If you need a little help getting those last minute Holiday greeting cards out or just are in the mood to spread a little more Christmas spirit, take a look at the Windows Phone app PostalBook.

PostalBook has over ninety Holiday oriented greeting card designs that can be personalize, saved, and shared over social networks.  Cards can be customized with text as well as your own pictures.

Electronic greeting cards are an easy way to reach out to friends these days and PostalBook comes across as a creative and convenient way to spread the Holiday spirit.

PostalBook’s layout could not’t get simpler.  The opening page has options to start creating your greeting card, view the about screen and exit the app.  When you begin building your greeting card you will be presented with a healthy selection of card templates.  Choose a template to pull it to full-screen view and if it suits your fancy, tap the “+” button to start customizing.

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You have two customization tools at the bottom of the screen, one to add a photo to the card, the other to add text.  PostalBook will let you add up to six photos that can be positioned, resized and rotated (all by touch) on your Christmas Card.  You can also add up to five lines of text to the bottom of your card.


Photo placement can be a little sticky in that if your photos overlap, they tend to move as a group.  I found myself anchoring the bottom photo with one finger while moving the top photo with another finger.  This does not happen with consistency but can make building your greeting card a little frustrating.

Once you have your card just right, tap the check-mark button at the bottom of the screen to pull up your sharing and save options.  Cards can be shared on Twitter, Facebook or by email.  Saving the card will store the finished product in the Saved Pictures folder of your Windows Phone Pictures Hub.

PostalBook makes a nice impression and can be a useful resource in generating and sharing electronic greetings cards.  Hopefully the developer will update the app throughout the year with additional seasonal greeting card styles.

PostalBook is a free app that is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  You can pick up your copy here in the Windows Phone Store.

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