"Prodigy" and "AC/DC" to be Nokia's first Windows Phone 8 devices for AT&T?

Rumor has it that Nokia is working on two new handsets due to arrive on AT&T later this year.  Unnamed sources have told The Verge that the Prodigy and the AC/DC will be the first of Nokia's Windows Phone 8 handsets.  The Prodigy, as the code name implies, will be a high-end "superphone," along the lines of the Lumia 900, while the AC/DC is expected to be more of a mid-range offering.  Sadly, this vague report came without any details on hardware or features, though a Nokia-partner video has recently revealed that multi-core processors and a NFC-based "wallet experience" could all be part of the equation.

With Apollo's likely arrival later in 2012, the rumors will be flooding in.  Hold on to your hats, folks.  We've only just begun.

Source: TheVerge; Thanks for the tip, damthman!

Seth Brodeur