Poll results - Majority of people don't use front facing cameras on Windows Phones

We've had front facing cameras on the platform since the unveiling of the HTC Radar and TITAN, but only a handful of Windows Phones actually sport the famous secondary shooter. The front facing camera enables consumers to take self-portrait shots, video conference with contacts, and more. It's pretty useful, should you require it.

Many Lumia 800 owners complained about a number of issues with the Windows Phone when it was released, and one of the more popular complaints was the lack of a front facing camera. So to see the above chart illustrating the results of a Windows Phone Central poll, it's interesting to see who actually makes use of the feature. 

We asked you, the community, whether or not you make use of the front facing camera. Over 3,500 of you took part in our poll and we saw an impressive response with 100+ comments, so it's definitely a hot topic for discussion to take place. While the data collected by the responses left may not be perfect, it provides us with a rough idea for analysis to take place. Note that some participants who answered "No" may not own a Windows Phone that features such functionality.

Looking at the above chart, we can see the dominant answer that majority of Windows Phone owners do not make use of their front facing camera, sat at a comfortable 31%. Opposing this were both those who use the feature on a regular basis (11%) and those who sparsely make the odd video call (23%). 11% claimed they do not use the camera, but plan to do so in the future. What's interesting to note here is our odd choice - "Waiting for Windows Phone 8 and Skype". This option also received 23% of the vote.

With Windows Phone 8 Apollo just around the corner, and new hardware on the horizon, we can look forward to more Windows Phones sporting such a feature for Skype and other apps that make use of a front facing camera. Whether consumers will actually make use of the functionality is a separate matter. Look at the iPhone where each and every iPhone 4S has a front facing camera. We wonder what percentage of users actually use it? 

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I barely use it.
  • Tango video calls doesnt work on the titan 2, and for Skype to work, you have to have the app open to get calls. Kind of sucks
  • Why doesn't tango work? Maybe u have the one that HTC gave u which is WiFi only. Get the generic one.
  • i have to assume this poll is only from users who have an FFC. 
    I don't use mine much, but when I do it is handy.  Better to have a a feature in reserve than to not and have to lament regret about it.
  • I tango with the kids multiple times a day while I am at work. We love it..
  • So the real question is, how can Microsoft better the front facing camera experience to compliment their purchase of Skype?
  • I may use it more, but the FFC on the 900 sucks.  So grainy
  • Really?  Could the network connection have anything to do with the graininess?  The FFC on the Lumia 900 is something like 1.3 MP, and I saw a demo of the ffc feature at BWOne.com when the Lumia 900 launched, and at MyNokiaBlog.com and ffc the quality didn't look grainy at all.
  • I don't really use it but I probably would more with wp8 and Skype integrated.
  • Coming next: poll showing that majority of people do not use 4 cores, do not see much difference between 480x800 and "retina" display and not knowing difference between android and smartphone
  • Ha!!! True!!
  • This actually shows more people use it. Some use it more than others. Some like me don't have a front facing camera but still Tango with my friends and cousins. These people are waiting for WP8 so they can buy new hardware with FF Camera. So I believe, per this pole majority people use it or want to use it.
  • Majority of people don't use front facing cameras period. Not just WP users...its just nice to have one for that rare occurrence when u might need it.
  • Exactly, just like condoms folks - I'd rather have one and not need it, than need it and not have one.
  • +10 for that Rich!
  • Couldn't if said it better :-)
  • fantastic example :D
    suites perfectly to this scenario
  • Lmao. Really!! is that the best analogy you can make Rich?
  • it sucks and makes my head shaped funny so I dont use it. Simple as that lol
    The back cam of the titan is just so much better in everyway
  • Unless the FFC makes everyone's else's head shaped funny as well, could it be that your head actually does have a funny shape?  ;-)
  • Lol maybe
  • that's a poll I for one would really like to see,,how many ppeople really notice a difference between multiple core phone VS single core,,,,I'm almost positive if you gave an android user a WP7 phone and told them it was dual core I'm sure they would believe it considering how smooth a single core WP7 phone runs compared to a dual core android phone.
  • Now that I have one since I got a Titan II earlier this month, I find myself starting to use it...mostly to pick things out of my teeth.
    It's been said before here, I'd rather have it and not use it than not have it at all.
  • I use mine with Tango and Skype when I am on the road
  • Maybe if the Nokia Lumia 900 didn't have a REALLY LOW END 1mp FFC and a TERRIBLE 8mp RFC.
    Carl Zeiss should be personally offended (if there is such an individual) about the quality of pictures the Nokia Lumia 900 takes.
    The pics on the Lumia 900 make my Blackberry 9900 look like a Nokia PureView haha.
  • I don't... My wife won't let me. o.O
  • I would imagine there are a ton of variables as to why one would or would not use a FFC. I think if I actually had a device with one and had an unlimited data plan, I might pop open Skype during my lunch break to say hello to my wife
  • Yup that is reason why I also use it allot due to unlimited data :-) ,while att users are limited hahaha
  • If my htc hd7 had one, i'd certainly use it..its kinda awkward having to use the back camera while skyping..sometimes having to use a mirror ;) it will definitely be high on the list of features when shopping for my next wp8 phone.
  • I love it and use it allot. Hey great way Skype for free calls over international :-) the video qualify is very clear & smooth using Skype over 3g. Also great about it like your there.
  • The poll will be more useful if there is distinction by region (country, continent, etc).
  • I have a first gen focus and don't plan to upgrade till apollo comes out. If I had a camera I'd probably use it a bit, but I think it will be way more important once apollo comes out and VOIP services are integrated.
  • Personally, I'd use it much more if Skype wasn't useless.
  • I use it as a mirror
  • The only phone I've had over the last the last 7 or so years that didn't have a ffc was my Lumia 800. I've had more phones than the number of times I've used the ffc.
  • I never use it cause I have no one to use it with :'(
  • I use mine almost every day. My 1 year old LOVES watching himself on there while I'm holding him. Also I use it to Skype with family in another state often.
  • Its like cruise control on cars, you never use it, but got to have it :)
  • It depends on where you live but I know of many who use cruise control than those who don't use it.
  • I still don't use it.
  • Most of my friends use oovoo, and that app isn't available on WP.
  • I'd love to use it for Skype but my HD7 doesn't have one, so I need to awkwardly use the back facing camera with a reflective surface....
  • Haha Rich, good one you motherf*cker bastardised son of a little b*tch!:) you are right
  • A front facing camera is a must, personnaly I use it very oftenly and so do many of my friends, what I seem to see here is that most WP users are adults, and adults are less likely to own a webcam than a teenage is, so my point is that as long as WP is not "cool", those kind of polls are useless...
  • I used it once on tango(the app)
  • Until 3G or LTE networks make video calling really reliable this will always be a gimmick.
    Im sure some people VC between WiFi (Work and home) but a minority sport.
    We often have huge pushes at work to use the VC in meeting rooms more than travel or face - to -face, but most of the time people just use audio. To communicate you really don't need the face part :)
    Non debate.
  • I do on my Lumia cause it has a good FFC.  It's a good feature to have.  
  • I've had phones in the past that had a FFC and all I used it for was the traditional try it to see how bad it is and never use it again. Video calls on anything other than a computer are always rubbish; using a phone for them just has the added bonus of instantly making the user look like a douche.
  • I guess, if I a device with a front camera, I might use it... Not sure tho..