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Here at Windows Central, we want to be your number one source for all news pertaining to the Microsoft ecosystem. This includes the Xbox One as it is Microsoft's presence in your living room.

We have a few ideas of new content on the site, but we don't want to throw it out there and to hope for the best. Instead, we decided to let you guys vote on what you want to see since in many ways this is your guys' site.

We've rounded up a few things that we would like to try with an explanation as to what kind of substance it will include. We also are including a poll at the bottom that way you can give us direct feedback on what you would like to see. Cheers!

Hands-on gameplay

We want to help you guys decide what games are worth the purchase. Not only do we do this using reviews, we want to expand this using some hands-on gameplay. For example, GTA V Heists just came out. We would record us playing through the new mode and post the video to our YouTube channel with a corresponding article on the site.

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Game round-ups

Got a new Xbox One, but not too sure about what games you should purchase first. Well this type of content will be best suited for you. We can put together lists or best indie games, best first-person shooters, best racing games, etc. It's an ever-expanding type of article that can even be used for this such as game of the months and what not.

Tips and tricks

Are you stuck on a crazy hard level on your favorite platforming game? Can't seem to lose your noob status in the newest Battlefield or Halo? Well we're here to help you with that. We will make a walk-through video showing you how to be the best at your new game and upload it to our channel.

Gaming Podcast

This idea is pretty much self-explanatory. We will create a gaming podcast, going over gaming news, reviews, rumors, etc. This would be a topic of further discussion of course since we would have to figure out how often we would do a podcast and whatnot.


With Xbox One's sharing features being an enormous part of the Xbox service, why not take advantage of that? This would work just like our weekly photography contests. Users submit either a screenshot or video pertaining to whatever the theme of that week's contest is.

The Poll

Here is where you can make your voice heard. These are just a few of the ideas that we have conjured up and are looking into rolling out. So cast your vote to let us know what you would like for us to the most. As always, if you guys have other ideas to throw our way you can quickly hit us up on twitter for some direct feedback.

  1. You can vote for your top TWO choices

  2. We are holding back the results as to not bias the outcome, although we will follow up with the final tally in the coming days.

  3. If you are using our app, just head to on your browser and you can vote that way!

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