Pro Bowl Quarterback gets a Trophy

Matt Hasselbeck, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, was interviewed over Twitter by the Seattle Times about his use of Windows Phone 7. He has been using a Samsung Focus for a while, and recently switched over to the Verizon HTC Trophy.

His app recommendations? Hasselbeck recommends 4th and Mayor and often uses TweetCaster and Weatherbug daily. He also mentions using an iPad, but seems open to a real competitor, like Windows 8. There isn’t a whole lot to the story, but it’s good to see some high profile Windows Phone fans out there.  

Source: Seattle Times

  • He tweeted once from the Twitter for Windows Phone app back in February, with location services turned on... which pointed to his house. D'oh!Glad that he's enjoying the phones, though!
  • He gets a giant phone!
  • SEATTLE seahawksMicrosoft is based in Redmond, Washington.He's probably sponsored by MS.
  • Actually, he isn't, although he has gone on the record as being a huge Microsoft supporter, and wouldn't mind a sponsorship deal. He just hasn't been offered one yet.