Prankster swaps signs in Nokia, Finland to read Microsoft

No, it’s not April Fools’ Day, but we appreciate a good prank when we see one. Microsoft recently announced its intentions to buy Nokia for a whopping 7.2 billion dollars. The tech world had reactions all over the spectrum. Many were worried that this signaled the death of the Nokia they’ve come to love over the years. Some took it harder than others, while others are able to sit back and have a bit of fun at the situation. Like this prankster in Nokia, Finland.

Nokia is a company in Finland that makes some kickass hardware for Windows Phone. Nokia is also a little town and municipality in Finland with a population of about 32,000. The deal between Microsoft and Nokia was announced a little over a month ago.

Between that announcement and today, a prankster has being going around town changing streets signs to read “Microsoft” by placing a sticker on them. You know, because Nokia is now going to be Microsoft?

That’s pretty funny.

Source: Nokian Uutiset, Via: @EsaMakinen

  • Microsoft is not buying Nokia.. 
  • No, they're just buying the part of what makes Nokia "Nokia". You know, the handset division. The part everyone loves. The Nokia that remains is still a good company, but it's not going to be the same business that inspired millions over the years. So when I say Microsoft announced plans to buy Nokia, I meant the part that matters. But if you want me to be technical, Microsoft announced plans to buy Nokia's devices and services division. Anyway, it's a fun post. Laugh it up! 
  • I'd say their mapping division and networks are pretty darn important. Maybe it doesn't have the recognition of handsets, but it's big business and used everywhere.
  • Like I said, the Nokia that remains is still a good company. Mapping is huge and it's going to be even more prudent for Nokia to be the king of anything location based. I'm also saying that eventually that will fade into the background and you're not going to see Nokia in the tech press like you saw in the past. It'll be a very different company. 
  • Ovi is Nokia look in the about of any mapping app and it'll list ovi maps
  • Ovi as a brand has been gone a long time. None of the recently released mapping services and apps have Ovi branding anywhere.
  • To be honest though, the part that made Nokia has been NSN for past years. Nokia that was, died years ago and has had nothing to do with the once largest European company and brand power only matched by Coca Cola in the early 2000. It's a just a shell making Windows Phones
    Nokia (a bit over half in revenue) left to Nokia is actually the profitable part. Nokia as a company is very much a Nokia as Nokia has been tens of different things for the past 120 years and is once again transformming to be something different.  
  • Oh ya?
  • True, but hey, it's still funny. 
  • I heard the Kia car company was suing NoKia for defamation of their brand.
  • Anybody who has ever even driven a kia should be able to sue kia. Them "Vehicles" are basically fisher price toys.. Their aesthetics are getting better but their build quality is the worst I ever worked on..If Nokia was to make a car I would imagine it to be a finely crafted sport sedan
  • Nokia sedan. My imagination is running!
  • I wish I could upvote this comment.
  • It's over your head.
  • Cant believe, the guy had that much free time.
  • I know. He should be responding to Windows Phone news on a comments section instead.
  • I doubt the guy putting up these signs would stoop as low to post comments on windows phone forums.
  • Anyway, he spelled it wrong.
  • Clearly you're new to the Internet.  You should check out this thing called "Facebook" that people blow their free time on too.
  • Lol.. Very good!
  • Those wacky Finlandians...pretty funny though.
  • I wonder if they are Finnished putting up all the signs ;)
  • Ha! Ha! No...
  • Lol. That Just made my day 
  • Welp, nothing to do now that my days just been made, thanks Sam
  • Larry the Cable Guy voice "I don't care you are, that's funny"
  • Lmao cheeky fuck XD
  • Nokia no longer exists. They were bought out by Microsoft who is about to be bought out by Youtube for Ebay auction.
  • Um, no. No, that's incorrect.
  • You are just wrong my friend
  • Maybe Microsoft should just buy YouTube
  • It's owned by Google, now.
  • Since when
  • I would laugh at this if the simple idea of Microsoft's plans didn't disgusted me so much it gives me an urge to ask Google to be even more of arseholes to Microsoft.
  • This gave me a good laugh, thanks for sharing. xD
  • My Lumia 1020 has a bright neon blu dead/stuck pixel round about ---------> here :(
  • OMG, when you point it out like that I can see it too!
  • Now it's official.
  • Haha!! That is just awesome! Makes me laugh.
  • Well, it does matter though. :D