PowerPoint is Microsoft's slideshow application that allows you to build custom presentations that can be as simple or complex as you wish to make them. With a variety of pre-made templates, and the ability to design your own, your PowerPoint can be nearly fully customized to your preference. Whether you want to put one slide of information, or 50 slides with transitions, music and more, it can all be done from your computer and even mobile device like a phone or tablet.

Microsoft describes some of the key ways this adds more impact to your ideas as:

  • Stay focused: Use Presenter View in Office 2016 review and rehearse your presentations. When you project your presentation to a second screen, Presenter View displays your current slide, speaker notes, and the next slide in your deck.
  • Stay flexible: With Slide Navigator, you can quickly switch slides—in or out of sequence—from a visual grid viewable to you at a glance. Your audience sees only the slide you’ve selected.
  • Stay in control: With auto-extend, when you project your presentation to a second screen, your slides automatically appear on the correct screens. No fumbling with settings and equipment.

In addition, you can create slides as a team, keeping all of your work and updates in sync across all the users. PowerPoint is available as part of Microsoft's Office 365 program, as well as in the Office stand-alone purchase.

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