Poll: What kind of Xbox content would you like to see from us?

Here at Windows Central, we want to be your number one source for all news pertaining to the Microsoft ecosystem. This includes the Xbox One as it is Microsoft's presence in your living room.

We have a few ideas of new content on the site, but we don't want to throw it out there and to hope for the best. Instead, we decided to let you guys vote on what you want to see since in many ways this is your guys' site.

We've rounded up a few things that we would like to try with an explanation as to what kind of substance it will include. We also are including a poll at the bottom that way you can give us direct feedback on what you would like to see. Cheers!

Hands-on gameplay

We want to help you guys decide what games are worth the purchase. Not only do we do this using reviews, we want to expand this using some hands-on gameplay. For example, GTA V Heists just came out. We would record us playing through the new mode and post the video to our YouTube channel with a corresponding article on the site.

Game round-ups

Got a new Xbox One, but not too sure about what games you should purchase first. Well this type of content will be best suited for you. We can put together lists or best indie games, best first-person shooters, best racing games, etc. It's an ever-expanding type of article that can even be used for this such as game of the months and what not.

Tips and tricks

Are you stuck on a crazy hard level on your favorite platforming game? Can't seem to lose your noob status in the newest Battlefield or Halo? Well we're here to help you with that. We will make a walk-through video showing you how to be the best at your new game and upload it to our channel.

Gaming Podcast

This idea is pretty much self-explanatory. We will create a gaming podcast, going over gaming news, reviews, rumors, etc. This would be a topic of further discussion of course since we would have to figure out how often we would do a podcast and whatnot.


With Xbox One's sharing features being an enormous part of the Xbox service, why not take advantage of that? This would work just like our weekly photography contests. Users submit either a screenshot or video pertaining to whatever the theme of that week's contest is.

The Poll

Here is where you can make your voice heard. These are just a few of the ideas that we have conjured up and are looking into rolling out. So cast your vote to let us know what you would like for us to the most. As always, if you guys have other ideas to throw our way you can quickly hit us up on twitter for some direct feedback.

  1. You can vote for your top TWO choices
  2. We are holding back the results as to not bias the outcome, although we will follow up with the final tally in the coming days.
  3. If you are using our app, just head to m.windowscentral.com on your browser and you can vote that way!

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Jonathan Dollison
  • None
  • Cue the rage posts lol
  • I agree with none of these options. But why rage? Calm down! I would I just want to know, why just gaming podcasts? I don't mind a segment on gaming but DO A REAL PODCAST! Cover everything. Games, Hardware, Software, Life, the Universe and Everything.
  • Sick and tired of these xbox posts
  • "Sick and tired of these xbox posts"
    Then don't read them you crybaby. Go be butthurt somewhere else.
  • Oh **** off
  • Answering immaturity with immaturity....Very mature of you!
  • Thats why i spend most of my time on neowin and winbeta, this site has started posting so little about phones anymore.
  • I don't understand what your talking about, there js a balance between phone info and Xbox one stuff. Also, to be frank, there is not much news about Windows phone anyway.. What more do you want. Microsoft did not release any flagship phone in like forever and nothing is happening that's groundbreaking to talk about. So having to read Xbox One stuff is only filling the gap. Here is some news, Microsoft cant get official popular apps, and banks are pulling their apps from Windows phone. The state of windows phone. Not so good at all.. Reality, its true..
  • They should have an option to filter the contents in the app, let us users choose what articles we wants to see. Don't like seeing Xbox stuff either.
  • Maybe they should do a poll on how many windowscentral readers own a xbox first
  • That wouldn't be a good poll.  If only 10% of the readers have an Xbox, but all 10% read and comment on every article, those 10% become very important to the website.  Raw numbers of ownership don't really matter.  Also, there has been severely people in the comments who mentioned they read the Xbox articles even though they don't own one.
  • That's a great idea. And on the website too by account preferences or cookies. I happen use Windows, XBox One, and Windows Phone, but I can certainly understand if you don't, you have to scroll past content that might not matter to you. In my case, I use Firefox's or IE's RSS bookmark folder to see all the articles as they come out and just click on the ones that look interesting. I don't think they can provide a way to prevent all articles from appearing there, but if so, that would be great too. Here would be my suggested options for users to opt-in/out: Windows Phone Hardware, Windows Phone Apps (non-games), Windows Phone Apps (games), XBox One, Windows for PCs and Tablets, Windows Enterprise.
  • Agreed.
  • Well, not none... It would be cool to see some more editorials about how XB on WP sucks, and what MS can do to improve it...
    Guess we'll just have to wait for Build 2015.
  • That's going to change so nothing to see there. Besides Microsoft desensitized everyone with the whole Xbox idea. It made users not download the indie titles without the Xbox label on them which ultimately hurt WP. People wouldn't bring their game to WP because they knew people wouldn't get it since it didn't have that green badge.
  • Huuuummmmmmm...
  • It seems like the better solution would be to open Xbox achievements to any game like google play and game center achievement do.
  • They're doing this in Windows 10: ID@Xbox is coming to Windows 10, including phones. #SaveXboxWP
  • Google "achievements" are a joke among gamers because of that.
  • No way. You just hate mobile games. You've said so numerous times.
  • I agree! I would much prefer to see more editorial content and in-depth analyses from some of the writers here on the site.
  • IOW, if we can't get more braking news then we need more overall content from the editors themselves....
    We're running out of things to argue about, and I'm running out of things to blame MS for... Lol.
  • What topic hasn't been covered a 100 times?
  • Add a proper BT stack and OTG for connection of an Xbox controller...seems so stupid to have Xbox labeled games on WP, yet one cannot use a remote.
    Not a problem on android...naturally...
  • Hey, stay on topic of our off topic discussion....
  • I'm trying my best...
  • Lol.. Cool.
  • Every mobile platform is hit or miss on controllers.  Different controllers work with different games. Different controllers require certain software first.  Some controllers work on all or just one platform.  It is still a problem with Android.
  • Hit or miss, I know. But, the innate ability to connect one via OTG or bt has been vacant and should not be.....at least we could try...do you see that? Also, joystick or screen mappers exists to facilitate those games that do not directly support controllers.
  • I agree that hooking up a 360/One controller would be nice.  That said, I own devices on every platform and multiple types of controllers.  All the platforms suck though Android is better in this case.  All of them should make it easy and simple.
  • I would enjoy the Xbox news more if when a new game is announced to come out for Xbox, Windows Central would also list what other platforms it is coming out on (even if briefly). It's been done before but not in every article that it should be done in. I'm not the only one who loves Microsoft but owns a PS4.
  • Your fault for owning a PS4. :P You can assume if the word "exclusive" is missing, then it's available to that other console too
  • Agree. There should be an Xbox central for Xbox only.
  • There is.. I'm sure there is.... It's called Xbox.com.
  • And a Windows Tablet Central?  And a PC Central?  I compare it to ESPN covering a ton of sports most people don't care about.  Should they break off to a bunch of different sites?
  • Personally, I love reading Xbox related posts even though I've never owned one. Said articles convince me even more to buy an Xbox one this summer if I get a good result (I'm saving up money) so I wholeheartedly request the windows central team to share even more console related news with us, people who don't like it aren't being forced by windows central to read it, right? :)
    P.S: Sorry for being absent from your streams lately, Cambridge exams coming up :(
  • Good luck with the exams!!!
  • I agree. When Ori was announced, I had no interest in it. I thought it was an also-ran platformer that I could replace with any of the number of platformers we get free with GWG and in Humble Bundles. After reading Paul's review, I have some interest in possibly purchasing it now. This is the only site that (while pro-Microsoft biased, even to a fault, at times) seems to give its gaming articles quality meaning. So many gaming/tech sites pander to political garbage anymore, and they generally have such a scattered variety of writers that reading with real perspective is tough. Windows Central (while, again, too pro-anything in some reviews) has a reasonably small gaming group who seems to do a good job of speaking from a similar perspective with each review. That's a lot better than when a non-FPS reviewer on IGN or Polygon or something complains about the quality of a shooter.
  • +620.
  • I'm interested to see what others have to say. In my case I already get my Xbox News from other specialized Xbox sites so I would have to go with Contests! :D
  • Well we want to be your one-stop shop!
  • Then I think porn is a higher priority than Xbox.
  • You want us to pay for news❓❓❓❓ Lol. You said shop.:-):-):-):-):-)
  • Games! Games!
  • I like seeing it all
  • Would also like to see non game related news concerning the Xbox One.
  • There are articles regarding the TV features, smartglass, etc.
  • I enjoy game reviews, updates on sales and new releases, and Paul's weekly streams. I'd hope for more prizes and more reviews
  • We are definitely ramping up reviews!
  • Halo! Halo! Halo!
  • none ... give your self a rest.
  • Rest is for the weak...
  • Jonathan.... I know this is off subject, but I personally would like for you guys to do more cross platform device comparisons...
    So, when you get your hands on the 640XL please put it up against an "equivalent" device from Samsung, LG, and Apple... I'd like to see the normal device review, then on a separate post,, how it stacks up to the competition... Do it, do it, do it❗❗❗❗
  • 640XL is good for price .. I'd rather go for one plus one flagship killer :) I enjoy one plus
  • I posted something like this a while ago and they ignored me, I believe Sam was still around not sure, I'd like to see honest comparisons without the marketplace comparisons (WP always loses) camera, speed, display, battery life. But it has to be honest cause the last comparison I saw on Windows central was the worst.
  • Yep.... I agree.
    But, if it's off topic they aren't allowed to respond.. But, they still get the message ;-)
  • We can comment on whatever we want. We tried doing this before but the pitchforks come out whenever we show a non WP device. Besides being honest about WP probably wouldn't sit well with a lot of people ;)
  • It's sad that most WP fans are no better than brainwashed iDroid fans....
  • agree.  If reviews are from Rubino they are mainly biased, I dont waste my time these days watching him. speed wise windows phones are really fluid, my problem was features and apps that made me go for android. I think features wise android really kills the competition... Lollipop udpate has made my fone slow hope 5.1 will fix it 
  • You're saying Daniel is a sheep❓❓❓❓❓
  • No, just asleep at the wheel...
  • I would expect to see things that involve windows (10) and synergy, but as far as stuff purely Xbox related, I get that elsewhere. I understand if it is something that is just too cool to keep to yourself though.
  • You will definitely see more of that from us than any other site.
  • Add voting option to the WP app
  • I have found it a little sad that I can vote from the android app, while you can't from the Windows phone app. Heck, even the fact that there is a Windows central android app, but no android central for Windows. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • Hahaha...are you serious!? Windows users are really shortchanged then
  • I'm not a gamer and would prefer to have this somehow be a subset of WC that I could totally opt out of.
  • Indeed
  • That's how I feel about PC news!
  • I agree
  • I am a gamer and would prefer to be able to opt out of this subset of windows central, or at least have it less prominent than the rest of the content...i sometimes feel like there's more Xbox articles than everything else added together haha
  • Spot on baby
  • The site will be going through a redesign eventually. However in the meantime the only recommendation is to ignore posts that don't interest you. We'd love all our readers to read all our posts. But we know that's not going to happen.
  • Halo
  • Bring it all on! Windows Central is pretty much my on stop for all things windows related.
  • Second that
  • Yes, I love Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone :) I voted for more hands on gameplay and game round ups by the way.
  • No games be good. Just news about coming features and updates perhaps hardware news as well. Cross platform apps and games but not actual full Xbox games as theres already to many sites doing these..
  • Yea we're going to focus on indies more than anything but we have to add the big titles as well. Especially the Xbox exclusives.
  • On other words, nothing will change.
  • Actually, coverage is going to get stronger.  They want to know what everyone wants that Xbox coverage to focus on.
  • Yes, I gather that...so then, why should they even ask if they are going to do what wc wants to do?
  • The poll is asking what type of coverage would you want, not if you want it.
  • Ok but is there a way to talk about Xbox without overshadowing the rest of the content, say condensing the Xbox content a bit? Sometimes it really feels like all I can see is Xbox this and Xbox that...it makes for boring reading.
  • Pretty soon all you'll see is Windows 10. We're writing about what's going on at any one time. If there's no phone or desktop news, we can't write it.
  • None, period.
  • Well it's happening so you might as well vote on something ;)
  • News that woks with xbox-live achievements
  • Exclusive Xbox One content, I.E. First looks at games that haven't been shown elsewhere and exclusive developer interviews.. (Too much to ask for though??)
  • Exclusive interviews are in the pipeline. ;)
  • Exclusive news is really hard to get unless you're one of the largest gaming sites, but we did break the news on Onigiri coming to Xbox One in the US! And we do have more developer interviews planned for sure. :)
  • Add more 360 news.Many of us still only use it, and many people still use both.
  • That's tough to do with the Xbox not being a part of Microsoft's unification. But when there is big news about it we definitely report on it :)
  • Being 360 would upgrade to Windows.
  • Game Reviews, Deals of the Week/Month, EA Access.
  • What exactly do you mean by Contests?  I think it would be cool if there was some sort of weekly challenge in a specific game that users could complete and upload to the site somehow and the best videos would get some sort of on site rewards, as well as being mentioned and having their content shown off in the article pertaining to the challenge for the following week. Maybe it would be possible to try to work with the developers of games and make it an actual "challenge" on the Xbox servers.  Doesn't seem like that many developers take advantage of that function on the Xbone anyway.  The other thing that came to mind was some sort of code giveaway contest which I would be perfectly content with as well.  
  • If you read the post that's exactly what I meant by contests ;)
  • The winner could choose to NOT have anymore Xbox news on a WP centric site....
  • +1520 we can dream (I'd love to vote but alas I'm on my windows phone which has very little support regarding a WP centric site)
  • We get that you don't like Xbox news.  Being incredibily negative doesn't serve any purpose.  Also, for awhile now, this has been a WINDOWS centric site, not windows phone. 
  • Nothing, sick and tired of these xbox posts
  • Yep, makes me throw up in my mouth everytime I see another. If you have no WP news, don't write for the sake of writing.
  • If you don't have anything constructive to say, there is no need to comment at all.
  • I had written an opinion piece just like you do about games or equipment. Sooo you don't take your own advice?
  • As the headline and article indicate, we want CONSTRUCTIVE feedback - what particular kinds of Xbox coverage people want to see. Anything outside of that is not constructive. Like I told someone else, if you're not interested in this type of coverage, simply don't click on the articles.
  • Constructive feedback: Don't like my comment, simply don't click and reply. I provided constructive feedback, I want no Xbox coverage. You don't like that idea because it us your particular responsibility. Stop taking it so personal. I'm not the only one who said to leave Xbox game review to the professionals. Just because you do not like an opinion does not indicate that you may act like a loser in public, Paul.
  • Why in the world would you not want the writers to interact with their readers?
  • It is sarcasm..man, read.
  • This site is now Windows Central. It's more than just phones. Grow or die. And we choose grow.
  • Richard, I understand...but simply adding content does no equate to growth..you can/must always try, but one needs to understand when to withdraw, scale back or a combination thereof.
    I like the idea of a separate column which could cover android, Xbox, and apple. We could get a very brief link in each respective category (say Xbox for the WC audience) without going in depth...this would help to reduce any angst among those, like me who do not want so much game coverage.
  • Just don't read the Xbox articles if you don't like them man. That simple.
  • We, the consumer, forget it..the point is, another category, if WC really wants to expand is one ideal way to do this. Then, they could include all other platforms.
  • Pandering to one part fo the ecosystem also doesn't equate to growth. You would have a point if the gaming articles were poorly written, but they are far from it. That site has changed, and that requires coverage of such changes. Xbox is a key cog in the Windows 10 experience, and even was such with Windows Phone 8 (a major reason I got a WP device was for Xbox integration). There are Windows and Windows Phone fans who really like the Xbox gaming scene. Android and iOS are competing platforms, and that's why they have their own Mobile Nations sites. iMore doesn't JUST cover iOS--they cover the Macbooks, the Apple Watch, the iPod, the iPad, and everything Apple does. Android Central covers Android tablets, as well as Android wearables. Windows Central is now the all-inclusive Microsoft solution for that.
  • I he what you are saying Keith...when is too much? The question has obviously occurred to WC else we would not have an article/survey! Balanced is the word both of us are looking for.
  • Almost every other comment you left basically says you don't want any Xbox coverage.  Now you want balance. Tomorrow maybe you will love all the articles!
  • I don't need to look for any words."Windows" Central indicates what the coverage should cover all Windows-based news. I don't believe that i means it should be an even spread of various topics--it should be all they can/want to cover. What, in the name of balance, they should just create a maximum number of weekly/monthly articles on a topic, and if you hit that limit, you can't post for the rest of that time period? Like I keep saying, the Xbox coverage isn't replacing the other stuff. It's supplementing it, and this happens to be a time where there is little mobile news to post, so people are being excessively whiny.
  • His comment just takes your perspective and puts it right back before you. You say that if t here isn't WP news, then nothing should be posted. If you aren't going to be constructive with your feedback, and instead attack the content based on nothing but opinion (which matters, but shouldn't be the end-all in the decisions for a large group), then you shouldn't post. Basically, if you say he shouldn't post gaming content because you don't like it, then you should apply that same virtue to yourself: He doesn't like what your'e posting, so don't ever post. Do you see where that attitude takes a turn fo the worse of the community? Not everything can/should cater to one subset of readers/commenters.
  • I never said what you said in the second sentence. I said include WP games. I said not so much regarding Xbox 1.....and, perhaps it could be a category by itself, and we could add in other platforms to provide cross-platform comparison....just ideas which clearly you cannot generate...for all you have done is complain..no solutions...I would eventually fire you as would my, or any other superior.
  • They don't talk about Xbox just to be talking about "another platform".  They talk about it because it is going to be based on Windows 10 and highly integrated with all other parts of Windows, ie phone, computer, tablet...
  • Wrooooooooooooooong. You: "Yep, makes me throw up in my mouth everytime I see another. If you have no WP news, don't write for the sake of writing." My second sentence: "You say that if t here isn't WP news, then nothing should be posted." You: "I never said what you said in the second sentence." Yeah, you're "defending" your "arguments" with gems such as "I have a Ph.D," "Imakes me throw up in my mouth," and "I would eventually fire you." You can't remember the words you put to the page, and all you do is insult and act like you're king of the world. I don't even believe you hold a doctorate, unless it's in something totally useless. Anyone who actually went to college to learn a real skill likely took classes on how to write and build an argument. You seem incapable of either.
  • Keith..who's insulting now? I hold all four degrees. Be jealous, I don't care. I had a reason to say to Paul why I held a specific degree. Say what you want, it makes no difference to me. I read your argument, agreed to a point, and yet you continue to behave like a child who just can't say enough about something unimportant to me. Goodbye.
  • Seeing your unconstructive, negative posts makes me throw up in my mouth.  Consider just being polite with your disagreements regarding the direction of this site.
  • He allegedlt has a Ph.D. Don't you know that such degrees come with a ceritifcate stating you are always right, no matter how poorly formed your argument is? Just drop that you have a Ph.D into a conversation, and you're always right. Throw in insults for good measure.
  • I don't need a PhD...I am the president of a university.  I give out those pieces of paper!
  • I am too a president and chief administrator, but I have a Ph.D. Your learners, upon completion of their.matriculation, have already accelerated past you.... Good luck with competition in the future...you are handing out opportunities you will never have at every commencement.
  • You have attacked me personally enough...Fuck off and your mother too.
  • Please reread why I expressed I hold a doctorate. It was in defense of another commentator...
  • You, may also Fuck off. I have put up with your personal attacks enough...
  • I liked the streaming idea that you run at the minute. But, it is difficult for me to attend, and the Xbox Twitch app won't let me watch the replays. I like your reviews, and I'd like a gaming centric podcast. Competitions are also great.
  • Definitely more Reviews! Who knows a gamethrough in the future!
  • I don't understand these complaints about xbox posts.  As Windows evolves, xbox will essentially be running Windows OS.  It is clearly relevent to a site with the name "Windows Central".  When I come here I expect to see news and information about all things Windows, and that includes Xbox One.  I no longer use a windows phone, but I still love this site because Windows is still in my life on many devices.
  • This.
  • Wasn't always windows central...the word phone was in there. Just pay attention to which articles create the most comments...its always phones...not apps, Xbox, or some new laptop....or another weather app....oh how we need that.
  • And DOS came before Windows.  Neither are relevant.  This is now a Windows site.
  • Personally I'm not interested in Xbox specific news, i.e. Individual games, DLC or twitch stuff, and I'd be interested in a way to turn these articles off tbh. On the other hand I'm all for xbox articles that relate to the Windows ecosystem overall i.e. System updates, smart glass, xbox on W10 etc. and I read these type of articles with interest, even though I've never owned, nor am likely to own an xbox. I know I can simply 'skip over' the first group of articles, but if this site is intending to provide even more of this type of content, they need to also seriously consider providing a means of filtering it out for those of us that have little interest.
  • Well, Paul is trolling, get your helmet on....
  • You are just making yourself look silly.
  • Your opinion like my own is not appreciated...
  • What about the people who might want to read about xbox but not Windows Phone?
  • Regarding Windows Phone games, I agree. Xbox games, add a separate category, see my comment above in a reply to you, thank you.
  • Maybe devise a filter system that works both ways? I'm no programmer but it surely can't be that hard with some form of category meta tag on individual articles? Doesn't the website already do this to a certain extent? Just needs extending to the app...
  • I think that adding a profile-speific filter optoin would be cool, but I'm not sure what the technical requirements are for that. If we could all go to our profiles and filter content like the forums' Ignore List, that would be cool. I'd like to block all of the content about international phone updates and devices. I'd love to hide the budget device columns because I care nothing for them. However, I'm not going to say that the alternative to a filter is stripping all content I dislike from the site.
  • Keith...you made some sense here, offered a solution...maybe I wouldn't fire you after all...lol good job!
  • You make itound like you're not a giant tool wh would turn me off from working in the same city as you, let alone beneath your self-righteous ass.
  • Dude, is that aimed at me? All I suggested was a means of filtering articles for those people that aren't interested in certain specific aspects. I never said one was better than the other, so I don't know where you got that from?
  • No, it was to the guy above my post, who has repeatedly used this article to be rude and demeaning towards everyone who disagrees with him.
  • Ah... Fair enough! Apologies for the confusion! :)
  • I was not rude nor demeaning, but thanks for becoming an unwanted whiteknight.
  • "Yep, makes me throw up in my mouth everytime I see another. If you have no WP news, don't write for the sake of writing." "[Daniel Rubino is] just asleep at the wheel..." "Just because you do not like an opinion does not indicate that you may act like a loser in public, Paul." "I would eventually fire you as would my, or any other superior." "I was not rude nor demeaning . . . " Continue lying, it's so enjoyable.
  • See, I try, regardless of your insolent, jealous ridicule of me to compromise and see your side ...yet you remain blind, deaf, and dumb. Moreover, I'm done.
  • Because a lot of us are here when it was Windows Phone Central. We came here for WP news, and WP news only. Other Microsoft stuff started to creep in, and it got to such a point that people were asking why it's even on a phone site. So they changed the name to include everything Windows. I would still prefer to see more focus on WP hardware, apps & games - but they're barely have anything to write about each week, so in order to keep readership (and hence advertising revenue up) they have to cater to a wider market to the detriment of the core WP-only fans. Personally, I don't really mind - I just think it's sad there's so little WP news to report... But we do need a way to filter the news by interest - phone, xbox 360, xb1, PC, accessories, industry news, and one for "completely unrelated to anything Windows or technology at all" (e.g. Ballmer buying some random sports team)
  • Nothing. More WP related news. Theres better sites when it comes to gaming.
  • Umm, I think that is what they are trying to change. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • What WP news does this site not already cover? 
  • I visit your WP app multiple times a day, you guys do an amazing job as is
  • Thank you :)
  • None please. There are other websites out there that do that for me. If your wanting to go game reviews do them for mobile games or a reminder of xbox one games that are being released that's all thanks
  • We do mobile game reviews. But that has been a stagnant area.
  • Honestly I'm not very interested in Xbox news, as I don't really game.
  • I don't know why you got down votes.  Perfectly reasonable response.  Not everyone is going to care about Xbox, doesn't mean it should be removed from the site like some say though.
  • More Polls.  Just like polls
  • All.
  • How about a Windows Central app for the XBone?
  • I second this idea.
  • Should be possible with Windows 10 :)
  • Something we'd love to do with Windows 10.
  • Getting an app on the Xbox One (up to this point) has been extremely expensive.  I listened to Leo Laporte mention that it would cost him $100,000 to get an app for his podcast network on the console.  With the changes being made, it will be significantly cheaper for WindowsCentral to do it. 
  • Every week one WC user should get to take Paul Acevedo to SCHOOL in a game! Bring it on Paul!
  • ...and have it recorded. I want said schoolings documented :)
  • I like this idea. Paul plays with viewers about once a week, but there isn't an official "play with WC's Paul" night during the week.
  • Agreed. I had no idea Paul played viewers, but if it was an official promotion I'd have known (and schooled him thoroughly).
  • I wonder if Paul plays Killer Instinct...
  • Yeah he needs to play more KI!
  • I'm no good at it but I do have both seasons! And we might play KI on the stream next Wednesday, if nothing else comes up.
  • I mean, in the past we did post about our "play with us" nights. For instance, this Thursday March 11th people can join me for Dragon Age Inquisition at the usual stream time. But we're cutting back on Twitch stories so we won't specifically post about those nights any more.
  • Indeed, I was lucky enough to play Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer with him tonight, which was really fun. He usually jsut has a dedicated group of co-hosts, but when multiplayer opportunities arise, he's friendly and willing to let folks tag along, which is neat.
  • From my experience here the community seems mature enough not to be childish about it or get carried away with trash talking either. Some Killer Instinct would be awesome.
  • Then for you, I must school Paul at Killer Instinct!
  • That should be interesting to see. I'm already telling you I'm not good at it though! :-)
  • I'll have to get in on this
  • I want to hear how the Xbox platform will affect Windows 10 and my gaming moving forward. The Games for Windows platform that integrated some Xbox Live functionality was a huge failure. Steam is the de facto standard for buying games and supporting online features.
    It would be nice to see another serious contender in the ring.
  • Failure is our middle name....remember Zune...myriad Ms os versions ....marketing....
  • That's the part that kills me inside. Zune, Home Server, Media Center: All amazing products that were designed with a vision. They all lacked the ability to follow through and stick with a good idea. Media Center lost internal support and was never EVER marketed well. I'm still missing the features of the Zune desktop app that I used for my Windows Phone 7 phone. The WP8 app still lacks a lot in a few places.
  • The streams already do a little bit of all of these and is way more interactive. Maybe add another streamer on days or times that Paul doesn't stream. Probably a lot of readers that would like to watch Paul's stream, but cannot due to time zone differences.
  • It's a good idea, but it's not ALL redundant. Tips and Tricks articles coudl be spread among a number of writers to cover the gamut of genres and releases. Paul can't stream everything, and many streams are early on in his experience with a game. For example, with The Golf Club (the first stream of his I watched), I was actually trying to teach him how to play a little, but the time length of the stream didn't really allow for that interaction. However, a dedicated article for, say, how to play Powerstar Golf and The Golf Club could be a cool idea. The same could be applied to any/all Xbox One games (primarily the major exlclusives).
  • Hard Choices. Hard Choises....What to choose? I want everyrhing. I love everyrhing Xbox on WC and dont know what to choose... P.S: Youre an awesome Xbox writer, Jonathan
  • None.
  • The question is about what you DO want to see from Xbox articles, not if you want to see any. You should at least make some kind of non-troll effort with your post. Explain why having more content on the site is bad--and that you won't read it isn't an excuse.
  • Round ups are always great.. Couch co-op, little-known gems, etc..
    Always appreciate the GwG updates!
    Soon enough with W10 you can hopefully cover the cross platform gaming we've been promised for years!
  • More about Xbox games !! Definitely
  • I don't know why but I always have trouble voting on these polls with ie on my 920.
  • I love your controller ! *-*
  • I don't have Xbox. Would be great if the game section have content more to PC. Also more content to indie game(the good one). Like Steam game, what good game worth to buy. Also more coverage to PC application and 3rd party apps. Be it universal apps or classic win32, also twitch is too laggy for me and always loading.
  • P.S that is why i fully understand the hate to so many Xbox article.
  • We are going to cover more PC games in the future - not a ton, but some. And many Xbox One games we review are also available on PC, such as today's Ori and the Blind Forest and Evolve reviews.
  • Yes, PC content would be cool. However, so much of the PC stuff doesn't REALLY apply to the Windows experience. I'd think it limited to Microsoft-published titles or Metro games. Putting World of Warcraft or League of Legends onto the site just because it runs on a PC doesn't serve much purpose.
  • The thing is, games reviews are pretty well served already and attempting to get into it would probably be pretty hard.  Personally if you guys want to do games coverage, stay with Twitch and push that.  If you're planning on streaming a multiplayer game, throw a notice up in the forums in advance, get some of your community to join you if they can on the server you're on.   Run competitions on your stream - guess how many kills I get this round, guess how long until I die.  One of the private Arma 2 DayZ servers my friend played on ran a hunger games competition.  Last man standing won a 128 GB Samsung 840 SSD, somehow my mate was that last man and won.  The game was streamed and pretty fun to watch.   I'd also say review XBox apps and you could try and do brief reviews of any XBox related hardware.  If there are any Universal apps, review them side by side, show any limitations.   All the best.  Edit: Also Minecraft.   Edit Edit: And your writers need more forum posts - no idea how many are new or not, but a lot of recent articles show low post counts.  Makes it feel like you don't give a monkeys about your community.  
  • I joined the site a couple of days ago. :) I'll definitely be jumping on the forum soon.
  • Top man! I don't use WC forums often, but I know from other forums when the writers get involved on the forums it definately improves the comunity. And congrats on joining :)
  • We do a lot of community interaction through Twitch - it's a shame more people don't join us during the streams (although they are largely successful). We definitely will be reviewing more games and accessories in the near future.
  • On the Windows Central channel?
  • Most of our streams come from my personal channel Twitch.tv/Eastxtwitch, where we stream five nights a week. We've run dozens of articles about them. We're going to use the regular Windows Central channel more in the future though.
  • I did see the Eastxtwitch channel, but wasn't sure how it was connected, if at all, to WC. Definitely start streaming on the Windows Central Channel as soon as possible otherwise it'll just help to fragment your brand.   The YouTube channel looks good, but you need a new front page video(?).  The one that starts playing the moment you go to the channel.  It's currently got Daniel mentioning Windows Phone Central, so I'd replace that too.  Sorry Dan! Personally I'd do something similar to what you use for the intros of your videos, since that lasts about 7 seconds too, has a good animation, shows your brand logo and name and it's, i assume, pretty much good to go. Actually, if you go with something like "For all your Windows news, join us a Windows Central .com" you'll fit that in as the tile is selected and the animation flips over and it comes up Windows Central down the bottom. Turn down the music but leave the "bing" at the end at the current volume and you're good.  May not be perfect but would be better as a stop gap then using one that mentions WPC.  At least in my opinion.  
  • We have some reasons for streaming from one channel or the other, but if it's an article on the site and it says "streaming from this channel," it's still official. Twitch streaming is basically my personal project that we hope will bloom as Twitch catches on more with the general population. When we preview a big game like we did with Ori and the Blind Forest on Monday, that will stream from the WindowsCentral channel as well. If you like Twitch, please follow both channels and tune in when you can! :)
  • All of them lel
  • I'm one of the last to criticize this website but wondered what they were going to do about the lack of stories on here. I feel like there is less WP news daily and it's a sad picture of what the outlook and coverage this OS saw a year ago. No criticism for any of the writers, you all report swimmingly, it's just there is nothing to write about :(.
  • The thing is, I don't pin it on anything other than the time of the year right now. We're in an awkward holding pattern between MAJOR OS releases. So, Windows Phone developers know that this OS is about to die, so they might be planning on app publishing/updating for Windows 10, rather than pushing for WP8. That means less going on, as development teams put their efforts into universal Windows 10 apps (which could bleed over onto the Xbox, as well as the primary Windows plattforms). We can only hope that Windows 10 brings a lot fo the major apps people are missing, as well as the ones getting pulled. Windows 10 is easily the best hope for that, given how it will TRULY unify Microsoft platforms under one roof. The big benefit there is that while developers skip WP publishing due to lack of marketshare, this helps push the development incentive on people because the apps now get pushed to PCs, one of the largest user bases around.
  • WC team please update the app, so that people have options to turn off certain posts, I read everything MS and I love XB so it's cool with me, just people give it hate and are becoming selfish
  • And add landscape mode...voting...come-on man.
  • Poll voting is down to the service we use not working in the app. Whether that's a polldaddy thing or a Windows Phone thing, I'm not smart enough to answer. Buy sadly our company won't use another service just to please WP users. We use one service for all our sites.
  • Understood. Thank you for a proper explanation minus trolling...unlike Paul Acevedo is doing to me and others regarding xbox one coverage on WC. Some folks don't want Xbox game coverage.because it is already covered well on other gamecentric sites while some of our audience does want coverage. Either opinion should be respected...Paul is yet to learn this adult skill set....I'm happy to teach though...
  • You misunderstand what the word trolling means. Also, please be respectful if you enjoy your commenting privileges.
  • Don't threaten me. You have privileges as well which can be taken away. For example, if games and toys are taken away from reporting...your privilege of reporting on those items has disappeared.. I used the term trolling" accurately. Look it up. Would you like a reference?
  • Nothing Paul has said can be considered trolling.  All you have done is complain about the direction the website took awhile back, swung personal attacks at the writers, added almost zero constructive feedback  and acted like your opinion is the only one that matters. 
      Websites and their writers are more than welcome to take commenting privileges away if they feel like someone is not adding to the community and using personal attacks.  That is their right.  You have zero rights on this website or any other. All they are asking is for everyone to be respectful.
  • Forget games.  Xbox One does more.  Concentrate on apps, features, and anything else the box can do that may not be so apparent to the casual user.  For example, you can stream video from your Windows Phone to your Xbox using the Lumia Play To app.  Stuff like that... leave the games to the gaming site.  IE is on the Xbox One.  What can it do?  Is there anything awesome that an Xbox One and Surface can do?  Heck what about Xbox One with Android and iOS??  No one is covering stuff like that.  Make it so!
  • The PS4 kind!!!
  • Ps4 has nothing going. Totally not interesting compared to Xbox one, that has new stuff each day.
  • I mean, PS4 is doing exactly as well as Xbox One as far as apps and games IMO, and sales-wise it's still ahead. But there's no Windows connection so we don't write PS4-specific stories. Lots of multiplatform games come to both consoles though!
  • More Indie games. At the same time more Xbox live achievement coverage.
  • What I want to see, put them Indies in the spotlight. They deserve the Support as well. What I dont what to see, is Fan boy troll rodneyej's dumb comments.
  • Definitely going to be doing this.
  • About Indies, I agree. Help those poor starving artists get a little more coverage. Spotlights on games helps put my eye on something I probably wouldn't have given a second glance at.
  • I've got some cool stuff in the pipeline from ID@Xbox guys who deserve more coverage. Stay tuned on that one!
  • Yeah, my favorite articles are the developer-interviews, especially ones that shed light on a game's development history and how they came to be Xbox exclusives. It's interesting learning the behind-the-scenes tales regarding the business side of things: who approaches whom, and the like.
  • I'll take this into account when I go into the interviews I have lined up. :) Thanks dude.
  • It's rather timely that you should post this, as I've been thinking about it lately. For me, personally, I like reading all of the Microsoft news on one page, but I skip over the Xbox stuff. I like the posts on new games, especially ones that can be played on the phone, but I don't need more than one to announce the game. I think this could yield two alternatives: 1) If enough people feel as I do about not needing the Xbox content, then split it off into a hardcore Xbox feed separate from the Windows news feed. 2) If enough people want to see the Xbox content in the main news feed, keep it there, but start labeling articles by category with banners:
    -Automotive If the site was advanced enough, maybe there could even be checkboxes to customize the feed to display only the above categories desired.
  • Articles actually are labeled by category. Xbox stories all have an Xbox designation, etc.
  • Thanks. Been viewing the page through the old link: http://www.windowscentral.com/articles , I didn't see that this had been added. Also looks like you can view one category at a time, so if it is possible to allow multiples or allow some of us to turn off Xbox, that would be perfect.
  • A section box to tick in so we can choose to se specific news for what were interested in. Windows Phone, Windows etc. That's what I want.
  • Well it would have to be gaming podcasts + hands on gameplay for me which would completely make Windows Central the one-stop-shop for me personally. Simple being I find the hands-on gameplay and reviews on windows central more informative than some others, who just lightly touch on it and move onto the next game. Obviously others will have their own preferences.
  • I love anything and everything about the XBox.
  • How about Microsoft gear Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • More interviews with developers, big and small, to discuss their games. I don't care if it's pre or post release. Sometimes hearing a developers thoughts on their game adds intrigue for their games that may not be there for gamers beforehand.
  • Definitely gunning for this. :)
  • ^+1 That's a good idea.
  • Reviews. But first and foremost, I hope you guys can start to get better sources and scoops on MS news, especially Windows 10/windows phone. Far too often, you guys are far from first to report breaking news.
  • Please give more coverage and encouragement of Xbox Apps and how it can serve the whole family. I am the only gamer in my house, but I want everyone to love Xbox.
  • Video podcasts.
  • That's what our Twitch streams are like. We'd like to do a real podcast too though.
  • Leave most of the game coverage to IGN. That's what they specialize in, and they're better at it. Taking a broader view of Xbox by covering hardware, financials, sales, etc. That's adequate. Still hitting on Windows Phone games would be nice though since that gets no coverage elsewhere.
  • Leave it the way it is
  • I want that Xbox controller!
  • None of the above. Leave the game reviews to other sites. Stick to info about the system and news about which games and apps are becoming available.
  • How about you update this app to allow for better commenting and filtering, first? I love Xbox content and I would like to see a "Let's Play" from you guys but at the same time, other people don't really care about Xbox.
  • I go with Xbox on Windows Phone and Windows 8.
    There are a lot of dedicated Xbox sites doing a good job and it would be nice if WC would focus on phones and tablets.
  • Then we'd have very little gamin coverage at all since those particular games have been dying a slow death for years.
  • Well you would have less gaming coverage, that is true but here is the deal: You keep saying Xbox on WP is dead, when it's clearly not.
    Gametroopers for example, a great project for WP gets almost no attention here, you haven't even managed to review every Xbox game on WP that has been released in the last months and that says a lot in my opinion.
    With Windows 10 things will get even better and you personally should push Xbox instead of calling it dead or dying for like over a year now.
    Back to your roots man.
    Last point: Still love your other gaming stuff, just wish to read way more about Xbox on WP.
  • IMO ~one game a month is still dying. It's far from enough for the feature to meet its potential or help the platform actually grow. It's true I haven't reviewed the last few Xbox WP games, but my primary duty hasn't been reviewing WP games for around a year now. Xbox One keeps me too busy, but I did give World at Arms some love with a review and Achievement guide last year. Also, I streamed Asphalt 8 and Order & Chaos Online on Twitch during the last two Saturdays. Did you tune in for those streams?
  • Already an answer, I appreciate that a lot Paul, doing a very good job with the community!
    Xbox on WP is not rocketing through the roof but there is still huge potential and the situation has been worse in the past. So I think that things are finally changing and Gametroopers is the best example for that. Just look how often they update their games with new content and fixes. The whole concept is great and they deserve way more attention.
    I always say that you need to push Xbox on WP, you have the power on this site to help a lot in that department.
    I know your main duty is Xbox one and I understand why you keep focusing on that, I would do the same. Just don't forget your roots man and bring a little more Xbox on WP stuff.
    About twitch: Always enjoy it, very chilly atmosphere. Saw half of asphalt, didn't manage to see OaC so far. Live watching is always difficult cause it starts in the middle of the night for me over here in good old Germany.
    Wow long text, written on the phone. Gotta add you on Xbox one, would like to talk about that in detail.
  • The problem is that potential doesn't make content. Windows 10 could bring a big push for mobile gaming, but until that happens (or doesn't), the writers can't sit and do nothing. Paul writes articles about Xbox games, in part, becuase that's the relevant and present content. One game every 1-2 months isn't going to sate a writer's appetite.
  • Plus a lot of newer Xbox WP games kinda stink! But if one actually catches my interest and I have time for it, I'll do my best to cover it.
  • Agreed. I haven't had any interest in an Xbox game since NBA Jam. I was hoping we'd eventually get Xbox integration out of SongArc, but no dice, it would seem. Instead, I'm guessing we have to wait for Spartan Strike before we get another game. I'd like to see Windows 10 bring us more companion app options, given the fact we missed out on Watch Dogs and would benefit from that interesting-looking tablet playing from The Division's 2014 demos.
  • I've sent out some requests for info on Xbox for WP, I'm a huge fan of the platform and plan on championing it. Stay tuned to WC!
  • Your comment assumes that resources are being taken from the mobile side and moved to the Xbox side. Like Paul said, there just isn't much on the Xbox gaming side with Windows right now. Windows 10 might help there, but at the moment, there isn't anything to cover. We got an article about the SongArc update today, for example. We've gotten articles for those few major game releases and updates of late without issue. This content supplements the other Windows-related articles, rather than replacing it.
  • I for one Njoy the Xbox articles and game stuff, I say keep it coming..
  • I'd say game reviews, new articles and opinion pieces about Xbox features along with tips and tricks. Contests to score games or even consoles etc. Giveaways, tournaments.
  • Make Xbox 360 compatible for Skype calls and YouTube watching. Such an awesome camera in the kinect is not fully utilized. Expect MS to rollout features faster.
  • None.
  • I'm the only one in my household who plays games, but we all use the Xbox for other entertainment purposes. Would love to hear about new apps and what's coming down the line. For example, an interview with Insteon to find out when an Insteon hub app might be coming.
  • There should be choices for "Less xbox content" or "No xbox content". I followed WPCentral for Windows Phone News. Then You changed it to Windows Central because of the Windows 10 strategy. That's fine because it makes sense. I don't want to see any xbox content on this site and frankly I think you cover too much of it allready. I want to see less xbox content. If I wanted to see xbox content i'd go to a dedicated xbox website, but I don't because I'm not interested in that crap.
  • Also, he demands that the workers at the Ford, GM, and Chysler plants only be allowed to work during years when he wants to buy a car. Everyone should only be employed when it directly relates to things he is interested in, and only at times that he's interested in them.
  • Oh my sincere apologies for having an opinon Stalin. When asked, "What kind of Xbox content would you like to see from us?" and then proceeding to only have options for more content and not less; I'm then relegated to express my thoughts on a topic they're encouraging discussion on, in the comments here below. It's quite evident from the many comments that there's a significant resistance to this whole xbox thing and aparently the visitors who visit this site for non-xbox content are criticised for not being interested. By your logic, everyone that already visits this site needs to accept more xbox stuff whether you want it or not. And if you don't, the writers don't get paid? Well an introduction of more content I don't want see makes me want to leave the site and visit others instead. By leaving because they've changed the format, any revenue that I was pulling in for the writers of the site goes with me and shows they're out of touch with their customer base. If you want to change from making cars only and add power boats to your line of business, you can't expect your exsisting customers to be interested. (I added that analogy for you since you need an analogy that has absolutely no relevance to the conversation to understand things.) As I said originally, I was here for the Windows Phone news. They changed that to be a little more general since the future of Windows Phone includes tablets and PC's. Whatever, that's in the same ball park. Console gaming is a completely different entity and I'm not a minority of this site for not being interested in console gaming as these comments show. Anyone opposed is getting ridiculed for having their own opinion or disinterst in xbox and that's extremely disapointing when the point of the article was encouraging feedback on what people of this site want to see. I want to see less, that is my opinion.
  • You are in a minority. One, more individual people that understand the article topic and did not come to troll it left comments than people who entered the article to complain (several complainers did comment multiple times). Two, our Xbox coverage often does very well. We did not ask whether or not we should continue our Xbox coverage. That was already decided. Perhaps the article headline and the article itself were unclear, but I don't think so. Our stance has always been that you should simply not click on stories that you are not interested in. I personally don't click on articles about what Windows Phones are coming out in India or whatever but those articles serve a portion of our readership and they don't hurt me.
  • You are so wrong Paul.
  • Wow, I'm rather offended you have labelled myself and 34 other unique commentors trolls. My input is genuine and sincere. I came here to make a comment for the first time in the longest time because this article gave me the first opportunity to do so. I have noticed in the past couple of months more and more xbox articles. I get your point in that I can just choose to ignore them. But this practice is hard to do when all of a sudden a large portion of your content is now xbox. You're missing mine and everyone elses point that you're alienating your user base. As I stated I came here as a Windows Phone user. You expanded to Windows coverage because thats where things are headed and thats what Microsoft are doing. And now your flooding your newsfeed with xbox articles. I can ignore these if theres one every now and then, but it's a huge deterrent when multiple are posted in a row. This article was the VERY FIRST asking for user feedback on xbox content. So I came here to share my thoughts on xbox coverage on Windows Central and my dislike on it. Instead I, and others expressing the same thoughts, get criticised for weighing in on the conversation, the very goal of this article. Asking for opinion and discussion. Instead of engaging with me as helpful insight to the type of people reading your site and best catering to them, you shun me. That's extremely terrible as who I assume is staff of this site. So to back up my case I went through every comment, and copied everbody's username into an excell spreadsheet and their stance on the situation. At the time of the screen grab there was 200 comments. Out of those comments, 102 were from unique users weighing in on exactly the topic of xbox content at windows central. Of those 102 unique users, 34 were against windows central covering xbox anymore than they have been or at all. That's 33.33% of the comments discussing this article without misunderstanding the actual article like you so claim. This is not a minority! (and there was only one user who posted his distaste for xbox 3 times, how is that several complainers making multiple complaints???) Seriously mate, you're staff. If you flood your news stream with xbox content I'm not hanging around. I've been here since 2010 as this was a great site for Windows Phone news. Yes I understand you've changed that to all of Windows now. And yes obviously you're going to cover xbox stuff when it come up. But if you flood the news feed with it, myself and just from that basic survey of comments, up to 33.33% of your viewership may decide to leave too because they don't like your content. Perhaps instead of being ignorant to those willing to provide constructive feedback, you listen to us. But you never gave us an opportunity to express our interests on articles. Yep, you may have figures on how many people view certain articles, but did you stop to think of how you should distribute it? I can email you my excel spreadsheet of the numbers if you really want, it has the users links to their comments and everything.
  • I didn't mean to call you or anyone specific a troll. I was just generalizing; I'm really sorry if it read that way. 33 percent does put you in the minority - if the percentage on a two-sided issue is anything but even, then one side is the majority and the other the minority. Also, there is a substantial number of people who voted without leaving a comment, which was of course the primary point of the article. It's not our intention to flood the site with any one source of news. The Xbox One does have a lot of news developments nearly year round, whereas things for Windows Phone sometimes slow down. Ever since we re-launched in 2010 as Windows Central we've had a significant gaming audience, and we will continue to serve those readers like we have done since then. Some people aren't interested in games for Windows Phone, or Windows 7 or 8, or Xbox One, and we understand that. Our site has a wide focus and by that very nature, not all of the content will appeal to everybody. I agree that it's good to make it easier to find the specific type of content you want, and that our app could use an update that serves that purpose. If you want to email me the spreadsheet you mentioned, click on my profile and send me a message (or do so through the forums) that includes your email addy. I'll reply via email so you can send it over.
  • "My input is genuine and sincere. I came here to make a comment for the first time in the longest time because this article gave me the first opportunity to do so."   That's exactly what the forums are for.  Everyone has an oppurtunity to voice their opinion.  There are even articles on the main site that reference posts in the forums.     
  • Right there with you man. Sadly after 3 years ive stopped visiting wpcentral, or windows central very often any more.  The windows phone subreddit seems to be the best place for me now.
  • No, Paul, he us not in the minority. You are blind by bias. Recalculate then get back to me. We can apply an external validity tool to propagate the probability that the data is accurate....I'll take your Excel spreadsheet. I have a Ph.D., therefore I have the ability to discover your data's shortcomings if they exist. If none do exist (there always is some), I'll acknowledge in kind.
  • what the hell was this collection of words supposed to say?
  • Grab a dictionary, follow the thread...and see his challenge of data extrapolation that he presented to another member of our community. I will accept his challenge.
  • Yes, you've been so reasonable in your comments that there couldn't be any preferential bias. You're basing majority on what YOU prefer, not reality. I know that because we don't have a poll that is looking for a pro/con majority. You're basing it solely on mostly basis comments with little defense. It's a very small sample of some complainers and fans, not a consensus of the population. Your degree doesn't qualify you for anything here.
  • You can never get the entire population..why else would we utilize samples? We try to make them representative..but all we have to work with is what we have...same instance for me here. My degrees qualify me for more than you will ever dream of achieving...nice try, troll.
  • You can, to an extent. In this instance, it would be almsot soly built on willingness to participate. However, you're just going to use off-topic junk grabbing and name calling to create your argument, so I don't think it matters what you say.
  • People who change their talking/typing/writing pattern specifically to sound smarter end up coming off as ridiculous. 
  • Totally agreed
  • There's this thing at the top of the page called a "Category Link". It's main purpose is to help you get directly to the content you care about most and bypass the articles you are less interested in. Check it out. It can be helpful
  • We shouldn't have to if the content is concise. It is their job, their site, to provide meaningful, directly related content in an easy to navigate manner.
  • The site is focused on Windows/MS related topics.  That is pretty concise.  xFalk pointed out an easier way of organizing articles so you get what you want.  That doesn't work for you.  Why?  Because you won't be happy until there is no Xbox news.  Except you still won't be happy.  You thrive on being a mix in an angry and melancholy state of mind.  You want others to be the exact same way, because, for some strange reason, you don't feel others have a right to be happy if you are not.  
  • In fairness, I want to see less coverage of also-ran mobile devices. I want to see less coverage of laptops. I came here for Windows Phone as well, but one of the major draws to the platform was the Xbox integration. I care a lot about gaming, and I enjoy many of the articles written. I don't read any of the W10 preview build articles because I have no desire to run the preview on my desktop, and I can't get it on my 920. I am on AT&T, so I have no interest in the Verizon Denim articles. They still serve a purpose, and I know that this is WINDOWS Central, not ME Central.
  • I don't like not being able to interact with articles within the app, like this vote. If I'm in the app, I won't bother viewing it on the web out of principle. Should be able to access all relevant content. Please fix it soon.
  • Finally they listened to me!!!
  • Echoing what others have said, I would rather see less Xbox content and more Windows/Windows Phone stuff. You can get better Xbox information everywhere else.
  • So your voting to stop our site growing?
  • Er, no. I obviously don't have the data on Windows Centrals' traffic, but I believe users will actually leave if the majority of news is Xbox related. It's certainly why I don't visit the site for.
  • Majority is not Xbox related.
  • New games/demos/free shit.
  • Can't argue with free s***! ;)
  • Stop Xbox posts
  • Stop undefended, whining posts.
  • It's not Xbox central, it's windows central , loved it when it was WPCentral
  • I don't see anything wrong with them wanting to expand towards the Xbox Community.  After all, with Windows 10 having Xbox being part of the "All In One" system, it actually seems quite fitting.
  • Exactly why we've started a slow burning build up in content :)
  • Then go start your own mobile-only site. There isn't enough news about Windows Phone on its own to support a site, really. When WP merges with the other platforms, separating the content to mobile-only will be nearly impossible, or pointless, at best.
  • Game Roundups sound interesting. Also, it would be awesome if you guys could continue stay on top of DLC release dates as well. There's so many games and no real way to keep track of DLC built into XBO. You already do it, so keep it up!
  • I think Microsoft is giving a lot money to these guys to push Xbox news down our throats, to convert wp fans into Xbox fans and followers
  • Yes, my pillow is stuffed with Microsoft cash. /s
  • I think Sony is giving you and the other anti-Xbox commenters a lot of money to get these guys to stop Xbox news, to convert Xbox fans into PlayStation fans and followers.
  • I don't have the Xbox so none.
  • I have a desktop, Lumia 920 on AT&T, and Xbox One. I assume that entitles me to demand we stop all content that isn't about self-built desktops, AT&T Lumia 920s, and Xbox Ones, right?
  • At least they could add a filter for the news and articles.
  • Maybe, but you could also scroll, which is a lot less effort than asking them to completely overhaul their site so you don't have to do that. They already tag their articles, so you could search the site by tags.
  • Links at the top of the page bring you news just about specific topics.  Could use that as a filter.  I don't think a lot of people know they exists or what they do.
  • It seems like many people are not fans of the Xbox related posts.  Maybe you could make it possible to have "Favorite" topics where you could select what kind of news articles would show up for them on the site when they are signed in, and they could effectively remove Xbox specific related posts from thier feed. This isn't something I personally would use but some people might find it useful and it may may temporarily stop others from complaining until they find some other little thing to dislike.
  • Agreed I don't mind but people really dislike Xbox posts
  • I really dislike budget device articles. I'm not complaining that they should be abandoned.
  • A lot of our Xbox coverage does well. We just have a few negative people who have trouble not clicking on articles that don't interest them, I guess.
  • That's it. They don't click because they are not interested to.
  • What I mean is we have people behaving negatively in this thread when the topic does not concern them. The poll is not "Should we continue Xbox coverage?" So voicing that opinion is not helpful. If that is your opinion, you simply need to not click on this and other Xbox articles. Our site has a wide scope. Just read what you're interested in.
  • The message is "not clicking" in Paul's biased head.
  • Man, you really can't form any kind of intelligent argument, can you?
  • No, I can't...not at all....,but I'm sure you can...where is it? Oh...you didn't try....funny thing us, I don't think you are responding to me because I didn't make an argument...read above....
  • You proved his point with the reply.  If you want to prove him wrong, type out a response that explains why think Paul is incorrect, in a respectful way of course.  That type of tone is why political talk always ends up going nowhere.
  • Dark souls!!!!!!!!!!! and more tips and tricks around windows phone 10 and reviews for gadgets that we all can buy and I mean by like something I have to go online for something like I can get from best buy or some where along those lines
  • Just pure journalism without no bullshit ads pls.
  • Advertisements help pay for the site. Journalists don't work for free, you know.
  • I will say the flash ads used are often very resource hungry.  Site runs significantly more smooth with flash turned off.  That is for another article though.
  • You gonna pay my mortgage? And Dan's? And everyone else's?
  • That's just not how it works with Internet sites. You can't expect high-quality work for nothing. It's either ads or a paid subscription to the site, and the latter would drive away a LOT of traffic. My only complaint comes from auto-play video ads. Those drive me insane.
  • Lets face it, you guys will not rival gaming sites in terms of full package. We rely on you guys for upcoming events,rumors,system updates ect. I believe you should stick to that. Oh and the twitch streams. Thats a fantastic community event.
  • We're not trying to be IGN. We have a strong community which we'd like to cater for. Hence reaching out like this :)
  • Web sites like IGN are blocked at many corporate networks because they're tagged as "games / entertainment"; but sites like Windows Central are not (side note to Windows Central -- keep up the Xbox coverage but please don't ever change the behind-the-scenes site description to include "games" or a lot of companies' stupid auto-block systems will deny access!), so I get most of my daily Xbox news from Windows Central, not IGN and it's ilk.
  • i wonder what impact will this have on pc after w10 goes RTM, at this rate the only difference between pc and xbox one would be the actual hardware, which is a dream come true if you ask me, I would be interested in round ups of pc games(or should I simply call them xbox games? :P) or just give me some tricks for star citizen
  • Well, it will be more than just the hardware. Xbox One games aren't going to just magically run on the PC, hence the Windows 10 streaming option. It'd be really sweet if you could throw in a Blu-Ray player with a PC and play Xbox One games on it, but that's just not how the OS will work.
  • lol, to be honest, im waiting for the next halo already, it cant be closer to pc than it is man, its an x86 cpu, similar to amd APU's socs, it uses nt kernel, directx and soon it will be a heavily skinned windows 10, in reality, the xbox one is just a midrange laptop with discrete graphics, not to mention directx12 on pc will cut all the legacy crap from previous versions, leaving it as close to the hardware as it is on consoles so based on this, I will not be surprised when skidrow releases halo 5 xbox for pc lol
  • The original Xbox was an x86-based machine as well, but that didn't make things happen. Windows 10 is going to run on ARM-based stuff, same as x86, but it doesn't mean you can install your x86 software to your phone. Granted, we've seen where Fable Legends will be multi- and cross-platform, but we're also seeing proof that Microsoft ISN'T planning to put box One gameso n PC as a standard. treaming Xbox One games to PC wouldn't be as big of a deal if the games all n on PCs. If it was as easy as you make it sound, then the Xbox One would come out and boot like a PC, allowing any and all x86 software to run on it. As it stands, the Xbox One is already an x86 machine with a PC-derived OS and kernel, in the form of Windows 8. They even aid that the W10 upgrade path will involve a code-only change to move the W8.1 code on the One to W10, while keeping the same UI. Af that, they're going to update the console to a W10-style UI (whatever that ends up meaning)
  • You guys have an Xbox One app..? =P
  • We hope to release one eventually.
  • I wonder if that means a pc version eventually
  • We have a Windows 8 app already, and will do a Windows 10 version for sure. If you're strictly using a PC, no app is going to beat the standard web browser experience.
  • Oh thanks, I didn't know, I just like my black themed WP app, if the PC version sticks to black bg then I'm sold :P
  • Where and how I can get an awesome controller like that!!!
  • Tips and trick will be nice read especially if I can snap it on the side while playing that game.  Here's one thing that I think will be useful for an xbox apps.  Every week, MS post deals of the week and it will be nice to have some coverage about it.  I know some deal with assassin creed or dragon age have been on the deal many time.  Let's not cover that one repeatedly but DLC deal would be nice.  So what kind of coverage content I would like to see?  Some level playtime, pros / cons, and bugs. Examples of recent sales such as Zombie army trilogy vs Lord of the Fallen, I watched both on twitch via xbox one and decides not worth getting it.  My reason? Sniping Zombie who are only after your brain is pretty boring.  The guy that I watched playing Lord of Fallen constantly use shield bash for knock down continues with 1 or 2 slash kills it.  Uhm.... slow moving, lack of fast acting, it appears there's no rouge class just kills it for me.
  • I'm interested in roundups. They help me catch up on things I might have missed quickly and efficiently. It also results in informative comment sections. Haha!
  • Why isn't there an option for no xbox one news on windows central?
  • Because the question is what you DO want to see, not if you want to see anything. That's like asking "no laptop content." It's not the topic of discussion, that's why there isn't an option. The Xbox One runs on the same kernel as the other Windows-based devices, and will be rolled into that same Windows 10 ecosystem as the PC and WP users will be. That's why Xbox news is part of the site.
  • Love Windows Central as it is. You guys rock. Central won't please all the people all the time. With Windows 10 being the future three is no question your going in the right direction.
  • Thanks Enza!
  • Thank you :)
  • I actually would have liked too
    vote for more than 2 of them I like them all, tips and tricks is my least favorite
  • None. I'd like to see Windows related news on Windows Central, not "apple announced..." or "here we're playing Xbox...". Just Windows on Windows Central.
  • You do know Xbox is running on Windows 10 like your phone and tablet and PC later this year, right?
  • GamingCentral.com
  • It's weird, this non-gaming centric site is so much more immature than specialized gaming sites I use. Don't take offense, but most people here either do very poor infantile humor, or whine about something (usually Microsoft). Don't take offense, please.
  • I do like the editors, and content. GG.
  • Oh, and I especially appreciate your gaming related content, sometimes you guys even beat (factually) my go to site for gaming, Eurogamer.net. That said, would be sad if you gave in to the vocals. Again, it's sad nowadays, everything is so "community driven", we most times get stuck in the past. Sometimes you better just go with your visio , if you really believe it.
  • Thank you, I definitely got into games journalism to avoid the clickbait and 'insiders' prevalent on some sites.
  • Just to finalize, I prefer slower and fewer news, rather than "news" based on speculation or "insiders". That's why I use Windows Central.
  • Thank you :)
  • I am not here to troll or offend. I have enjoyed this app since its inception but it has begun a process of change that diverges so far from its original purpose that I feel less inclined to use it of late. GIVE US CHOICES ON WHAT WE SEE IN THE NEWS STREAM, PLEASE!
  • As an Xbox One beginner, all the XBox One posts are very beneficial for me.
  • I did not see "None of the above" in the poll. You've got to decide what WPCentral is.  Expanding from just being about Windows Phone to being more generally about Windows made some sense because phones and computers are so inter-related now.  But Xbox is different.  This site should have minimal content about Xbox.  I would suggest starting a different site about Xbox.  When there are topics about the integration between Xbox and phones tablets and whatnot, I could see that.  But pure "this is what's new about Xbox" just doesn't belong here, IMHO.  You might consider splitting WPCentral into two, with one being more business/developer focused and one being more entertainment focused.  Then the Xbox stuff could be on the entertainment side. WPCentral has a ton of posts every day, and the number that do not interest me has been going up. If you add more Xbox content, that number is going to go over the top.  
  • Windows 10 is going to see a huge increase in the cross connectivity of Xbox, Windows and phone.
  • For starters it isn't WPCentral. So they already have decided what it is, and that is a site that covers all things Windows/Microsoft.
  • Check the name of the site.
  • The site hasn't been "WPCentral" for some time now. It's "Windows Central" now, and Xbox One runs Windows and soon Windows 10 will be running Xbox.
  • OMG, I got the name of the site wrong!  My feedback must be worthless then! (In my defense, when I get e-mails from this site, the sender is still "WPCentral".  Not sure where that is picked up from). Windows Central is also one of the five communities of Mobile Nations.  Doesn't that mean that the emphasis is on mobility?  With lines blurring between phones and mobile PC's, combining all of that and becoming Windows Central made sense.  I don't carry my Xbox around a whole lot. So, again, what is the goal of this site?   That's all I'm saying.      
  • We aren't WPCentral anymore. We've decided upon what we want to do and that's focus on everything in Microsoft's ecosystem including Xbox One.
  • Could I please get 5 or 6 more people to tell me that the site is called Windows Central now and not WPCentral?  I'm not sure I have that yet. What I'm trying to communicate to you, as one data point, is that I don't care about Xbox, so by covering Xbox, you are decreasing the signal to noise ratio in this blog for me.  As others have suggested, I hope you will consider offering different RSS feeds that exclude Xbox content or something.  I love your Windows Phone coverage, and you guys are the unquestioned leader in Windows Phone coverage.  Your Windows coverage is getting there, and I like that you are covering both.  I've got very little interest in Xbox (even though I have one that my kids use), and would rather Xbox content not appear in my Windows Central RSS feed.  Is that feedback you are interested in?  
  • Without the gaming news, I'd say that my interest drops by more than 50%. It's better to have content that appeals to a wide audience than drive away a major source of revenue to cater to a few people who seem to be really fickle about these matters. You can skip gaming articles if you don't like them. I can't make them appear if they're taken down becuase people don't like them.
  • Surely a filter built into the app whereby you can select which topics interest you would be the sanest option?
  • All of the above.
  • More start with that, you cant go wrong. Seeing as mostly I come here to find out about mobile games and/or betas. So anything more would be great imo
  • Just stick to Xbox news, plenty of gaming sites that cover everything in the poll
  • I strongly disagree. Most of the gameplay experiences involve asinine, pointless commentary. That, or it's just poorly done. I can't stand watching an IGN game video because it's usually so disappointing in content and quality.
  • I own an Xbox One and love it. Would like to hear/read more about:
    - upcoming Windows 10 integration for Xbox One
    - New hardware peripherals
    - new cutting edge games
    - Halolens inclusion
    - game tutorials/hints
  • Nothing special only everything 1080P/60 as promised
  • For the past three years i read wpcentral and wmpoweruser regularly, daily in fact. About 2 years ago i stopped reading the latter because....well...theyre not very good. So you guys have been my go to source for windows phone news for a long time, however the past few months i find myself checking my rss feed once a week at best (currently have 300 unready articles just for wpcentral). Theres just too much stuff im not interested in. The constant advertisements for your store are really annoying (i'm never buying anything from you, $13 shipping on a $5 case or charger plus having to wait a month makes it impractical for us aussies). But now the sheer number of xbox articles really annoy me. The windows ones i started to accept but when 5/15 articles on the first page are about xbox (same 33% on page 2) it really detracts from what i initially signed up for. I mean only 7/15 of page one is even about windows phone (and thats including microsoft band articles). Page two is worse at 5/15.  I understand news about wp isnt enough to make running such a large site profitable, but please let us choose what we want to look at. Currently i want to ignore all the xbox stuff, maybe in the future i'll get an xbox and want to see all these articles, but not right now. So to whoever reads this, ive loved this site for years, but for me the windows phone subreddit is the place ill get all my news in the future.
  • The problem isn't with WC, though. It's that there is very little mobile-related news right now. We're between device releases. We're between OS releases. There's going to be a lot of sitting and waiting for the next few weeks. Hopefully W10 leads to greater app development opportunities, and that'll push out more mobile content for us. The Xbox stuff isn't replacing the other articles, it's just that there isn't much of anything to report on the mobile front right now. No new mobile W10 preview build. No expansion of the preview to more devices. No rumors of a flagship. No rumors of a firm W10 release date. Without the Xbox content, the site wouldn't get more mobile/Windows content, it'd just be overall quieter.
  • More reviews of Microsoft technology and products
  • How about a Windows Central app on the xbox itself when Windows 10 comes out?
  • I think some gaming event with the Windows Central Editors and the visitors would be cool. I dont know yet how such event should look like, but for example a "Call of duty"-marathon where we could play with eachother. Editors VS Visitors as a special event... ;)  
  • We have had Twitch events in which readers can join and play with editors: Sunset Overdrive, Warframe, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare all come to mind. Sadly, the actual stories associated with those events weren't all that popular, although we got plenty of games in with the viewers.
  • They've happened, and what's more, you can benefit from gonig to the forum with that stuff. Some games have WC-based groups, and there are game-specific threads for folks to find playing partners. There's a semi-active Xbox One portion of the forum where you can find playing partners. But just tonight, I got to play DA: Inquisition with Paul and a couple of others during his Twitch stream, and being active on the stream can get you chances to interact like that.
  • THE SITE IS CALLED WINDOWS CENTRAL.. NOT WINDOWS PHONE CENTRAL.. some of you complaining about lack of windows phone news. GET WITH THE PROGRAM.. Plus, there is no ground breaking news you dont already know about, once there is, you will see it posted..
  • I want to see hands-on gaming reviews and tips and tricks.
    Please, NO contests and polls. I don't bother with them.
  • I'm surprised at the amount of denial the staff is showing here. We are just voicing our opinions. Maybe you shouldn't ask for feedback if you don't want to hear it.
  • No the problem is that everyone that doesn't have the "none of above" option has flocked to the comments. Our poll has thousands of votes which shows that people want Xbox coverage.
  • The problem isn't their perspective, it's the demeanor of the dissenters. No one's giving a real reason as to how Xbox coverage is a negative force on the site. It doesn't replace other content. It doesn't take writers away from the other news. Having to scroll past an Xbox article isn't a real detriment, and not liking an article doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. That's all beside the point, though. Too many of those who say the content should go are just complaining. It's just "no Xbox stuff," or "I don't like it." You're attacking others and saying the staff is in denial over I don't know what based on the OPINION that you don't like the content. Ther's no denial goign on, it's disagreement, and the problem is that the majority of non-Xbox fans are acting like ridiculous children about it. Scrolling past an article isn't exactly difficult.
  • Contests and Game Round Ups
  • I need that controller
  • I find the complaining ridiculous. People are frequently seeming to just say, "none," with no actual reasoning as to why. That you don't like an article does not nullify the merits of its existence. You don't have to read an article you don't like, and it's not like the gaming articles are done as a replacement to the non-gaming ones. They have additional staff for gaming, so getting rid of the gaming articles just decreases the quantity of postings, which lowers site traffic. There isn't any real disadvantage to the articles, and most are quite thorough and informative. Some of us don't care about laptops. They aren't Windows Pohone devices, nor are tablets. I like desktops, and they're not discussed. However, I know that people have different tastes, and I just pass over that which I do not hold interest in. I don't understand why there is such a negative response to gaming articles in this manner, when they are just another branch of the upcoming Windows 10 lineup, and in a way that could very well save/vastly improve the grwoth of the new OS.