpler and easier to remember.  In this case, Groove rolls of the tongue quite nicely.
  • Or just Music.
  • I love how the reaction to Plan B failing (make Xbox a big entertainment brand) is to return back to Plan A (create an original music brand). Plan A failed already. The only plan that will work now is Plan C (buy an already successful music service). Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.
  • I'm not sure what you are saying? Can you explain further?
  • Re: "cool8man",
    I'm not sure what you are saying. Can you explain in more detail? Whose plans, and what?
  • (My third attempt to respond on Windows Central. Why aren't my responses being recorded?). Re: Cool8man,
    May I ask, what are you trying to say? What are these plans you speak of? Could you please explain further. Best wishes.
  • I don't care what they call it. I just want it to WORK!! I also want them to not screw up what I jsut got set up via OneDrive: Music folder.
  • No
  • This is stupid. Groove, or rather, Microsoft Groove is already a discontinued product more recently known as Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace.
  • What's with MS's love of the word Groove? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_SharePoint_Workspace At least this is slightly more inline with the product, bit it's all a bit Austin Powers and slightly awkward "hip and trendy" uncle. . . a bit like Microsoft itself really, and, well, Satya too. And Bill Gates. And Steve Ballmer.
  • Who on earth thought Groove is a good name? They are completely lacking inspiration. It lacks modern edge, and as it is a soul and funk music genre it carries a connotation of the 70s and 80s. Epic miss. Get in touch and I'll help you pick something appropriate.
  •  Microsoft Groove!
  • Grove....as long the context is good that what matter...How about Xbox Video....How they would called it...Grove Video....Sound like a porn name.
  • It doesn't matter what they rebrand the name as if the service/experience isn't improved. Every tech site article I've read so far says the same basic thing "new name no improvements".
  • What about Xbeats?
  • They should just buy Spotify and merge Spotify and Xbox Music in one app called MyTunes.
  • that explains the G on the new icon. well, honestly the name suits the icon that looks like a DJ disc. im not really a fan of the name. but same with circles, it will probably grow into me. i'm more interested in having the better music experience than the previous version.
  • They need the Duke nukem audio.. Groovyyyyyyyy. But really Xbox music was pretty bad people still long for zune to come back. A reboot was needed. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App
  • I say no to Groove and no to anything name that is Xbox related. Changing the name to Xbox Music was a bad decision. I am also against the "One*" naming. Groove is pretty bad either way. What ever the name, they should advertise how it automatically tries to play the music video for the song that is on when you listen to a playlist on your Xbox. VERY cool feature that is not advertised nearly enough. What ever the name, just hope that some random company in Europe does not sue them and cause them to change their name...ehhem...SkyDrive. (That was ridiculous that they had to change it to OneDrive)
  • The name is growing on me now and it just have been 20 minutes since. I think music suits the name, BUT it sounds like it is for a Jazz music. Also, during the release, some people might not know that it is a music player. Microsoft should make a tutorial what is that app for the few people to know.
  • I like Groove. And I don't like that Edge does not let me cast a vote on the poll.
  • Move on with edge. It sounds cool! Like a double-edged sword. Remember lady gaga, I'm on the edge of glory!
  • Exactly !
  • The branding doesn't matter much. Until Microsoft puts in the effort to create a truly great and compelling music service and app, with the features people want, it doesn't matter. Microsoft keeps re-branding stuff thinking the brand will make the difference. It doesn't. The quality of the service as well as getting the word out about the service matters. If they didn't fix the major deficiencies with Xbox Music, then who cares what the brand is. If Microsoft wants to be relevant in music streaming, buy Spotify and be done with it. Spotify grew because it was one of the first great services of it's kind. Apple Music might grow some because of it's user base and because people often use what comes with the phone if it's adequate. The problem with Microsoft is their phone OS doesn't have enough market share to really grow their platform. What I'd really like Microsoft to do is turn Xbox One into a truly world class music locker to stream music from. They're doing a bit of this already, but they really need to set it apart and make it special.
  • Can't just be a music application with no real title cause as long as it works me no care.
  • Haters in the minority. But we knew that.
  • hey hey why don't they just name their apps after "we". apple is just too selfish. imac, ipad, icloud. it's all about himself. windows is universal, it's a service across all devices. the "we" better suits the apps.   weWrite - Word
    wePresent - PowerPoint
    weCount - Excel
    weNote - onenote
    weSing - music
    weWatch - movies and tv
    weSolve - calculator
    weDraw - paint
    wePlay - xbox
    weSearch - cortana
    weBrowse - edge
    weHunt! - maps
    weMail - outlook
    weStalk - all new social media app from microsoft
    weTalk - messenger+skype
    weSeeOneAnother - video calls
    weDontSleep - alarms hehe :)
    weNdows - windows 11   hahaha :D
  • Xbox music naming is cool, sad that is gone :(
  • XBox Music was way cooler.
  • I guess it's how Microsoft got it's groove back?
    Whatever, just deliver a great product and not a downgrade.
  • Anything but a name with Xbox in it.
  • First Microsoft edge now groove WTF is going on with you Microsoft
  • Zune was a perfect brand. Its tainted now but still great.
  • Should have just stuck with Zune from the beginning. But in my eyes even Xbox naming was better for videos and music than these new names. This has always been an issue for MS though. The naming of things.
  • I really like it!! Much much better than xbox music.
  • As long as it plays groovy "Beats", I'm good with it. See, there is a name I always thought was a bit daft.  I get it, and I moved on from it, but it sounded like it was trying to hard, as some have said Groove is.  It's fine.
  • Not particularly, but Xbox Music was a ridiculous name as well for something that worked on so many platforms and really had jack all to do with Xbox. At least we're still seeing some old school MS consistency here though. The consistency of inconsistency when it comes to naming schemes and constantly changing them. It's like having the old MS back.
  • It's ok, I wish it was more memorable
  • I would've called it Zune again. Because Zune was the name of a service that was exclusively music. It should be the name of the service now, since the service is exclusively for music, just like Zune when it was first introduced.
  • No, not really.
  • Couldn't care less about the name. As long as the service works and they bring the personalization they are talking then I will be a happy camper.
  • OneJam...
  • OneJam 365
  • My point? Before you take this poll reconsider your gut reaction to how you will feel in six months.
    In six months it'll probably be called something else.  
  • Sounds like a John Travolta movie from the 90's to me. Might as well call it Xanadu. Better to call it MyTunes MyMusic or something more catchy than that.
  • It doesnt matter what will you called for it. The service of apps itself are more important. Why you are people of microsoft not just spent your energy to build a more stable os which every popular apps can run smoothly on it?
  • I would wish for a unified music and video player, with a more catchy name..
  • Why not call X-Tunes
  • WinBox-Music
  • Or X-Zunes?
  • WinBoxMusic
  • Groove is just a bad name all around. It doesn't make sense and just sounds bad. "Have you signed up for Groove?" "I gotta renew my Groove" "Hey man check out Groove". I will always be partial to Zune, sure it sounds weird, but who cares really? You tell me iPod doesn't sound weirder. The Zune would have really taken off if they actually advertsed for it properly back in the day. Even then it was a better Spotify than Spotify is now. Zune was the future and it fell on it's face all thanks to a really poor marketing campaign. If they bring back the Zune name not only would it get a lot of press, but it still has name recognition! On top of that all the old faithfuls would just fall in love & be sold on the name alone. Since Zune obviously wasn't a choice they should have just gone with Microsoft Music. At least that reaffirms the Microsoft and pushes their name into people's heads.
  • WinBoxMusic....????is good
  • Microsoft is a big company and still confused about what apps will called. Why you are people not just focus to performing the OS so people will not leave you because they can't open Path on WP. Omg.
  • Stupid name. Sounds like a night club name.
  • or a strip club
  • I could care less what they call it. It's alway's sucked and I'll never use it.
  • Lame
  • I think its good.  But the true tests would be the service the app itself.  It should compare to top Music services like iTunes, Spotify etc.
  • I'll use it anyway. I have 3 years stacked.
  • Just MUSIC.
  • if they can't use Zune again, then just take the "Z" letter and rename it into another cool word. Z letter looks cool and shining. then use the Z on Zune logo again so its not a waste.
  • Yet another service available in the US only I suppose ? . Waiting for the return of Mix Radio .
  • We want retrica and soundcloud before windows 10
  • Super corny
  • Microsoft Music would have worked for me. Use the brand they have instead of trying to create another one.
  • If Microsoft can make XB1 backwards compatible with 360 games I don't see why they can bring all those zune features we had to this new music service. Say what you will about the Zune devices, the services was light years a head of its time and would fit in with today social world. That's what most people who love zune is complaining about including myself. They just have all those bits just laying around doing crap all.
  • Grove is cool. Is their service?
  • Don't care what they call it as long it works well...
  • If people were confused by Xbox Music and thought it only pertained to those with Xbox consoles, why the heck name it something that sounds like it only features certain styles or genre of music. Please change it MS before anyone finds out the new name and we have to endure more financial articles by dumb Crapple fans bashing the names of what you create.
  • Wtf shame on verizon and att for no carrying any WP and those employees that work at those retailers store don't know shit. Wel well this is the day where almost morebthan450 comments in this topic. Well Microsoft like I always said you guys need to step into the game . And I hope they change in the future the name groove cause,some people who are not native speakers English would not be able to pronounce.
  • wouldn't matter if they just keep there sevice in just 14 countires, look at apple music it's available worldwide.
  • i don't care what the name of he app is.My only concern is it should work properly
  • Groove......wtf.....
    Many people doesn't knows what meaning of that....why not simple name ?.......after may be ,official release of this name unknown person to this news will search music player in wp store....he will say,"search results shows me groove, but I couldn't find music player."
    LOL. ...
  • Skymusic, forget can't use sky Onemusic
  • Ms call it what you want now just take my money
  • Yeah sounds good to me ;)
  • Heh, the haters always speak the loudest. YOU are not the majority. According to actual  poll number, about 41% of nerds agree Groove is a good name. 30% disagree and the other 29% just doesn't care as long as it works. To think someone in here said 70% of US nerds on this web hates Groove as a name... Yeah right, pretty spot on eh?
  • Yes Groove
  • Couldn't care less to be honest. I never called it Zune, not xbox music. It's music/music app. So don't care.
  • A groove in a vinyl record is where all those words you think are not cool anymore came from but it says music in so many ways,so I like it for having true music roots back to where music started and that is cool !
  • I don't like this name. If you really want to change the name, then You should name it like 'Microsoft Music'. It's a better choice.
  • Groove......wtf...
    Many people doesn't knows what means that...Why not a simple name ?like Microsoft music or just music hub..
    after may be its official release a person who unknown to this news will try to find music player in wp store and he will say, "search results show me groove but not the music player." as top search result. Or he will says that my phone has not music player it has groove
    Just kidding although this will built in app....but that name sucks.
  • Microsoft Music is better, but either keep Xbox Music or rebuild Zune again is good too. We need one place to all enternaintment such as iTunes. One place for all.    Maybe Microsoft OneTunes?
  • Nope
  • Re: Cool8man,
    Can you explain further what you mean by the various plans? What, do you mean the thinking is for each? I'm trying to understand what you are trying to say.
  • What does it matter. Microsoft will change the name again in 2 - 3 years. I kind of like it though.
  • Like it
  • How is 'TREO'
  • Shake yo Groove thang, Lol
  • Zune is a cool name.  Xbox is a cool name.  Groove is not.  I'd be content with just calling it music.  I am most definitely going to use WMP because it works better on the desktop anyway.
  • They should have just gone back to good ole Zune ... Perhaps, Zune Music.
  • Microsoft need to stick with the name that they first come out with otherwise people will get confused - zune, Xbox music and now groove... How can people will have confidence on the service when Microsoft itself doesn't have confidence in its name .??. It should take take leaf out of Apple Music and aim for world wide launch and have better pricing 
  • Melody Music
  • I like Groove, although I am ashamed to admit that I have always held out hope that Zune and Zune Player would have somehow been resusitated.   In all honesty, I just hope MSFT sticks with it for the long haul.   
  • Harmonic sounds better.
  • Reminds me to much of GrooveShark. Hmm wonder why. They could have done better on naming these services regardless of there reasons for why.
  • Groove is perfect! Good job Microsoft, forget the critics.
  • What would be wrong with "Microsoft Music"?
  • What would be wrong with"Microsoft Music"?
  • It just sounds like they are trying too hard to be hip and cool, daddy-o!
  • I'm way more concerned about quality and not the name. I'm still missing features from the original Zune desktop app
  • No
  • My comments are getting delete wtf
  • I want music
  • lol. sounds like a 90s word. an old one. passé! meh, i don't care much because i don't use xbox music since.
  • I'm sure I'll get used to Groove just like everyone else, but I think a more descriptive name like "Live Music" would have been more intuitive, and would cause more people to come because they knew what it was.
  • NO!! Stick to Microsoft Music!!!
  • Yeahh!On the right way.Scrap off everything that is unique about WP.Make the platform more childish.No MS type of feel and full of negative energy.Grooves sounds like dooms.Everything remains same but the name has bigger impact than everything else.You can't rename whatsoever you wish.Your fan base is created over time,over your names and products.Xbox,Surface,WP all are just too close to my heart and I don't wanna like anything else.That's why I am here.After couple of years,change your name to WinDroid,tagline:Best from the both worlds.Your platform exists.Do you know why?There is still some people who wish to be a little different among others.Grooves to me is another 3rd party music player with rich functionality.
  • No don't like it, not as bad as Samsung's Milk lol
  • Sounds like a short version of Grooveshark
  • Windows phone is all about simplicity. Groove does not sound simple, Music does
  • There was a software called Microsoft Office Groove 10 years ago...
  • Rejected brand names for the Microsoft music service:   Bing Music MSN Music Live Music Hotmusic ZBox XZune XXXMusic Windows Mobile Phonograph Microsoft Music 2000 Professional (Built on Zune Technology) Microsoft Disco for Dancegroups 3.11
  • No
  • The name is good get over it... Seriously more important stuff to worry about
  • And the #1 rejected brand name...   Music Box  
  • One Mic
  • I suspect trademark issues
  • Its a blowout over 70%. Most like it and those that don't care as long as it works giving it tacit approval. Groove it is!
  • Groove sounds hella better than Xbox Music.  The old name made it sound as if it was a console only app.  Personally I do like Groove since I find it to be a better successor name to Zune. 
  • Nobody does.
  • Not so good
  • Seriously No
  • No...cheap
  • I really didn't like it...
  • No I do not like it at all. It confuses the brand that already doesn't have a huge recognizable name to begin with. Google music is google music. Apple puts "i" in front of everything for their iSheep to but whatever shit they throw on a shelve. Microsoft and Xbox fans look for Xbox or Microsoft or Bing. Groove seems to me like they are looking to sell it off in the near future
  • They can call it whatever they want. I'm probably still going to use N7 as my main music app LOL
  • Sure, next for call blocking call the app"talk to the hand", for the phone anti virus use "don't go there", and when you put your phone on silent, call the setting "chillin".
  • They can call it whatever they want, I'm probably still gonna use N7 as my main music app LOL
  • They must have a intutive icon... And MS branding in name... It tells many layman its frm Microsoft. Without MS name, people don't get that's from Microsoft.. Some one was surprised when I told XBOX is MS brand.. Coz it dint had MS branding.
    Ms decided in 2012 it would make name short to appeal more to users.. But it isn't helping.. This resulted Windows Live Photo Gallery became photo gallery n so all its app in Windows Live suite. Windows Internet Explorer (branding since WinVista) became Internet Explorer... Now Windows Phone just Windows... I think company or flagship product name must be there to make it more appealing. Like google play music (although google play doesn't make any sense for store in first place, yet loved by all), apple music n so on
  • eh...   it's ok and yes does have an association to music for some.   Those that say that the association is only to one type of music are being excessively picky with all the lovely discernment capability the internet is known for.   So yes it's ok.   However it is better than Microsoft Music, I'm not so sure.    Does it resolve the confusion that some might have about the necessity of having an X-Box, yea it probably does.   However such brainiacs who were so confused clearly faired to do the minimum of due dilligence in researching the issue and have to cough up a lame question "I don't have an Xbox, why would I use Xbox Msic?"    I'd have to fight off the temptation to respond; "Thank you for your time and attention to detail, but no you do not need an Xbox in order to listen to your msic with Xbox Music."  
  • LAME!
  • Name Gru from "Despicable Me" sounds good
  • They'll never be remembered if they keep changing the name, look at iTunes Microsoft.
  • No.!!
  • No...!!
  • Actually groove is ok... But Xbox music is better !!
  • Of course!!!!!...... Not. What a horrible name. Can you groove to heavy metal?
  • No...i think they should think of some other Name .
  • I know it's been said already but so sad that I can't take a windows central survey on a windows phone app. But that I can when I whip out my android.
  • No its not too.. Good as Xbox music sounds much better ...
  • Groove is cool name, much better than Microsoft music, Xbox music
  • Yes can't get any worse than Xbox music
  • Option 4: I don't care what it's called just make a good music player app already
  • Marketing and promotion will make or break this. Just like know one knew what a Zune was or that Xbox Music didn't require an Xbox (unless you visit sites like this regularly). Groove is more general and yet, specific to music. So lets see some worthwhile marketing to get people interested.
  • How about just Microsoft Music?
  • I like it. But it sounds like its been round since the 80's. ( get into the groove). Maybe that's why. Oh boy I'm showing my age. . I didn't even know they were changing it till now.
  • I think its good to evolve for Microsoft but groove is not an good option
  • Groove is for sync. OneDrive sync
  • Off topic: Will I still get the annoying warning message in windows 10 which says my device does not support this *file format* and it promotes me to convert the file while copying aac (m4a) music files or mkv videos?
  • Windows Music, Windows Video,Windows Tv...simple...
  • They should probably make it 'Groove by Microsoft'. They can add the phrase 'by Microsoft' below 'Groove' in small font just so that the general user knows its a reliable service by Microsoft, and not a random app just bundled with W10.
  • It's a YES for me.
  • Wow its just name, Groove does it matter? Call it whatever...calm people calm it's not going to change the sound etc?!? There are a lot of names of things that to me sound stupid but do well so move on...
  • Win10 for phone
  • That name was soooooooo outdated!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I really like the new name, and I don't think its lame or cheesy, it's cool and creative. I mean look at Google, when it first premiered people couldn't imagine it being a hit(everyone today says it like part of our daily vocab). I also like the turn table design it fits in with the G in Groove. Everyone will soon get used to Groove just like were used to Spotify, Google, Apple(which is a fruit), Tidal, You-tube, Face-book and more. I like it better than [X] Music, which is too obvious. :) Groove on internet!
  • makes me think of how microsoft is out of touch and i'm out of time, but i'm out of my head when you're not around. they've effectively made me groove and i'm not sure how I feel about it.
  • Oh I think there is something even bigger here. Usually the track movement of changing a name's brand coincides with the selling of the brand sooner or later. Xbox Music cannot be sold because it has "Xbox" in it. If they would have renamed it "Microsoft Music" or something related to their main name, that would have been implied they have to keep it forever. With a new name, in 6 months or a year they will sell it. Mark this sentence cause it will come true (unfortunately)! Now it becomes a little more clear the direction of Microsoft, because the Music service on Xbox is not that widely used, even on Windows the service is not used so much, most people use other music platforms. Damn, I am so angry at Microsoft, they have great services but the lack of advertising makes their work die and dissapear. Aren't they reading the people comments, their marketing department is ran by monkeys. On a different note: If they change the name of the app in WM, they are literally retarded. How will the new users know what is their main app for music? "Oh look I received a Windows Mobile phone (scrolling through apps... no music app) hmm, now which one is it?"
  • I like the name. It has multiple meanings all related to music. Gotta say it's more snappy than Zune, XBox Music or Microsoft Music...
  • I'll be getting my groove on!!
  • Horrible name..   Groove?? Really . What do you assosiate with that word, if not old, out of touch or even worse: Hipsters The problem with Xbox Music was not the name, it was the lack of support and active promotion from Microsoft, chaning name so it is even more unknown will hardly fix that. Even Grandpa Music would be a better name.   Best would of course be to keep the name Xbox Music and promote it better, or just go back to Zune    
  • You may be right Dan but I don't think a native music player app should b given such a name whose meaning is not known to max people in countries other than US U.K..... Or to be specific at least in India Pakistan Bangladesh.... I think people will get confused.... Its not right to name a native/os integrated music app which will be confusing and used worldwide....
  • Poll doesn't seem to work in Edge on latest Win10Mobile build. Either way, I'd preferred if they went back to Zune, which is known as a great music service.
  • American companies are terrible at branding.
  • The name is yet another example of Microsoft NOT having a single clue about how do fix their problems.  Zune was fantastic.  Windows Phone 7 was great as well.  Then, they pulled the old bait-and-switch to kick us to Windows Phone 8, which LOST some of the best features, and they gave us Xbox Music, which was an extremely poor cousin to Zune.  They TRIED to right the ship by beginning to create some sort of branding consistency and fixing SOME things with updates to WP8, but systematically began to DESTROY all the best features of Windows Phone.  Then, they got it into their heads to rebrand their online presence to MSN--a name that, as far as I'm concerned, has always been synonymous with poor quality, sad content and a complete waste of bits.  Windows 10 has now completely disintegrated anything GOOD that began with Windows Phone and Windows 8 and kicked us BACKWARD to Windows 7 with COUNTERFEITS of things they THINK we wanted from Windows 8.  Changing Xbox Music to a ridiculously uninteresting and inapplicable name like "Groove" shows yet another facet of how completely lost and ignorant Microsoft has become.
  • Watch out for those groove sharks #grooveshark #getintothegroove #groovybaby
  • Metro, Modern UI. Zune, XBox Music, Groove. MS should stick with one name and stop changing things over and over again. Consistancy shows dedication while constant changes may make them look like "nah, we're just following trends. hey, carl! what do those kids like right now?"
  • They should have just named it Music
  • Why not only - Windows Music ? or "Music" only ? Or as someone mention - OneTune @ OneTube @ OneDrive.
  • A rose by any other name is still a rose...then I cut it off, put it in a vase, give it to my wife and we watch it suffer a slow and probably agonizing death.
    I'm not sure what that has to do with Xbox Music, but it's what I feel.
  • It's what all the cool kids do... Groove! Lol ;P
  • It's a stupid name.
  • Bugger that seriously
  • That name is lame and a cheesy attempt at sounding cool.
  • They should've just brought back the Zune brand
  • With a name like "Groove" is Microsoft jumping the shark?
  • The name "Groove" sounds groovy, now I just want the app to be decent : gapless music, no problems with album art, etc, etc... As a supporter of Windows Phone I'm looking forward to a good working music app.
  • ZUNE
  • Just a note that I was unable to cast my vote when I opened this page in IE on Windows Phone 8.1. That's a bit awkward on a website about Windows devices.
  • Groove player
  • Shame, but mix radio would have been a good name...
  • MixRadio would've been a good service to keep. Dumbass MS again.
  • My vote would go to the option "Sounds lame but better than Xbox music". My biggest problem is this whole renaming tradition though... I'm not quite sure what Windows is trying to achieve with all that. What it portrays is a company that has a trial and error approach to their products and services. Nothing is really thought out, they just throw stuff out there and see if it works. I'm sure there is some serious thought behind all decisions but I think they should think twice before changing/renaming things, it makes them seem indecisive and insecure as a company IMO.
  • I like the name, don't understand all the hate
  • It's a name my granny would like.
  • Groove and vinyl used to go together. Back to the future....
  • No
  • I love it! Very much so. It pushes aside the (wrong) notion that an Xbox is required to listen to music for the average consumer, and it starts the service out fresh. :) good call, Microsoft's marketing team!
  • It be easier if they just named it Zune and market the hell out of it to the general populace.  
  • I don't feel it, you need to remove Xbox brand OK but don't get out your legendary name Microsoft music will be better.
  • I've been reading and commenting on this all of Monday. Just read a few more articles and I'm almost very comfortable saying Groove. Almost. I'm sure I'll be there soon. Regardless of how many people view the word as "old" or whatever. Just a name. I think we'll all be ok.
  • It sounds good, but I really hope it's the last name change. At least for a good couple of years. Just let it settle and market it to it's full potential.
  • Just Music will be good enough. I can't event imagine how intuitive it will be with their new logo (which itself isn't very intuitive) and this name which is slnag and almost imposible translate into other languages. Dissapointed :(
  • ewww no..
  • Outdated. A one syllable word name would be cleaner though, compared to 'xbox music' or 'Microsoft music' but I don't have a suggestion
  • No,no,no!
  • Yeah that's really nice
  • It's better than xbox , groove is ok
  • Its like.. Grave music :D
  • Nope.. Hate it. Its a horrible Name for music....
  • Mmm l don't like Groove Music . Its just weird .
  • I like this name. It sounds colorful and warm. MS should make some colorful and funky logo for this one! ^^
  • MUSOX (music-xbox) should be the name!! And for xbox video VIDOX (video-xbox) !!! Provided by the nick name master!! :P
  • MUSOX (MUSIC-XBOX) & VIDOX (VIDEO-XBOX) simple and easy
  • As a Muslim I don't listen to music at all. I use the app for Qur'an recordings. Educational Lectures. Audio books etc They shouldn't focus the whole app only on music. There are other things people need the app for. Microsoft should keep that in mind while naming and designing the app.
  • No
  • How about Zune.
  • It sounds a lot better than Microsoft Music or Xbox Music since non Windows users associate only bad things to everything Microsoft. I guess the best way to convince them is to find an indirect approach to getting people to use their services
  • Hell No
  • Looking at the poll results so far I'm happy to see that the vocal minorty doesn't speak for the whole. The name is fine. Suck it haters.
  • Nope
  • Yeah, Groovy name. They can get the Partridge Family to market it.
  • Please don't call it Groove. Are we in the seventies?
  • The Xbox division is about to be spun off. That's why they changed the name. This is one of Nadella's tough choice
  • I think that it is a better name than XBox Music. I also think that XBox Musc was botched enough times that the rebranding makes sense. I had licensing issues multiple times on my Lumia 920 that required the deletion of my entire local library, the Android and iOS clients were released so far from ready that friends who tried them have no interest in trying them again. Hopefully Groove is a solid service from day one so that it never gets the bad press that XBox Music (deservedly) got. I also will be happy  not seeing the ugly green icon on my home screen. 
  • It's fine. Now rename the XBOX.
  • Not really but its better than the confusing "Xbox" music. Anyhoo, it is what is and we will get used to it, just need to get my 70's head on and all will be hip baby.
  • Um, a step backwards into Microsoft naming confusion as they already used the brand "Groove" with an Office 2007 workspace collaboration tool. Of course, it works way better as a brand for music than it did for that.
  • The microcosm of people who are confused regading the Office 2007 tool and this music service does not represent the mass market that they are targeting.
  • The name is stupid.
  • Bad analogy. I'd hate to see the logic written into your programs. A better analogy would be if Tesla employees designed a part for Ford cars that did not work in Tesla cars.
  • Zune, still the best brand and name they ever had for music! In fact the Zune Player software was something else in the market, beautifully crafted. But for video, idk just this generic doesn't work well.
  • Why did they not call it just "Microsoft Music"?
  • Groove not a good name for music app, VIBES might be good name
  • Don't much care, but think MS Music would have been better, and in particular more universally appealing and self explanatory, and a better match to the name of the Movies & TV app. No consistency now. I do have strong objections to that picture though. :P
  • Oh dear. Microsoft has lost it's Mojo. They ought to call it iZune.
  • I think it's a smart move and an excellent name! I can hear it now,"download it on iTunes,Google Play and Groove". It works. "Get in the Groove".
  • Oh dear. Microsoft has lost it's Mojo. They ought to call it iZune.
  • Just pick something and stick with it, changing the names of everything isn't going to build brand recognition...
  • I think they should use any other Name .
  • Poor Microsoft, they just can't find good names for their services, and when they find good ones, like SkyDrive or Metro, they lose them. Groove sounds like a Malware download that turns my PC into a zombie for russian mobsters.
  • I like it I think its user friendly but people might not be able to know its the music app but who would buy a phone without knowing the software on it and if they don't they'll know that groove is music eventually trust me guys people spend alot of time on there phones so I don't think it'll be a problem and groove is close to music so I don't think that you would see the app groove and think oohhh this is the games app so yeah I'm going with yes I agree with the name. :)
  • It's a fracked up now for a product. I don't like it.
  • It can be called "Gorilla Balls" for all I care. As long as it works, I'm fine with it.   edit: I actually like it, although it reminds me a lot more of an online streaming music service than a music player app
  • If it ain't broke don't fix it?
  • I personally don't hate or like the name. But while I can figure it out that groove is music I doubt that my mom or dad or anyone in my home who is going to use my phone for a while won't be able to figure which is the music app(I don't think most in India will figure it out). I think naming music as groove is poor choice. A name should always be simple easy to identified by all. Microsoft is trying to sound cool but they are sounding wierd
  • Groove is the coolest name than xbox music. X box music was not right coz of the x box console. Groove will make it easy to know were your music is
  • The way this article ended... Its kinda more general and can be used on many situations.
    My point? I liked it...
  • Groove as a name is about a million times better than Xbox Music, which was a galactically stupid name, which should surprise nobody since Microsoft is *terrible* at naming consumer products (Windows RT, Windows Store app, Modern app, etc., ad infinitum). 
  • No
  • Nein
  • I actually like the Xbox brand for Music and Video. It toally made sense to be that all things entertainment were under Xbox. And Im coming from Zune. Yes, I liked the Zune desktop software and it was better than the Xbox Music apps. Heck the Zune DJ was light years ahead of XBM Radio. That said... I still prefer the xbox branding. I dont think I will ever understand those folks that were or are totally clueless about what an xbox music pass is. crawl out from under that rock.
  • Why not XMusic
  • not Groove Music, not Microsoft Groove Music just Microsoft Groove thats what is should be. Groove is a perfect name and usage of it
  • Sounds fine to me. Groove doesn't exactly describe the music I listen too, but it is a word associated with music so that works for me. I'm surprised by the negative remarks. Really, do these people think MS didn't do any branding market research before deciding on this?  No one asked any of us about the "Bing" name or "Edge"....but hey, I trust MS has done their market research and those names are working.  Groove is MUCH better than XBox Music.  I never used the XBox music app on my Surface Pro or WP because it implied you had to have an XBox to play the music (I am not a gamer so I don't own one).  I've also heard those who are testing Windows 10, the new music app is much better.  So a new name with a better functioning app sounds good to me!
  • If they could choose a name that means music maybe from another language
  • No......
  • terrible name!
  • It's going on me but slowly, by slowly I mean quarter speed of full turtle....
  • I dig it. Makes more sense than Zune (but how I miss thee) and Xbox Music was just awkward. Now as long as they leave the buggy interface, horrible syncing, etc. of Xbox Music, I don't care if they call it Doo-doo beats. 
  • I like "Groove", but like many things Microsoft, it gets old having them 'rename' existing products every few years. I realize part of it has to do with bringing different acquistions together but it just makes it look like Microsoft has no long term strategies. Hotmail was a great service with a devoted following (it was my first email service) but Microsoft has went from Hotmail to MSN Hotmail to Live to Outlook.com and I think they're now going to something else (Office365 - something?). For other things, they were MSN then Live then Bing, some things back to being MSN, others staying Bing, others becoming something else. Zune as a product name was good because unlike so many other Microsoft names it wasn't a word that already has other common meanings (such as Windows Phone, Groove, Live (which has the added disadvantage of having multiple pronounciations), Bing, Surface). Zune is unique and so when you enter zune in a search engine, what will you get back but Microsoft. It also doesn't necessarily have to be limited to music, even though it obviously sounds like "tune". So unlike "Groove" which would be hard to apply to video media, Zune could easily stand for music players & media, video players & media, whatever. So Groove is good, but please just stick with it!
  • I like it. It sounds cool! But only if they start their service in India and offer some music for free like they do in Myappfree!!
  • B
  • C
  • "Groove" is a word that does not exist in the vocabulary Portuguese, nor has an exact translation (even if I had, I doubt that would translate), and does not remember anything one Music Player in our language. I'm sure many users here in Brazil will look into your Windows Mobile and think that there is no longer a native player!
  • no
  • when you buy a phone or laptop you want to listen music wanching movie and video. it's more confusing to listen music in the groove apps for many people
  • when you buy an iphone you're going in the music apps. when you buy an android phone you're going in the music apps. when you buy an windows phone you're going to groove app. joke joke joke joke joke. a system app isn't a store apps loke spotify etc...
  • Why not Microsoft Music which is more authentic?
  • (Groovy Man) would have been a better name for microsft's new music service
  • Both sound alright to me.
  • It should have stayed Zune, but that's just my opinion. Not that I care as much as some other people what a service is named.  I'm not that emotionally investment, and I have a life.
  • Groove sounds soooo bad. Who did the marketing for this? I mean really, they shoud be fired. I could not imagine a statisctial meaningful survery that pointed to "Groove" as the way to go. Wait...maybe in Austin Powers meets Groundhog Day preshow.  What about...... -OneZune -OneMedia -OnePlace -Microsoft Music   I really like the "one" idea and terminology. It tells consumers (and developers) that content can be reached across multiple platforms to deliver one experience, which is what the primary selling points of Windows 10 and future iterations.
  • I got over feeling "Groovy" a whole long time ago!!
  • Dislike. How about XBox Boom.  Like Boom Box.  A little to mid 80s?
  • They should have just called it Microsoft Music and Microsoft Video.
  • i' dont like the news about the WP. This name is a S#=t. My next phone will be a Android... Low Low price...
  • Let's just go back to lovely ZUNE Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As long as it's better than the intial rollout of Xbox Music, I don't care what they call it. Lots of people hated the "Zune" name but that service turned out to be great and many became accoustomed to the name over time.  
  • XBox Music was never a good name choice, so I'm glad they changed it.  I'm not sure if Groove would have been my first pick, but it works.  So long as they don't get Kanye involved, I don't really care what they call it.
  • I don't care how they call this thing as long as it works. I purchased one year of xbox music and can't play anywhere.
  • No. I don't like it. I like rock music and groove feels just wrong.
  • No
  • I have no issue with the name, though I do think Microsoft has a very, very, very bad habit at changing names of their services. What I find amusing is that they first called it Groove Music. Then corrected themselves and said it's just Groove, but the actual app is still called Groove Music. Some manager is very, very, very bad at their job, and while this may seem like a minor thing, speaks volumes-imo-of the competency in that particular workplace. I'd be willing to bet that Microsoft can do better in its hires.  As for people who say Groove doesn't associate with music...I realize this site is very international, but I do hope these aren't English-speakers making this claim. 
  • What about Microsoft Sounds Manager for Windows Universal.
  • Stop renaming everything Microsoft!!