Prankster swaps signs in Nokia, Finland to read Microsoft

No, it’s not April Fools’ Day, but we appreciate a good prank when we see one. Microsoft recently announced its intentions to buy Nokia for a whopping 7.2 billion dollars. The tech world had reactions all over the spectrum. Many were worried that this signaled the death of the Nokia they’ve come to love over the years. Some took it harder than others, while others are able to sit back and have a bit of fun at the situation. Like this prankster in Nokia, Finland.

Nokia is a company in Finland that makes some kickass hardware for Windows Phone. Nokia is also a little town and municipality in Finland with a population of about 32,000. The deal between Microsoft and Nokia was announced a little over a month ago.

Between that announcement and today, a prankster has being going around town changing streets signs to read “Microsoft” by placing a sticker on them. You know, because Nokia is now going to be Microsoft?

That’s pretty funny.

Source: Nokian Uutiset, Via: @EsaMakinen

Sam Sabri