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Popular RPG 'Divinity: Original Sin II' launches on Xbox Game Preview [updated]

Last week, Xbox Wire leaked the announcement that Divinity: Original Sin II - Definitive Edition was coming to Xbox Game Preview on May 16, 2018. Since then fans have been clamoring for the game on Xbox One! Luckily, it's available right now for $59.99. This is effectively the preorder as purchasing the title only gives you access to the first twenty hours or so.

If you don't want to spend $59.99, you can always try out the game for an hour as the title supports it. After evaluating the Xbox Game Preview version, you can make a decision whether to purchase it or not. Divinity: Original Sin II gives players the freedom of a sandbox role-playing game (RPG), encouraging improvisation and experimentation, with rules made to be bent rather than followed. The game takes place in the world of Rivellon where gamers can go anywhere, talk to anyone, and fully interact with the world like no other experience. The game features six unique characters with proper backstories, personalities, and quests.

Divinity: Original Sin II is scheduled to launch on consoles in August 2018 so an Xbox Game Preview release is a welcome surprise. Popular experiences like Conan Exiles and We Happy Few have been available to Xbox One players months, or even years early as a result of this. Hopefully this trend will continue in the future with more and more great games.

In our review of the PC version, we gave the game a perfect score and said that the masterpiece is "a polished, well-designed RPG, and through its phenomenal mechanics, astounding art, sound design and fantastic writing, it is sure to revolutionize the modern RPG genre."

The title starts off much like every The Elder Scrolls game. You're a prisoner who has a collar around your neck to contain your "Source" powers. Unfortunately, the ship transporting you is attacked by a massive behemoth and you barely make it ashore. That's when the real adventure begins. Not only do you have to escape the island, but you also have to become a god. The long-term quest is quite possibly the most epic endeavor presented in any game to date.

Updated May 17, 2018: Larian Studios confirmed to us on Twitter that the team was planning Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements, but couldn't comment on the differences just yet because programmers were still "tinkering" with the settings. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more. The good news is that the game will support Xbox One X in some way! Hopefully the Xbox One X enhancements will upgrade the base version's 1080p presentation.

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  • Just started downloading it. It's a good 20 GB.
  • What happened to trying it out for three hours? Did they change their mind?
  • Wasn't the trial always an hour? Maybe it depends on the game.
  • It's a shame that the game doesn't support Xbox One X yet.
  • Hoping this gets One X support before the August launch. Divinity is an amazing RPG series.
  • I've been trying to get an answer of Xbox One X support but they haven't stated it yet.
  • Just got a response. There will be Xbox One X support.
  • Is anyone else surprised this is in game preview and its still selling for full boat retail in preview?
  • It's worth it though. I've been playing it and love it.
  • Agreed. It just seems more like an additional advertising channel than a real preview program beta like Elite Dangerous or Conan.