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"Prodigy" and "AC/DC" to be Nokia's first Windows Phone 8 devices for AT&T?

Rumor has it that Nokia is working on two new handsets due to arrive on AT&T later this year.  Unnamed sources have told The Verge that the Prodigy and the AC/DC will be the first of Nokia's Windows Phone 8 handsets.  The Prodigy, as the code name implies, will be a high-end "superphone," along the lines of the Lumia 900, while the AC/DC is expected to be more of a mid-range offering.  Sadly, this vague report came without any details on hardware or features, though a Nokia-partner video has recently revealed that multi-core processors and a NFC-based "wallet experience" could all be part of the equation.

With Apollo's likely arrival later in 2012, the rumors will be flooding in.  Hold on to your hats, folks.  We've only just begun.

Source: TheVerge; Thanks for the tip, damthman!

  • AT&T again?!?!? So what we are being told, is if you want to move forward with any type of decent Windows Phone, you better plan on switching to AT&T? This is ridiculous....
  • It's looking that way! Really sucks. It would be refreshing to hear about something for Verizon and Sprint,, even Metro PCS, and US Cellular.
  • This is only a rumor, calm down
  • How can phones being sent to att only be a rumor? Sure the Nokia devices are accepted as rumors, but in reality most of the rumors have come to fruition. This is what scares some people. Have you not stopped by the 4 carriers? There may be some validity, or significance, in these "rumors"
  • Okay, relax, come in from off the ledge.. :-)
    Okay, does everyone remember Verizon reps being at Nokia World last year?  And when Big Red said they wouldn't be interested in WP until it was LTE ready?  And Nokia saying they had every intention of being a huge player in the US?  Well, Verizon was at Nokia World, LTE is now becoming available on WP handsets, and there is no way Nokia is a player in the US just on AT&T.  Verizon will get Apollo handsets.  Just probably not before Apollo.
    Sprint has already been rumored to get an Apollo device:
    So when Sprint gets a device, US cellular will probably get it.  Sorta like the Arrive filtered down to it.  But, US Cellular and Metro PC are going to have to wait until more options for their networks to arrive. (See what I did there?? Pun intended, of course.)
    By the way, I would put good money on Tango devices ending up on pre paid network before the end of the calander year.  No gossip on that one, just something that makes sense.  I love the future of WP on other carriers besides AT&T.   I do wish the time table was during the Summer buying season instead of Sept/Oct,  as I worry about the fact that there will be so little momentum for them with Android ICS and the gossip on the next iPhone dominating the same time frame.
  • Verizon is choosing to not support Windows Phone.  When you ask them, the response is that "there just aren't any Windows phones being released".  I call BS... they could have had a couple of these new releases if they had pushed for them.  They don't even display the one Windows phone they have in their stores.  They don't seem to realize the they have some responsibility, too, in making a phone successful.  Keeping it in the back room ain't gonna do it.  The sales person spent the first 5 minutes quizzing me why I really wanted a Windows phone.  Big issue for me... I'm on Verizon still... but if I can answer some questions about reputed spotty AT&T coverage where I live, I will jump to them in a heartbeat to get the latest in a Windows phone.
  • Windows Phone 8, not Windows 8 Phone ;)
  • In this context, Windows 8 phones makes sense, although TECHNICALLY it could be Windows Phone 8 phones.
  • Either way its confusing, always has been. Microsoft put together one hell of an operating system but marketing has never been their strong suit.
  • Any idea if the lumia 900 has the capabilities of "wallet experience" in Apollo? I really want to get the 900 on at&t, but wallet capabilities can give me the will power to wait for Apollo devices.
  • That's the problem with WP being reveled but taking to long to come out. They are freezing up the WP market. They build hype after hype, but never give us a chance to feel confident to buy. That's exactly the definition of "freezing the market"
  • Right again lol
  • I'm considering switching to the HTC One X myself as type this with my yet to be updated Titan and hoping I can tweak the UI a little more in the future. The luster is starting to fade and that's a very sad thing.
  • All this news about awesome new WP hardware coming to AT&T. I guess Verizon just doesn't want my business.
  • At&t cornering the Windows Phone market... People who switched to WP from android are going to start to go back especially Sprint and Verizon just a better selection of phones plain and simple
  • Verizon has a shit selection of phones. The Galaxy Nexus and the Razor Maxx are their only phones worth a damn. We maybe the Rezound. Either way the Rezound is chunky, the Maxx has blur, and the Nexus lacks extnos. Which means they can't compete with the Galaxy SII on Sprint and AT&T.
  • Also, other than the Galaxy SII on Sprint what do they have? The Evo 3D? :/
  • so i guess the point is that ppl should skip the 900 when it comes out because a better phone from nokia  is a few months away. im just smh
  • Uh welcome to the world of electronics.
  • By the time these hit the stores it could be almost a year from now.
  • nope later this year IMHO
  • What about Tmobile. No high end lovin for them... :'(
  • T-mobile is in the process of refarming their existing HSPA+ network to the pcs band meaning that we can use any phone.
  • Cool
  • Y dnt they name one droid eater or ieater
  • AT&T definitely looks good in terms of handset choices maybe not so good with updates. WP7 does everything I need from a phone (save skype) and does it well. I have been messing with Windows 8 on PC and would probably consider it first for a tablet over anything else even dare I say a phone. My Samsung Focus is still running sweetly!! And I would bet the majority of WP users are on AT&T in the USA and don't see that changing in the near future. As for T-Mobile when have they ever had any good/exclusive type phones. I do not recall any... I say we all chill on windows phone 8 and enjoy what we have today vs. worrying about Q4 especially considering Lumia 900 has still not even dropped. HURRY UP PLS K THX!!!
  • Wp7 has skype
  • When Windows Phone 7 hit US shelves November 2010, HD7 was for a little while the top end phone. Unfortunately, TMo seems to have given up on carrying any top-end models since then. Tmo seems to be good at starting, but gives up on being the leader and switches to mid- to low-end devices.
  • The reason Nokia choose art, its easy for Nokia to make GSM phones...
  • Omg, I can't wait for the super phone from Nokia... The titan 2lte is a nice phone, but why would I get one of those while we all know windows8 phone will not be upgradable to ist and 2nd wp7
  • Why wouldn't it be upgradeable?
  • actually we dont know that. one guy who has no knowledge of the subject tweeted that it was the case. but if you look at 7.5 being ported down to low end devices ie Tango, suggests that WP8 will be ported down to 1st and 2nd generation devices probably with features left out.
  • Considering the Lumia 900 is launching just a few months before WP8, I think it would be utterly stupid on MS/Nokia's part to not upgrade those phones to WP8.
  • If they are not upgradeable im dropping WP if they are going to be making a whole new mobile is everytime the make a new windows I'd rather not deal with the hassle just saying though I believe it not being upgradeable is a spit in the face to current supporters of the platform
  • OS
  • People, Windows Phone 7 will be upgradeable. No one said that they wouldn't. Don't pay attention to that tweet. It is only hurting the WP consumer market was the whole point about it. All phones will be upgradeable.
  • Yes they all should be but the problem that I fear is the manufacturers and carriers won't support an upgrade of gen1 devices since they would be almost 2 years old and that's the length of a contract, generally speaking, so they want consumers to upgrade their devices so they can make a profit. Now I think they will support putting it on all Gen1 devices and that would be it and after that no more support.
  • I very much prefer AC/DC over Prodigy. That dude has mental problems. Well, whichever phone has a keyboard is the one that I will get. Anyway, here are this week's WP sales rankings on Nokia is still kicking butt on T-Mobile! Now if only they could release the 900 we'd get some action on AT&T... AT&T (66 phones offered)
    26. Samsung Focus Flash (26. a week ago, 25. a month ago)
    31. HTC Titan (34. a week ago, 30. a month ago)
    54. Samsung Focus S (53. a week ago, 50. a month ago)
    60. HTC HD7S (61. a week ago, 56. a month ago)
    63. HTC Surround (64. a week ago, 60. a month ago) T-Mobile (33 phones offered)
    2. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (4. a week ago, 3. a month ago)
    3. Nokia Lumia 710 White (5. a week ago, 4. a month ago)
    6. HTC Radar (8. a week ago, 7. a month ago) Verizon (57 phones offered)
    37. HTC Trophy (53. a week ago, 52. a month ago) Sprint (45 phones offered)
    37. HTC Arrive (39. a week ago, 24. a month ago)
  • When they count a 'Black' 710 as a different phone Ghana 'white' 710, they are really trying to stretch the three Windows Phones the carrier a whole lot further than they deserve.
  • Hey guys would u mind to tell me what's NFC???
  • Near Field Communications. Commonly used in modern credit cards in lieu of swiping. Or National Football Conference. Take your pick.
  • It's a nifty feature in some credit cards that allows theives easy access to your credit card number, etc. by swiping a reader over your pocket with you being none the wiser. The credit card industry, being the negligent idiots they are, didn't bother to require any encryption on the data exposed by NFC.
  • Up until now we had earlier gen support so it's totally silly not to mention unfair to spread did about Apollo not being backwards compatible.
  • Typo: spread fud
  • At&t owns the latest trends. I use to work with them a little before the first iPhone came out was able to test it out. They know Nokia & Apollo is where its at to own windows addicts like us. I'm still on t-mobile with a unlocked Samsung focus S. T mobile gets seconds, Verizon & sprint stay behind because there not GSM.
  • I just want to know one thing: is that a hobbit playing the guitar?
  • Why yes, yes it is. ;)
  • You've been...THUNDERSTRUCK!!
    Na-na-na Naaa Na-na Na-na!
  • Can hear the Guitar riff in my ears...
    I so hope they actually stick to those names.  How much fun would those commercials be???