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Popular Monster Pinball HD ported over for Windows Phone users

It looks like way back in February we missed Monster Pinball HD coming over for Windows Phone--consider this our makeup. The game is normally found on iOS and Android hardware, but it recently made a transition over to Windows Phone. Going for $2.49 with no free trial, the game is by no means cheap but it’s pretty decent for what it is.

We’ll show you a quick video demo of it action, and while it could be better, Monster Pinball HD is probably the best we have right now for this genre.

Pinball is one of those games where people who are into it are really into it. I consider myself one of those, which is why I could not refuse this game. It’s been brought over for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 meaning this isn’t using a new UNITY gaming engine or something similar. That’s good news and bad news. The good news is more people can grab this game, especially those waiting for Windows Phone 8 later in the year. The bad news is the graphics are not as awesome as they could be. They’re not bad--in fact they’re some of the best we’ve seen for this genre on this platform. But there’s a reason why gaming engines are popular and performance is one of them. In addition, porting the game to Windows 8 is no longer a trivial process.

The game of course is not Xbox LIVE enabled so no official achievements, but the game does offer some in-game ones to help those with the challenge-bug. Over all gameplay is solid, though not outstanding.

Is it worth it? It all depends on how much you’re into pinball. If you’re an eager player, then you don’t have much choice as this is as good as it will get until Pinball FX2 is expected to drop in the future. The graphics are sharp, and the game is fun, we’re just not sure why it’s $0.50 more than on iOS and no free trial.

Anyway, watch the video above to get an idea. We’ll see about doing a review in the future. Otherwise, you can go and buy Monster Pinball HD here in the Store for $2.49. Windows Phone 7.x and 8 are OK. Thanks, Umang S., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • For $2.49 that's kind of expensive.. Oh well no try no buy.. Maybe if it is too good I'll buy it..
  • I was on the fence a month ago as well.. I caved in and now play this game every night for the past month :) it's fun.
  • The physics are really wonky in this, I think.  The ball movement just feels jerky and unnatural on fast difficulty, and slow and floaty on medium.  Dr Pickaxe feels so much better than this.  And then I'd honestly put Hardboiled Pinball at number 2, then this.  Hardboiled Pinball doesn't have the greatest physics either, in my mind, but it's a little better than this.
    That could all just be me though.
  • Simply too expensive for a game like this, but wouldn't mind trying it if they get some trial version going
  • Why do developers tend to charge more for the Windows Phone version of their app over other platforms? I get that the user base is smaller, so they're trying to balance out that cost, but when I see the price being higher it makes me not want to buy the app.
    I'm one of those people that's perfectly willing to purchase an app if the developer has done a good job with it, but I can't justify buying an app when it's priced higher than other platforms for reasons that aren't immediately apparent.
  • Go outside and walk around for a bit. You might find 50 cents on the ground.
  • Still waiting for pinball arcade
  • I hope someday!
  • If this game was an Xbox LIVE title, I would consider purchasing it despite the flaws such as the value difference from iOS and Anroid, along with the failure to provide a trial. It's great that this developer is supporting both Windows Phone versions. The graphics look flawless and I love the three-dimensional effect when the handset is in motion. In my opinion, I don't think I'm going to be purchasing it until the price is reduced or until a trial is released.
  • It has no xbox achievements. :'(
  • What I can't understand is how $2 - $5 is too expensive for an app? Maybe its me but those prices seem more than reasonable. I'm like is it because those wanting to buy apps are too young to work? Most people will spend $5 on a burger that gives them seven minutes of gratification but won't buy an app that can give months or years of joy. Give me a break!
  • " Most people will spend $5 on a burger that gives them seven minutes of gratification but won't buy an app that can give months or years of joy"
    Many apps and games are only opened once anyway, so some people might get more gratification from the burger.
  • Thanks!  "sdrawkcabll" provided a very reasonable and credible response below.  But I will state I hope after paying 99 cents for an app it's opened/used/played more than once.  Maybe if they (apps) cost more it would provide an incentive to play those apps more than once.  Thanks!
  • ^This.  I spent $2.99 on FC Rocket - the first time I've ever spent over $1 for an app/game; I still don't play the game that much, even though I enjoy it when I do.
  • Everyone is going to place a different value on things; while a game may be worth $5 dollars to some, to others it won't be, even though they can afford the $5.
  • Why so expensive?
  • Well, when people say its expensive, they usually mean in comparison to other apps on this platform and the same app on other platforms. On iOS and Android, it's cheaper and there are also several comparable pinball games that are cheaper as well, some of them being free. I'm not certain what percentage of monies Microsoft takes from developers for each sale on the Store, but if I remember correctly, I think it's less than what Apple takes, someone correct me if I'm wrong. I believe it's 30% or there about?
    Anyways, one of the reasons I think apps on WP8 are so expensive is because it is a newer OS, and it doesn't have close to the market share of Android / iOS. Meaning, because there are so many Android and iOS users, they can sell the App for 99 cents, and make decent profits because of the amount of people that may probably download the app. The same goes for free apps with ingame purchases; they're likely to have more purchases on iOS and Android, because there are more users there. In order for them to see the same kinds of profits on WP8, they have to sell apps at a higher price, because there are less users here. So, they cater to get less sales, but sell at a cost that profit:expense ratio is maintained favourably for their business. It's sort of like Apple machines VS. Windows machines. Because MSFT has so much market share in the computer world, OEMs can cater for very cheap devices, and make decent enough profits because they know many people will buy those machines. Where as, with Apple, they sell far fewer machines, but in order to maintain profitability, they sell at much higher values. I suspect that when WP8 becomes more popular and gains more market share, Apps will generally cost less than they do now.
  • Thanks for the well measured response.  Much appreciated.
  • They need to port Zune HD games like audiosurf and Lucky Lanes Bowling. Those are fun games.
  • +1
  • I have this game on my N8 - got it on sale for $0.99.   I'm used to not having a trial version on Symbian; but on Windows Phone, I'm not eager to purchase any game, or app, without first being able to try it out to see how it performs on my device.
    It's Ok (from the gameplay on my N8), but I don't value this game at $2.49, especially since I can't try it out.
  • Hey Daniel,
    I noticed on your White 920, around the ear piece slit and front facing camera, the glass on your Lumia is a different color and looks worn. Mine has also done this and no matter how much I clean it, it keeps coming back.
    It was like this out of the box and seems to be a manufacturing defect.
    Any idea what it is and how to fix it?
  • It's oil from your head/face. Also probably a bit from pulling the phone out of your pocket. A microfiber cloth will clean it until you use your phone a few times as a phone.
  • I'm still waiting on Pinball FX2. Such a fan of Zen Studios.
  • I still play that on my n8, glad it was free then
  • Im with Agent P.. Price point way too high.. Its bad enough we get raped by carriers every month, whenever I see a new game introduced to this platform I instinctively cringe at how high it will b priced.. Coming from IOS I've observed the price patterns and seasonal sales, $3 bills for pinball, I'll pass..
  • Yay! My 1st tip is an article @ WPCentral :$
    Loved the matmi pinball games on my iPod touch, I still do... but its 2nd gen :D
    We need more games, Blackberry clocked twice the number while the Z10 launch