Good-bye Xbox Music and Xbox Video; Hello Groove and Movies & TV for Windows 10

Update: Microsoft is apparently just calling their new music service "Groove" and not "Groove Music", despite the screenshot in the announcement blog post clearly showing the "Groove Music" name . Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc stated on his Twitter account that the company is "working to fix" the incorrect name.

Original story: After the discovery of a "Groove Music" link in Windows 10 that led to the current Xbox Music app earlier today, Microsoft has now confirmed that the Xbox Music brand is being ditched in favor of the new Groove name. In addition, the current Xbox Video brand is also going away in Windows 10, to be replaced by the generic sounding Movies & TV name for the app.

Groove Music Welcome Screen

Here's what Microsoft says Windows 10 users can expect from the new Groove app:

  • The Look and Feel: Groove provides an improved experience for listening to and managing your music in Windows 10. Getting into music is faster than ever with easy-to-use menus and navigation controls that work well with both mouse/keyboard, and with familiar touch gestures on touch-screen devices. Pinch to zoom in or out of different views, drag your favorite tracks in to playlists, hover over the Taskbar icon for playback controls, or right click for contextual menus to pin an album to your Start menu. And you can also infuse your personality in to Groove – choose a light or dark theme for the app depending on your mood, or pick an accent color in Windows Settings and the Groove app makes it shine.
  • Accessing Your Music on your favorite devices: We're also making it easy to access your content across your favorite devices – with built-in OneDrive integration making your favorite songs only a few clicks away. Upload all your MP3's to OneDrive, even songs purchased from iTunes, and access them all for free with the Groove app on your Windows devices, Xbox, the web — and even on your Android phones and iPhones (coming soon).
  • Music and the Windows Store: You can also sign up for a Groove Music Pass subscription – a premium ad-free listening experience with no interruptions. $9.99/month or $99/year gets you complete access to stream and download music from the Windows Store — one of the largest music catalogs on the planet with over 40 million tracks. Subscribers can also create custom radio stations based on their favorite songs, albums and artists. If you already have an Xbox Music Pass (like me) – don't worry! This will become Groove Music Pass and you don't need to do anything.


Here's what users can expect from the new Movies & TV app:

  • Enjoying Videos in Windows 10: You will find the Movies & TV app in Windows 10 better than ever for playing all your personal videos, as well as all the movies and TV shows you love. Import your personal video collection, and play back your content in a fast and elegantly designed app that is optimized for both mouse/keyboard as well as touch. Drag and drop videos between your collections, use right clicks and hot keys for contextual menus, or go full-screen with easy to use playback controls. We've also added additional file format support like .MKV too.
  • The Windows Store: Movies & TV has direct integration with the Windows Store, where you can buy or rent from all the latest movies and TV shows in HD, as well as thousands of other favorites. Weekly new releases, access to TV shows a day after air, deals and discounts, and personalized recommendations just for you. And on Windows 10 devices, Xbox and the web, the Movies & TV app lets you start watching purchased or rented content on one device, and pick up where you left off on another device.

Both Groove and Movies & TV apps will go live for Windows 10's general public PC launch on July 29. Microsoft adds that these apps will be "rolling out to other devices in the coming months."

Source: Microsoft

  • About time.
  • but seriously..this ought to be accessible in more countries..
    like, in India i am forced to use iTunes for quality digital content..
    don't even have Spotify for streaming..
    local services like Gaana and Saavn are not so good with their music collection and playlists..
    I'm sure users from many other countries feel my pain..
  • It all has to do with music rights and the deals with the labels. Same with TV/movie streaming services. Content deals vary from country to country. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I really fail to understand why people don't get that. Thanks for clearing that up.
  • Tell your record labels and publishers in India to step into the 21st Century and allow the digital streaming services to access their content in your country. If they won't play along with the services, then you can't blame the service provider.
  • iTunes works. so does Apple Music. it's possible.
    MS isn't working on it.
    there are other streaming services like Rdio that work too.
    so i don't see why Groove Music can't.
  • Right now that is due to negotiating power. How many people have you converted to using Windows Phone or Microsoft ecosystem? Either that, or we don't know what "deals" companies like Apple worked out with labels there. I'm sure it's incentivized the way "exclusives" are here in the states.
  • my father, sis, 2 cousins, and 6 frnds..they all joined WP bcz of me..
    plus i'm on my 5th lumia..
    710, 520, 925, 730 and 640 (present).. either ways, a lot of people use Windows computers in India. getting legal music to those many people, having it sync to their phone and cloud..
    that would be great..
    plus it'd be cross platform and if MS delivers quality apps like Office, even iPhone users may consider purchasing content from there, given the cross-platform nature.. there is a lot of potential to be tapped into..
    as India and other emerging countries are going digital, now is a really good time for digital media presence..
    especially with the wonderful cross-platform ideals MS already believes in..
    they gotta push for it..
  • Or Xbox Music or Groove or whatever it will be called next year should come out of US and actually try to negotiate with our content providers, and bring international music to India like iTunes and MixRadio did, because, you know, MS is internationally famous?
  • I didn't understand it a few weeks ago when Daniel Rubino told me. Is more like angry that blinds you from the truth more than anything else. Just be patient, because maybe ( and this is just a theory ) you may have access to all the services and it is a different point of view.
  • Bullshit. If they wanted to, they would do it. But let's say that's true, how does it explain the lack of Xbox Live in so many countries? No licences needed there.  
  • Actually you do, software is heavily licensed and censored, this can include Xbox live
  • It amazes me how much people want to blame Microsoft and other companies because of the stupid laws made by their own country. For example, Russia now have laws where your data must be stored on Russian soil. Canada has laws about how a percentage of media distributed must be from Canadian citizens. Some countries make the network operator (in this case, Microsoft) responsible for distributed content - meaning that if some kid goes off on a racist tirade while playing Halo, Microsoft is responsible for not censoring that content. Chat is considered a teleco by some contries and subject to additional regulation. Sometimes it is just not worth it to make something available to a specific country because of that country's laws, but rather than blaming your own government it is much more convenient to blame Microsoft. And if you do not think that licenses are needed, then you really don't have a clue about how any of it works.
  • I said licences are not needed for Xbox Live, because it's a Microsoft service. Of course licence deals are needed for music, movies and other content. And if Microsoft has big issues with the legislation, they could just say that. The silence shows that they either don't think it's worth it or they just don't care. Either way, Apple and Google are always a few years ahead of Microsoft for geographical availability. And they have licence issues and laws to deal with too. If it's worth it for them, you have to wonder why not for Microsoft. In any case, the EU plans to introduce legislation making it illegal to have geographical restrictions between EU countries for content and services. I hope that legislation is entacted soon.  
  • You're absolutely right. They don't want your money. /s
  • Well at least make the streaming service available in more countries. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well... Localization ain't as simple as it may look like. I can think of several circumstances that keeps it from happening. That's why local services often have an edge over the global ones, globally. Surprisingly I find MixRadio really good for my regional needs, India. Of course Gaana has a limited catalogue but enough for me :)
  • Maybe its because other regions are not legalizing homosexuality like America.
  • I don't get you. We're talking about it, Music.
  • All I'm saying jokingly, is that the reason why Xbox music wasn't been offered in other region could be due to the fact that those regions doesn't accept homosexuality.
  • Seriously though when it comes to software features there shouldn't be as region bound. We are all paying customers, plus one can't even use OneDrive streaming in unsupported regions which has nothing to do with artis rights.
  • Maybe they don't have enough data centers in unsupported regions to make the OneDrive streaming service (and other services) worthwhile? Maybe it's too slow and would reflect poorly on Microsoft and/or be worthless, maybe the laws in a region require all content be served up through certain data centers in that region that may not exist or aren't up to standards, etc.
  • LOL! I'm sure there were reasons but less likely the restriction of homosexuality :P
  • Nadella will make sure this comes to India...
  • I've been wondering this since long, even I posted it on their twitter handle, that if MS will,be late, Gaana and Saavn wil penetrate the market. And it has happened already, now Apple is there too.
    One more thing to mention is that nokia had deal with almost all the labels to sell DRM free downloads for their music subscribers. Why can't MS do the streaming deal?
  • Saavn doesn't even have a Windows app. But you should try Rdio, which is available in India.
  • Rdio is pretty good
  • Wonder what MS will change the name to next year.....
  • Exactly what I thought when I read the article
  • Groovier  
  • Exactly! Associating with Xbox is a positive connection to a long recognized high quality brand. Groove simply will not resonate with everyone. Xbox Music is a better name.
  • I cant tell you how many times I have talked with people who have iphones,Androids, and even PC's about how good Xbox Music is and its features and they're intrigued or intrested ,but their response is I don't have an Xbox so I cant use it. This is the problem Microsoft talked about and why the switch. For Xbox owners and informed PC users this isn't a problem, but there are millions of average PC users potential iphone, and Android converts or new users to the service that have no clue...hence the switch. Smart move in my opinion espeically with what MS is trying do with windows 10 and their focus on platfrom agnostic services. Plus I think Groove is a great name
  • KDouble U has a point. People are generally of the opinion that they have to have an Xbox to use these services. Groove can definitely take off; Microsoft just has to market it well. And availability should also be widespread, NOT just in select few countries like Xbox Music was.
  • Yup. Like calling it "BMW Music". Valuable brand, but it will make people think it's only available for that specific car brand. Calling it Xbox Music was a pretty bafflig decision, tbh.
  • It's not just that. Some people own a PS4 and they are automatically inclined not to like anything Xbox related. They would probably love the service but they just can't bring themselves to try an Xbox service.
  • Nice comprehensive article.
  • Yup, I agree with name, it's pretty good. Can you feel the Groove?
  • Get into the groove lala lalala Tonight I wanna dance with someone else :3
  • Except Groove will be renamed to something else within a year. It's just how it goes at Microsoft.
  • Waaaah WAAAAAH!!
  • Na I think this is here to stay. From Zune to Xbox Music to Groove. Im sure they had some focus groups before making the name final. As a matter of fact I think I received a surevey about it a while ago.
  • You are that naive.... Lol.
    You think it's here to stay❔ LMFAO❕❕❕❕❕
  • LOL! Come on dude, it's MS we're talking about here.
  • I'm sure it went something like this....."what sounds cool like Tunes.." Then a hipster walks in and says groovy dude, and Microsoft ran with it.
  • Bing Groove.....
  • MSN Music...
  • Xbox MSN Music Groove...
  • They will name it Simeasocor. Lol! Sing Me A Song Cortana. Hehehe
  • Exactly what I've been saying... SMDH.. Damn MS.
  • I hope Microsoft employees actually do read this site because they need to know that Groove is one the most stupid names I've ever heard. Microsoft Music would've been so much better and in line with what their competitors are doing.
    Microsoft... Ya done f*cked up on this one Edit: Slight retraction. Samsung Milk is the worst name I've ever heard. Groove is still pretty bad though.
  • That being said, I might be willing to give them a pass if they hire Bruce Campbell to promote how groovy it is...
  • Groovy Bruce! Brilliant idea!
  • +730
    Still hoping for "Microsoft Groove Music" and not "Groove Music" which no one knows about and might get mistaken as a bloatware instead of a kickass first party offering.
  • Doc, the "hipster" and demographic of people that are heavy into purhcasing/streaming (16-25 year olds) music dont see microsoft as cool brand. Any product or service  with the word Microsoft (outside of Office) a is looked at as something for work.
  • This is it.  I much prefer the name "Microsoft Music" to "Groove", but the masses (home consumers not businesses) won't buy anything with the word Microsoft in it.  
  • They're not going to include the Microsoft name in it because they want it to be a cool, trendy service that people in the U.S. will use. It's mostly younger people that stream music, and younger people dont think of Microsoft as being cool. 
  • Haha! Yes! I can see Bruce saying "Groovy" in a commercial!
  • I'm getting sick of MS's never ending name changes... How, can we support m, and help promote, MS products if the products we suggest to others keep getting axed❔MS needs to come up with a good name, and stick with it...
    MS has no backbone.... The worst great company in history. The smartest idiots ever.. They make absolutely terrific products, but haven't a clue how to market them... I love MS, but damn I hate MS... Lol.
  • Why do you feel the need to "help and promote" a billion dollar company that cares only about your money?
  • They make good stuff
  • Fucked up says you. You don't speak for all of us.
  • Read the previous Groove article's comments and some of the comments on this article. Many don't like the name.
  • You guys really need to stop with this "we" thing. Also, nerds in comments don't drive marketing decisions ;)
  • Well Daniel it looks like 70% dont like it. So id say he was right with we. And come on "nerds" really? Normal user will get confused too. It was just not necessary
  • Dude I wonder if you'd have approved of 'Google' as a company name...
  • I don't know if Groove Music is the perfect name or not but I did like Xbox Music (How about creating a poll?). People over here have a good acknowledgement of the brand 'Xbox' due to Xbox 360/One. But seriously, I'm done with Microsoft's rebranding of stuffs. Man it's crazy how they rebrand things every now and then, before half of the world even starts to recognize it... No hard feelings x_x Rebranding not only confuses people but I believe it also comes at a price to Microsoft. What happens to the millions of $ and time they spend on promoting the names every damn time?
  • You're right...70% (of nerds) don't like it.
  • Huh? How many people so far you think have read this article while also commenting? You counted 70%? Sounds like BS, do yourself a favor and take a chill pill. Even if in a few days the site does a poll whatever the result maybe wouldn't necessarily represent reality...
  • Would it be better if we were nerds on twitter? Don't have be a marketing genius to recognize a brand failure from the get go.
  • Brand failure?? Haha there's so many brand design experts in these comments section "sigh" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I just wish we stick to one name. Geesh!
  • one name?....... How about One Music ?
  • Music has nothing to do with the functionality of OneApps .. Xbox is for games.. Lumia is for phones.. Surface for 2 in 1s ... Outlook for calendar and Mail ... Office for Office apps ... Music need a new name.. So we have Groove Music.. That's it simple as that
  • It's worth notifying that Music is more of a service than a limited app, these days. Inclination of One Music with OneDrive (now that it plays from OneDrive as well), One Note, Xbox One could've made sense. Anyway, that's just my opinion ;)
  • That name! I mean yours
  • I'm saving up for a 940xl to give you this. +940xl
  • LOL best reply ever.
  • They aren't proving their love to Microsoft tbh. Microsoft music would be very... Reductive.
  • Don't like it, and it creates confusion with Grooveshark.
  • Who uses that anymore?
  • Confusing in favor of Groove is a good thing. Microsoft does own the Groove name trademark.
  • Thank you, Daniel. Even more, the constant crying and moaning just simply gets to be too much. Perhaps that is the real reason behind 2.9% market share. People walk into the