Project Spartan browser images emerge from leaked Windows 10 build

We've seen plenty of images leak out this past week of Windows 10 for phones, but the same source has also now released a host of images of Microsoft's all new Project Spartan web browser. Reportedly taken from build 10009 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, they give us our first proper look outside of a Microsoft event at Spartan.

Spartan had initially been confirmed as coming to future builds having not made the cut for the January release, so if this is anything to go by we should be seeing it relatively soon. We've already seen some of what's to come in Spartan such as the new rendering engine, annotations, reading list and Cortana, and it's one of the most anticipated new apps to come in Windows 10.

Check out a couple more of the images below, but be sure to hit up the source link for the full run down. The Windows Central community had previously decided that Spartan was a great name for the new browser and that Microsoft should keep it, but seeing this, how's the excitement levels to get your hands on it?

Source: ITHome

Thanks to everybody who tipped us!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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